U.S. Senate: Impeachment Trial (Day 6)
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U.S. Senate: Impeachment Trial (Day 6)

January 26, 2020

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  1. Wait. Hold on. They prayed? Wtf. Get that religious fairy tale magical sky wizard bullcrap out of my government. Freaking delusional lunatics running around in our government.

  2. Just looking at this shit look fake as hell.. You European mfkas be stop speaking in riddles. WE starting to catch on!!

  3. I wish that they would stop talking about "ripping up the ballots of the American people", the electoral college did that a long ass time ago.

  4. I think everybody knows that trump is selling the country to Russia and that he should be impeached. The gop is afraid to be smeared by trump , his defence funny team gets paid a lot of money, the rest of the government don't want to lose their jobs. Everybody is about me, me, me. The result is trump is walking with a grin, happy as can be , floating above the law while the country is going down the drain. Nobody has any hunger for honesty or self respect. Where are the superheroes? Somebody has to step forward and fight with the democrats.

  5. Pat Cipollone, what a DOUBLE D. The only ones who took the election away the 78% of American votes was The republicans in ELECTORIAL COLLEGE. They tossed the majority who voted for Senator Hillard Clinton for d. JAILBIRD trump.
    The republican aka DOUBLE Ds. stole the 2016 election from the American people.
    Watch the Renaissance Man movie starring Danny DeVito. trump and DOUBLE Ds.

  6. IF HE WERE INNOCENT, the very first thing out of his lawyers' mouths would have been, "Donald J. Trump would NEVER do anything like that." But not even his most staunch supporters would ever say those words because it would be a DAMNED LIE!

  7. Its funny how in a real impeachment…i would assume people would be more interested in the impeachment then coronavirus…nevertheless coronavirus comes before impeachment on trending
    ….how ironic!!🤣🤣🤣

  8. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it with my own ears. This guy purpura whips out lies faster than Trump. Zalenski told Trump he was just about ready to buy some more of the missiles. Yeah just as soon as he got the military aid he was supposed to have gotten. Trump and zielinski knew exactly what was being said. Trump knew that solensky was saying he was ready to buy more missiles as soon as he got the military aid and that's when Trump asked for his favor.

  9. I was surprised to see that none of those dirty liberals heads exploded when the paster prayed and they didnt take a fugging knee during the pledge of allegiance

  10. Of course Vindman didn't know if a crime had been committed he's not a lawyer. it's also not his job to determine whether or not the president has committed a crime. Which is exactly why he went to the lawyer, White House counsel cipolloni. Friggin Republicans are twisting all of that and counting on Republican voters to be too stupid to know what really happened.

  11. Mr. Patrick Philbin argument on WH refusing the congressional subpoenas is totally invalid and baseless.


    The House of Representatives: Sole Impeachment Power


    Impeachment proceedings may be commenced in the House of Representatives by a Member declaring a charge of impeachment on his or her own initiative,(146) by a Member presenting a memorial listing charges under oath,(147) or by a Member depositing a resolution in the hopper, which is then referred to the appropriate committee.(148) The impeachment process may be triggered by non-Members, such as when the Judicial Conference of the United States suggests that the House may wish to consider impeachment of a federal judge,(149) where an independent counsel advises the House of any substantial and credible information which he or she believes might constitute grounds for impeachment,(150) by message from the President,(151) by a charge from a state or territorial legislature or grand jury,(152) or by petition.(153)

  12. all you clowns actually think Trump is getting removed from office are delusional and you seriously need to re-evaluate your lives. The republicans have control of the Senate, and even some of the Democrats are coming to realize this is all a witch hunt bc the Libs are just mad Trump won in 16. Theres an absolute 0 percent chance he gets removed. Focus on your lives and stop being so obsessed with Trump. All this is exactly why he's getting re-elected in 2020.

  13. You cannot say the democrats don't have hard evidence if you are refusing to release documents related to the crime. ? What a bunch of bull. The whole world must be laughing at this nonsense . The democrats where able to gather enough evidence despite trump blocking the way. That evidence warrants an investigation and the release of documents. Anything else is simply a lie.

  14. After the Prayer and the Pledge of Alliance, this trial should have ended. Democrats are done. Would someone please remind the Pelosi stooges, that this is America and WE the people have voted.

  15. https://constitutioncenter.org/interactive-constitution/blog/the-houses-role-in-the-impeachment-inquiry-process

    The Constitution doesn’t offer specific guidance on rules for impeachment inquiries and the House determines its own rules of parliamentary conduct. According to the CRS, the House’s rules allow for an impeachment inquiry to go forward without an initial resolution but the matter would move on the Judiciary Committee at some point. (The website Axios reported on Tuesday night that Pelosi told House members in a closed-door meeting that any potential charges from the five other committees would be sent to the Judiciary Committee.)

