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November 20, 2019

On 2nd August one of the most important arms
control treaties – the INF Treaty has formally expired. Viewers may note that the summit between U.S
and Russia on 30 January 2019 failed to find a way to keep the treaty. The United States suspended its compliance
with the INF Treaty on 2 February 2019 blaming Russia for non-compliance. In addition, the U.S stated that there was
a 6-month timeline for full withdrawal and it will expire if Russia did not come back
into compliance within that. The situation didn’t improve and the timeline
expired on 2nd August. In this video Defense Updates analyzes why
U.S has decided to develop new weapons after the expiry of INF Treaty? Let’s get started This video is sponsored by War Thunder. If you are, like us, fascinated by military
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20 million players from all over the world! INF Treaty was signed by Ronald Reagan and
Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. It banned ground-launch missiles with ranges
from 500 km to 5,500 km that is 310 to 3420 miles The INF Treaty eliminated around 2,700 nuclear
and conventional missiles, as well as their launchers. This was achieved by May 1991. This included short-range missile with 310–620
mi that is 500–1,000 km range and intermediate range missile with 620–3,420 mi that is
1,000–5,500 km range. The treaty had provisions for 10 years of
onsite inspections. INF Treaty went a long way in ending the serious
standoff between U.S Pershing and cruise missiles and Soviet SS-20 missiles in Europe. It should be noted that the treaty does not
cover sea-launched missiles. On November 29, 2017, speaking at the Wilson
Center, National Security Council official Christopher Ford had revealed that the weapon
violating the INF Treaty was the Novator 9M729, having NATO designation of SSC-8 This newly developed missile is reported to
be derived from 3M14 Caliber-NK land-based cruise missile and probably uses some design
elements of Kh-101 air-launched cruise missile. There is limited information on the missile
but it is expected to use Transport Erector Launcher. The missile is thought to be guided by Inertial
Navigation System. As per the United States, Novator 9M729 is
land-based and has a range between 500 km to 5,500 km that is 310 to 3420 miles depending
on fuel load and warhead used. This makes the missile violate the terms of
the INF treaty. The 9M729 is capable of hitting targets throughout
Western Europe with tactical nuclear warheads in the event of a conflict. In December 2017 the U.S. government had sanctioned
several companies involved in the production of the 9M729, including lead contractor Novator. In February 2018, the Pentagon concluded that
Russia was actively violating the terms of the agreements. In October last year, President Trump claimed
the agreement did little more than interfere with U.S. military development. The president had said at a Nevada rally,
“I don’t know why President [Barack] Obama didn’t negotiate or pull out, we’re not going
to let them violate a nuclear agreement and go out and do weapons, and we’re not allowed
to.” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg concurred
with Trump’s assessment. He stated, “After years of denials, Russia
recently acknowledged the existence of a new missile system, called 9M729. Russia has not provided any credible answers
on this new missile. All allies agree that the most plausible assessment
would be that Russia is in violation of the treaty.” The INF Treaty already had much opposition
in America’s power circle. This is not only because of the Russian aspect
but also due to the Chinese factor. Harry Harris, the former commander of U.S.
Pacific Command who is now U.S. ambassador to South Korea is one of them. In testimony submitted to Congress last year,
Harris pointed several important aspected. He noted that China is not a signatory of
any treaty like this and used it to develop a large arsenal of missiles. As per him, the Chinese Rocket Forces has
more than 2,000 ballistic and cruise missiles, almost 95% of which would violate the INF
treat if China was a signature. Both parties have indicated that they will
now pursue weapons that were restricted as per the INF Treaty. Russian Defense Secretary Sergei Shoigu recently
stated that Russia will build ground-based intermediate-range nuclear missiles within
the next two years. He said that land-based version of the navy’s
Kalibr cruise missile and a new land-based hypersonic missile must be built in 2019 or
2020. Shoigu that such mid-range missiles must now
be designed, insisting that Russia take “tit-for-tat measures.” He also accused the US of seeking to make
“ground-based missiles with a range capability of over 500 km.” America is also moving in that direction and
seems to have two weapons in mind. Currently, U.S Army has MGM-140 Army Tactical
Missile System (ATacMS). U.S Army Tactical Missile System is a surface-to-surface
missile manufactured by the American company Lockheed Martin. It has a range of over 100 miles (160 km),
with solid propellant. America is already working towards a system
that will have a range of 499 km just below the 500 km range-restricted of the INF Treaty. The program is designated as Precision Strike
Missile or PrSM and is an upgrade of ATacMS. Viewers may note that the U.S Army is pushing
toward a replacement for the Army Tactical Missile System with PrSM by 2023, which is
much earlier than the initial timeline of 2027. The Trump administration is also looking to
field a new nuclear weapon designed to counter Russia. It is the W-76-2 warhead, which is expected
to be available for deployment by late 2019. The W-76-2 is an adaptation of the older W-76-1. W-76-1 is present in Trident D-5 submarine-launched
ballistic missiles which are carried by U.S Navy’s Ohio-class submarines. The W-76-2 is designed to have a much smaller
explosive power of around 5 to 7 kilotons of TNT, when compared to other warheads. To give viewers a perspective, the Hiroshima
bomb had a yield of 15 to 17 kilotons. The U.S. will field an unknown number of the
new warhead and these are expected to have a much lower threshold for usage. The U.S. government’s 2018 Nuclear Posture
Review (NPR) pointed to the fact that Russia is lowering its threshold for using low-yield
nuclear weapons in wartime and warned that the U.S. must move to match this capability. The NPR stated,
“Russia’s belief that limited nuclear first use, potentially including low-yield
weapons, can provide such an advantage is based, in part, on Moscow’s perception that
its greater number and variety of non-strategic nuclear systems provide a coercive advantage
in crises and at lower levels of conflict.” This is where the new American weapons will
be useful. In that situation, just like Russia will have
a way to strike Europe, the U.S will have a way to strike Russia from Europe. This will mean both sides will be back on
the same situation which had led to the INF Treaty in the first place and it will actually
be worse as they will have nukes that have lower usage threshold. Since the distance between Russia and Western
Europe is very small, both parties will have very little time to react in case a missile
launch is triggered. This is bound to complicate the security situation. President Trump recently stated that his administration
had been discussing with Russia “about a pact for nuclear weapons, so that they get rid
of some, we get rid of some”. He also added.”We’d certainly have to include
China at some point,” It remains to be seen if a new treaty comes
into place.

