UAT-600-EUR – A-FRAME (incl subtitles PL, SV, FI, NO, DE, EN, ES, IT, FR)
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UAT-600-EUR – A-FRAME (incl subtitles PL, SV, FI, NO, DE, EN, ES, IT, FR)

October 10, 2019

To successfully find the location of a ground fault, use the optional UAT-600 A-Frame accessory in combination with the Transmitter in Direct Test Lead Connection mode. The A-Frame, in combination with the Transmitter, will pinpoint the place where a cable metal conductor, either a sheath or a metallic conductor, touches the ground. It will also detect other conductors to ground faults; such as pipeline coating defects. Properly set up the Transmitter with the test leads. Select either A-LO (A-Frame low signal) or A-HI (A-Frame high signal). Use A-LO for higher accuracy pinpointing. Use A-HI if the line to be surveyed is long or the fault resistance is high. Set the signal strength output to one, only increasing if the resulting signal strength is poor. Turn the unit on and use the Left/Right indicator arrows to position A-Frame over the cable, starting near the Transmitter. Allow a couple of seconds for the readings as you walk along the route of the line placing the spikes of the A-Frame in the ground every two or three paces. In proximity of the fault, keep the A-Frame aligned with the cable by using the Left/Right arrows. The A-Frame will detect the fault signal and the Fault Direction Compass arrow will point forward. When you cross the place of the fault, the Compass will change a direction and the 2-digit Fault Signal level will start decreasing as you move away from the fault. Maximum readings will be just before and just after the fault. Carefully place the A-Frame before and after the fault to pinpoint it. For more details, please visit

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