  16. The American people elected the Senate to remove corrupt Presidents. If that happens the Senate is doing their job.

  17. Trump's "defense team" uses trash rhetoric in lieu of allowing testimony. Obviously, if you block evidence there's none to be found, and that's their tactic. Trump conceals documents from investigators, defies subpoenas, suppresses witnesses, and his campaign people in 2016 were indicted for helping Russia hack the DNC (did Trump know of it and approve? Obviously). And then Trump got caught trying to pull similar with Ukraine. The only thing his bullshit defense team can rely on is the suppression of evidence and witnesses in court, and that's what they're doing. And the only thing they're being HONEST about is displaying their contempt for democracy, their preference to serve Russia's interests instead of our own, and their clear pleasure in working for the "Mob" to implement every trick they can to undermine the legal system and the constitution. It all adds up to complicity in treason, and the American people don't have to look hard to see thru it.


  18. just notice how dems accusations towards the president are actually about themselves
    the obsession and misuse of power, corruption and attempts to cover evidence

  19. $32 Million Dollars of Useless, time consuming nothing. As usual the democrats love wasting taxpayer money. Nine months to go and hopefully we can rid Congress of despots and whack jobs.

  20. So much wrong with this government and the people who run it. Look how long this cult prayed for before getting to reality. Religion and government should be separate. Just one of many issues in this country…

  21. Wow, what a presentation! Outstanding! I was very impressed with the first Deputy Council's presentation! Bravo!

  22. if there's one thing all of the American people can agree on is that we want to see the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. the only problem with politics is that neither side wants to show their hand because doing so would show the American people how full of s*** both sides are. WE ALL WANT THE TRUTH!!!

  23. The context of the call doesn’t show “burden sharing” Cipollone, that’s an attempt at gaslighting Zelensky into thinking he’s all alone and solely dependent on the President for support.

  24. Democrats built their case out of snow and Trump's team took a giant blowtorch to it. There won't be anything left but a puddle when they're through. Awesome job!

  25. Don't let a trump supporter take a bite out of you, they go for the brains first & you turn into a bonafide trumpzombie

  26. IMPEACHMENT is NOT an implication that you did something right-quite the OPPOSITE. I don't see why we should waste more TIME
    now, taking this to the Senate ,especially since starting with the Majority Speaker, that ALREADY plans "NOT " to be impartial.
    House Speaker Pelosi, was very patient & calculating before even deciding on an Impeachment Inquiry and the same after Adam Schiff, Mr. Nadler, et al of a most proficient TEAM from the House of Representatives so comprehensively demonstrated & concluded with a Ten Point Deliniation
    by Adam Schiff. Why is this trial MATTER? Because in America, as Lt. Col.Vindman stated,
    From the moment trump announced he was a POTUS
    candidate, no one REALLY expected him to win. Even Ann Coulter, CANNOT believe what an impulsive ,narcissistic IDIOT trump IS.
    It is PLAIN TO SEE, after MEULLER REPORT which sent so many to JAIL-trump
    was NOT exonerated; in the Impeachment Inquiry-more than enough proof has been collected to PROVE GUILT.
    America, this spoiled,narcissistic, shell of a child is a liability and the cause of the U.S.A. 's nightmare/embarrassment @home and abroad. IF AMERICA IS DIVIDED AND TURNED ITS BACK ON THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, trump is the cause and should NEVER be allowed to run for POTUS at the bidding of pope Francis l & Vladimir Putin.

  27. The democrats should be ashamed. They presented an absolute partisan impeachment; directed at absolutely unspecific charges; that they have ZERO evidence to support. And now they attempt to pressure the Senate into a spectacle of a trial that persists until only god knows when, while they attempt to find evidence that they themselves did not have, in order to "make" their case?… These democrats are lying partisans, that have been participating in a coup of a current democratically elected president. I'm tired of it! When this is over, the first person to open their mouth to cry about the result, should be arrested for sedition.

  28. Cspan trending because, after 3 months the Trump team is finally allowed to put up their defense. The Demonrats are revealed as the Low Rent Turds of D.C..

  29. Excellent defense of the President !!!! Finally, the President’s defense is allowed to speak while President Trump was denied due process in the House Schiff show hearings! Let the house Democrats’ stance burn!!! The American people decide elections not the Soviet Democrats!!!