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  1. Ahh Nuclear War! Where "JUST THE TIP" mean's you've lost your nuclear virginity. Tactical Nukes are far more tempting to commanders, as a get of jail free card. This is just nuts, beyond stupidity and lowers the deterrent threshold.

  2. Russia is going to bankrupt itself trying to keep up with the US. Russia will be so poor that they can't afford to buy Bread.

  3. I would like to see someone who kicks you in the ass, they spit the face of the older rat, Obama importer of Castro's communism.

  4. Looking for War Thunder wing mates. I fly at around 4.0 BR currently if anyone wants to play, add me. Mike207Maine

  5. Well that treaty actually puts us at a disadvantage! It is obsolete they should have threw that away a long time ago. Because other countries like China never were party to that treaty. China has built a lot missiles in that range putting us at a serious disadvantage in some cases. At the time when the treaty was signed it was a good deal. This day and age you can't trust the Russians they cheat and other countries are either building missiles within that range or simply buying them from people like China. We should never agree to such a thing ever again it just doesn't serve our best interest anymore.

  6. Peace through strength works and MAD works really well.  We must, however, meet the Russian and Chinese adoption of the tactical/battlefield type nukes.  The likelihood of a WW III is slim to none.  I lived through the deepest chill of the Cold War and it never happened … Because of Mutually Assured Destruction.

  7. And what about usa deploying missiles in Romania back in 2013??? That is not a vailation of inf treaty??? We all know who is the main world terrorist and mark my words their days are numbered!!!

  8. Russia is focusing on defensive weapons like Sarmat and Poseidon, the US is investing in carriers and offensive weapons.

  9. Pentagon is only hoodwinking Americans as to their vulnerability against new missiles, whether hypersonic or what, because Pentagon top wigs have acknowledged that when it comes to EW(Electronic Warfare) , the USA is way behind Russia as displayed by Russia in Syria and NATO war games at East Europe.
    Russia is now able to neutralise and spoof satellites on incoming missiles by suppressing USA's GPS which navigates these missiles. The Russians can now even interfer with military aircraft systems by EW.
    This is the future of warfare, why don't you make a video on EW. Or you are keeping mute on the subject because you don't want your American subscribers to feel down.

