UK Parliament Seizes Brexit in “A Constitutional Revolution” (Sir Bill Cash)
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UK Parliament Seizes Brexit in “A Constitutional Revolution” (Sir Bill Cash)

November 16, 2019

Point of Order, Sir William Cash. The Hon. Member for
Twickenham said just now this was a constitutional innovation. I think he may have rather
underestimated the fact it is a constitutional revolution
and the House will come to regret it.

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  1. What Theresa May should do now is let us go on March 29. Just don't change the law and we'll be gone at 11 pm. She needed to put down the remain cabal but instead she was trying to appease them and it was a huge mistake.  The Labour Party run by Commie Corbyn the state murder apologist and celebrated antisemitist have pulled the rug out from under Brexit. Labour want to retain freedom of movement so that the poor and unemployed benefit tourists from the EU can live here in the hope they will be Labour voters. They are not representing the British working man and woman.  ENOUGH OF THIS S**T. ENOUGH OF THESE TRAITORS TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE AND TO BRITISH SOVEREIGNTY AND THE PEOPLE THAT FOUGHT IN TWO WORLD WARS. VOTE WITH YOUR FEET AND BOYCOTT EU GOODS NOW.

  2. Letwin is May's comrade-in-arms in the Great Brexit Betrayal Plot. May poor old Bill live long enough to see Brexit truly happen.

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