  30. In just 2 and 1/2 hours, The Presidents Lawyers effectively dismantled and factually rebutted the 22+ hours of extensively bloviated accusation, presented by the House Managers….. I see no good coming from the Democrats calling witnesses at this point, it would only serve to further increase the fallacy and ineptness of their investigation……

  31. Poor Democrats. Trump would have had a shot at losing if you would just be more moderate, show some tolerance to long-standing American values, and weren’t smug about your supposed “enlightened” views (socialism). Instead you double down and grasp at straws. What you don’t understand is that despite his blatant flaws there are a considerable amount of people that voted and will vote again for trump because he is seen as the lesser of two evils. You have to really ask yourself what is wrong with the liberal party if someone like trump is seen as the lesser of two evils. Everything you have done to discredit him has only really mattered to people that never liked him to begin with. It has not converted one of his supporters.

  32. All Democrats liberal people are all stupid and bias nonsense rely only to there blackpropagandas and fabricated stories from thier cohorts.and all there allegations and report are baseless and hearsay NO FACTS all are FALSE and FAKE information.

  33. They just destroyed the democrats whole case in 2 hours!! It's like watching the New York Yankees play a grade school Tee ball team.

  34. The Republicans are up to their nuts in bribes and personally linked corruption they all probably have their own 'pee pee' tapes locked up in Trump's safe in Florida

  35. Focus upon the MANPADs if one really wants to understand the truth of the conversation between the President of the United States and Ukraine. … That is the point of contention the American President was focused upon with Ukraine….. Control of those MANPADS….. Russia despises American release of MANPADS into theaters of operation. And with terrorists in the middle east desiring such weapons systems and Ukraine being a corrupt government, it becomes a difficult situation to control on the ground….. Knowing this changes understanding of the comments being reiterated by the President of the United States in testimony by both sides………… However, neither side will ever mention the grave concern related to releasing MANPADS out of American military hands … The Obama administration released 50 such weapons to the Syrian rebels via Turkey and control was lost of those weapon systems, which later were discovered to have been used against Israeli military aircraft and Russian helicopters….. by rebels and Hezbollah….

  36. There are a bunch of evil or stupid democrats, atheists, childmosters and crooked Hillary( supporters), the most hated bitch in America on this comment site who are stupid and/or evil enough to say the crooked treasonous democrats aren't lying out their asses. That's simply because they are not only evil and/or stupid, but they are talking out their asses too.
    There should be nobody that don't know this fake impeachment scam is because the democrats are so bad that they know they can't beat President Trump at the voting booth. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler even admitted this two days ago on national television. But these buttface democrats on here who heard Schiff and Nadler say that will NEVER SAY THEY HEARD IT. Why won't these democrats admit this? Because like I said, they are everything I just said they are on this comment. Plus they are all LOSERS!!!!!

  37. Democrats yell "facts have been proven!" Without actual facts. I remember when nancy peolsi did the post impeachment vote conference and she said they had bipartisan votes across party lines to vote for impeachment -_- lol and not one republican in the house voted yeh on impeachment Lmfao democrats are living a dream. Or when shifty Schiff wouldnt let republicans ask questions in the house denied them a congressional right. Trump will be found a national hero, come out not guilty and will be reelected in November and everyone will ask, why!? LMFAO. Americans 😝

  38. This whole thing is so pointless. The dems are stupid as hell and this is backfiring on them, thank God. Anyways, I love how these dems “don’t want another old white male president, they want diversity.” But who is their top candidate? FUCKING Bernie Sanders

  39. "America's government is the best and most stable."

    Fuck that, I'm moving to Sweden. Both the Democrats and Republicans are equally awful.

  40. Lol. The king is smarter than he lets on. Of course he never said he wanted a quid pro quo aloud to anyone. If he had how could he weasel out of it and leave someone else to take the fall? Sounds like a lot of his enablers are in big trouble.

  41. It was an entertaining two hours plus. That's all that's really needed penis case unless you get extremely repetitive, she'll hold videos or movies. Try and spin things multiple ways to see if you can convince people.. Again repetitive type stuff.. which is a tactic in itself. Do the Republicans / conservatives have to b***** so much? I'm thinking not

  42. Do you libs who think the president should be impeached still believe the horse shit? Cause if you do then it's pure treason against our election process. Your losers who didnt receive a participation ribbon during the 2016 election.

  43. LOCK HIM UP!! And all of the hypocrite deplorables lying to defend the very reason our founders crafted the impeachment process!!! Moscow Mitch is pathetic!

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