  10. How about some video clips of launches next time? It's difficult to grasp the full scope of capabilities with mere pictures.

  11. I have had the misfortune of experiencing a lifetime hyper-military penis-wagging that has kept the world traumatized for some 70 years and humanity in a fit of suspense for at least three generations. I'm tired of the charade. Today, the world is led by the venally small-minded who use newer, bigger, and more expensive weapons systems to bolster their egos and bottom line. The world spends billions upon billions of dollars on weapons systems that threaten mass extinction of all life, when in truth, those threatening and threatened are no longer enemies but economic and political competitors. For chrissakes, the USA uses Russian rockets to launch its astronauts into space, western Europe obtains 70% of its natural gas from Russia, while China helps kept the US economy churning at a record pace by continually buying American debt, and Americans return the favor by consuming Chinese products that keep the CCP in power. When are the people of this planet going to open their eyes and see that human leadership leaves much to be desired, and it has, in fact, failed miserably? Like it or not, over the past 30 years, the developed nations of this world have become entirely co-dependent–this was planned not accidental, and the most impoverished nations would be much worse off without the financial support of the richer countries. There can be no justification–none–for the totality of nuclear weapons that exist today because the countries that possess most of them are no longer military enemies, and they have far too much to lose by their use. It's long past time this fact was openly declared. The arms race makes a few wealthy people richer, while ultimately harming 99% of humanity. The leading nuclear powers of the world could admit that they maintain nuclear stockpiles to mitigate potential human mistakes and stupid decisions, and the behavior of a few fanatics and crazies. The US, Russia, Britain, France, and China aren't going to invade or attack each other, and the leadership of these purportedly responsible nations needs to make this clear to the world. The Russians, Americans, and Chinese don't honestly need new intermediate-range missile systems because they aren't in any danger of attack, and if they were attacked, they possess more than enough conventional weapons and LRBM for retribution or MAD. Instead of spending money on pointless offensive weapons to prevent problems these nations have contrived among themselves, funds might be better directed to real issues, such as climate change, disease, hunger, overpopulation, poverty, and drought. Nature creates enough difficulties for humanity!

  12. Europeans are world's greatest idiots. Let's figure this out. US will go for nuclear war with Russia on European soil. 😃😃😃

  13. Uh huh, they weren't developing these all along, and contrived a reason to deploy them once they were surprised they actually worked. Sure, bruh.

  14. how about a one( trillion) ton thermonuclear weapon,that should work in getting rid of the sick human race.we as a species
    need to go away,including myself!!!!!praise whatever!!!

  15. obama was the greatest do nothing president in u.s. history.he played more golf in 8 years in office,then i have in 35 years!!!wow

  16. Russia offered the US see the offending rocket. America declined. China is the real cause. DefSec Mark Esper – a Raytheon employee, advocates missiles in Asia.
    Pathetic vid. Trump tore up many treaties – just as Bush or Barack.

  17. his husband(michael)is doing very well!!!!!he just bought a new updated koran on amazon by drone to his compound!!!i think it is $55.00 faked u.s. dollars and free shipping!!!those were the days!!!!!

  18. the world now why US left or susppended wepan monarchies to push more money and another handy russia land base cures missiles to defence US land misslad in european romania and poland so the world not stupid

  19. How about you Americans spend some money on a health care system…Americans kill more of their own than any enemy ever did.

  20. The sad reality is we can't avoid our own demise. Like "junkies" humans are hooked on the things that will bring their destruction. Lets hope for the best and prepare for the worst…

  21. The US is currently finding ways to MASS PRODUCE hypersonic weapons that are to be unveiled for primetime in a couple of years from all services (Navy, Air Force, Army). It is no problem for the US national labs to design and produce the prototypes of these weapons but to crank them out at a production level is the new thing…..and that is the whole new ballgame.
    The US is also cranking up on high energy weapons like laser, microwave, etc. it is working to increase the strength of laser beyond 300KW to take down hypersonic missiles…..soon these weapons will come to the Strykers and other military vehicles near you….

  22. The US is now just catching up on the lost decades chasing insurgents in Arabia….and now it is all hands on deck to focus on fighting the Russkies and Chinamen…..


  24. All Bullishit! Lying fat ass Pompous and Donald Duck and Bolt-on can't even give us one Satellite image of the 5/6 Batallions of these Increased Range Missiles they claimed Russia had. Thats close to 100 large Trucks. US Satellites can't find one? LOL. Get a brain.
    With Satellites sitting over Russia constantly not one image. They know where the Factory that makes the Trucks and Missiles are but those two lying idiots say they are "hard to find". If they can't find them how do they know they have them. They both need to keep there mouths shut in order to not look like lying idiots all the time. LOL.
    Iran kept the Nuke Agreement to the letter. The IAEC Inspectors could not fault Iran in any way. There are US experts in the IAEC. Are you calling your own Experts idiots and corrupt? Anyway, Donald Duck is not breaking the Agreement because Iran broke it. He is breaking it because he does not think it is tough enough and Israel wants him to break it. Get a brain and quote facts.
    The UN "Votes" idiot. If the UN does not Vote the way the way the US wants tough! Obviously don't believe in Democracy. Only when it suits You! People vote, Nations vote. The Majority wins! Thats Democracy idiot. In simple terms you think the USA should be a Dictator Nation. You support Dictatorships!
    So you didn't like the UN Vote on Iranian Sanctions and ending the Nuke Agreement.
    Only Israel supported the USA. The USA lost that Vote 194 – 2.
    You go on like one of Hitlers NAZI Lieutenants.
    Only one consolation. The USA has fallen so far behind in the Tactical Missile area they will never catch up. The Russian Kalibre is so far ahead of the Tomahawke you would have to say it is 20 years ahead. Russia now is producing about 1,000 per year.
    Russia already has there Air Launched 1,200km Hypersonic Missile operational. In the early stages of Production.
    How long for Lockmart to come up with one, test and put it into operation? 5? 10 years? maybe?
    As you heard Russia hopes to have Land Based versions available of the above Missiles this year or next year.
    I hope it costs you billions. More USA debt!
    Who is going to take them anyway. Australia just told you they don't want them on there Territory after Congress prepared a Bill along the lines we would take them when ready. Did not ask as usual. Our Prime Minister yesterday said it was news to him. We did not want them. No! We do not want your Nukes here. Nobody in Europe wants them on there Territory.
    Will Japan take them or South Korea?
    Who knows? The USA asked anybody and they are of no use in the USA. The USA just went ahead and broke the Treaty. Talked to no one.
    So don't in your normal bullshit way and Donald Ducks way ask Europe or anybody else to pay for them. Great way to run a Business. I am installing Solar Panels on your house. Now pay me for them. "Get F&$#ed". It was a Donald Duck and Congress Decision.
    No other Nation asked the USA to break the Treaty. They are all against breaking the Treaty.
    Get the message Dickhead!

  25. Russia is no longer a threat as long as Putin will remain calm and ruling Russia. china is the most threat not only for the US but for the rest of the world because of their delusional claims of the whole world itself.

  26. Russia has been violating the terms of the treaty for years, with impunity and we've just been too pusillanimous to do anything about it. Now that we're no longer maintaining a state of illusion over Pooptin's true intentions, we can deal with him in the only way a bully can be dealt with, through the threat of overwhelming retaliatory force.

  27. Superpower Rusia nuclear 6,500 built more than America nuclear 6,150 built, Russia 9 different nuclear missile acitive, American 2 different nuclear missile nuclear active..

  28. The INF Treaty was a garbage deal for U.S. it LET U.S. Adversaries ( CHINA) And Russia Develop New weapons while U.S. GOT marginalized INTO MILITARY INFERIORITY.

  29. Whenever one moves the other moves and on and on it goes the miserable game of international dominiance,one wonders how if ever this can ever be controlled by peace loving people. This will End and because we have thousands of recorded historical events that it hasn't improved soon the aliens some call God or Jesus Christ will bring about change

  30. US is the one who violated INF treaty multiple times by producing and using Pershing to test other missile systems.
    Novator Rocket may be able to fly more than 500 km, but it was not tested on that range.
    Russia has organised presentation/conference for all to see, and US and NATO members refused to show up.
    Also they gave out the credible technica data to experts from NATO and US.
    US is just trying to blame Russia to find a reason to pull out and install missiles facing China to put a preassure on China.
    US is playing a dangerous game, because if they install those missiles in Europe, Russia will convert Kalibr and Zircon missiles to ground launched variants within months, then the EU is in deep trouble, nothing can stop Zircon.
    Also they will probbably increase the range of Iskander-M and deploy missiles to far north, far east, and on the ships and submarines patroking in the pacific and athlantic ocean, so they will be able to targed the US mainland.
    Zircon is asimetrical response.

  31. they sort of always have had them, just a matter of updating things with the latest tech and testing like the arrow 3 ICBM interceptor and a lot more others to be announced over the next couple of years but only if trump stays in power and the democrats don't skew things up:)

    S T I L L J U S T A L O O O O S E R

  33. Typical NATO lies. How about placing weapon systems in Poland and Romania – capable of carrying nuclear Patriot missiles.

  34. New missiles because Sec. Of Defence has shares in Rayteon – missiles builders. Americans would sell their mother for a dime.

  35. The US keeps putting missile in Europe and then they said Russia violated the treaty? Hahaha watra douche bags.

  36. Look on Putin's face, you can tell he doesn't want to deal with trump. Hell none of them want to. because he's not a push over like the past 2 decades of presidents were.

  37. its not about Russia at all its about China they have lots of mid range misiles and we cant produce due to the treaty, now that we out of it we can help our friends in South Korea and Tiewon with these misiles

  38. The Russians have always had an unbelievably cavalier attitude towards nuclear weapons, it's high time they be robbed of such illusions.

  39. It is a joke the u.s is complaining at Russia for not the not compliance with the INF treaty, when they alongside with the nato did not comply with the agreement of not expanding the nato further to the reaching borders they had at the time of Soviet Union fall. So, what is the situation nowadays? the nato and the u.s has been steadly surrounding Russia with military bases and they pretended Russia to just keep quiet?

  40. Yet China's nuclear weapons proliferation goes on unabated….While America and Russia were negotiating but the Potus's Djtrump 🇺🇸 Has The Measure of Them…Both!

  41. LMAO! Design new weapons or just serial produce already tested and protoyped existing weapons USA had stashed away.

  42. First the USA will spend hundreds of billions of dollars on feasibility studies. Then they'll hand it over to the engineers, who will just take a standard Tomahawk, bolt in a standard nuke warhead, and claim hundreds of millions of dollars more in expenses and overruns. Stupid. Because it's not like medium range weapons are going to be used and ICBMS will not, in the event of a nuclear war.

  43. That's funny everyone knows agrees the US was already developing new weapons, treaty or not. It's just a matter of being able to publicly come forth with announcements on new weapons in the coming months/years now.

  44. so when people talk dawn about america makes me sad being from texas sad we took god out and its all sinfull bs now days im only 29 but i wana go back to 50s but i still think we can fix and improve it

  45. It would be real cool if Trump woke up today , sick of the BS & nukes China 🇨🇳 🇷🇺 RUSSIA and Pakistan 🇵🇰 all at once and be done w the bs! Get a billion kills in India! Wipe out Russian first strike compounds and all fighting capabilities, kill another billion in China 🇨🇳 plus their war machine. While we are at it OBLITERATE Iran 🇮🇷 totally every evil soul there from new born to soon to die anyway! All of this would be acts of mercy! So these ppl can’t hurt the world ever again. Plus we would inherit the whole earth & all resources. ! The Caspian oil fields! All rare earth 🌍 mines in China 🇨🇳. Finally there would be peace on Earth! And Earths population would be down by at least half. That would solve global warming. Solving food crisis Ed

  46. When the US Government says they plan to develop things, the RD, Planning, Development, Validation, and full implementation has already been done. Not only that, weapons to destroy counter measures to these new weapons are also ready. We stay three steps ahead of potential enemies people. That means, we already have started the next generation of weapons. I’m assuming all of this of course because I’m well….crazy I guess.

  47. The Obama Administration "sold" 20% of the US uranium reserves to Russia. Then the Obama Administration accused the Trump Administration of "colluding" with the Russians. It is clear the reality is the Democrats are colluding with Russia against US interests. The greatest threat to US national security is its own Democratic Party. What is the Democratic Party strategy with regard to Russia and China? What are the Democrats' motives? Are they ideological or purely criminal?

  48. China was not part of the INF treaty and has been producing weapons that would violate the treaty. So forget about Russia and their violations, we needed to toss the INF to be able to keep up with China.



  51. It didn't expire LMAO. Trump withdrew from the treaty because the media called him a Russian hack job. He has a problem worrying too much about what people think about him.

  52. Great now America will get more nuclear weapons most likely getting more then russia, then ww3 will happen.

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