Ukraine Parliament Turns into Brawl, Groin-Punches Ensue
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Ukraine Parliament Turns into Brawl, Groin-Punches Ensue

November 21, 2019

in ukraine well made them for a little
bit more fun than ours apparently an enemy but uh… we were having trouble with grand
bargain negotiations wait till you get a lonely ukrainians nine here’s what happened in their
parliament is always fun guys on he’s still going on he sometimes ninety without on site here
do landscapers and guy the grey suit nannies not turning up over the place question i was absent so everyone still
are not the that is also dismayed away and in
somalia better interns that in the crowd there’s only the heavyweight champion of
the world literally boxing champion two topics which code
leader of the blue dog punch party looked on from outside the rangers
politicians from opposition and ruling party scrapped around the speakers
rostrum all vote on the colors are also
nomination for a second term will be an early test of support for president
tenneco bitch but two elected deputies a father and son
were physically thrown out after the opposition accused him of defecting to
the ruling coalition first of all how happier there frisco decided it’s about one out magic he’s discovered in cleaning house but it was a house of representatives
people it would be clear but it’s a parliament by the way who know this morning was
called upon to port a little ridiculous bucket faithful gate
you’ve got a little too literally now we’re not done yet of more about the news that father son
company or get in pushed out as they were trying to hold
on politicians from opposition and burning
parties kristen’s shaft each other to be able to preach the speaking spanish into opposition politicians suspected of
being a bouncer defect to the government especially the home and their teams
trained for it is the shielded because all of this and it was
notified of these people of the train is based on the vinyl significance to the
ukrainian people that they were saying the opposition faction yet they did
stupid a sublease united at your press right here but i would’ve brought down a little bit reviewer dev with it and we need to
really do men big got serious over there so
whatever you made a very light all others of this error as partisan rancor logged abajo remember the ukrainians what the best part is that we haven’t
gotten to the funniest thing in this story when asked about how things went member
of the temporary parliament said partnership kids that were successful definition a sense of that i do what may
be a good time in there so how are they successfully gets better
he says we negotiated to continue negotiations that’s ukraine for the where’d but but but if that’s the negotiations that month on them that that’s pushing respectively
the pets that was one beginner marble hooked i wonder what happened here we uh…
uh… had the democrats in the uh… what was right at all programmatic how bad with the democrats get their
asti mckinney i mean mission the condo would be
cleaning people’s clock and then did barely exists i mean this
substance is a goblin and axe is not a lot with a businessman to resolve the in

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  1. It's more like "Strike" than "Punch". And by the way. There is absolutely nothing funny about this. Ukraine is on the brink of civil war.

  2. You guys are all fucking stupid, always talking shit about the US Government, you idiots clearly haven't lived in South America, Europe, or even Asia. I'm not saying this country is perfect, but it's the best that there is in today's world. You can complain all you want, after all we live in the US, but apareciate that you can complain at all, otherwise go to a country where you can get shot or go to jail just for complaining. Oh, and instead of complaining, go do something about it.

  3. 1:49 Yep. Its a word game. The name of Klichko's party is UDAR, which literally means PUNCH in English. But actually it is an abbreviation: Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms.

  4. they needed to bring it down? maybe that's what they have to do cause we all know corrupt f**ks don't leave threw the "right" way.. seems to me this is the only way to get corrupt f**ks out.. the law doesn't do it.. what u think happened to kings when the people didn't like what they do.. cut there head off.. The gov is there for the people not the other way around.. but u all just bend over and take it in the ass by your gov..

  5. The Wire Sea 1, Ep 13:
    Carver: [observing Bodie beat a competing dealer with a bat] See, that's why we can't win.
    Herc: Why not?
    Carver:They fuck up, they get beat. We fuck up, they give us pensions.

  6. haha and theseguys are elected officials responsible for the future and economy of a country with a more than generous wage, looks more like a some drunk thugs you can find in some sleezy pub in a shady neighbourhood, what a bunch of clowns.

  7. I love worldly politics, it's more lively than ours. Ours is a joke. Folks over their slug it out. You try that here. We just get stupid stuff like, oh…legitimate rape, rape easy, false science…marxist, socialist, communist, union thugs, etc…tide goes in tide goes out. Yep, we're #1 yet, the world has history far older than ours and a much more worthwhile study. You'd be surprised how similar things are when you take off the blinders.

  8. the concept of god came out when man was very primitive and scared of the dark,our ancestors made up stories about invisible men who live in the sky,you know sort of like we do with santa clause.

    but i am sure your different from the other nut jobs right???? cause you have tangible proof to back up your beliefs right??? and you will use logic and reason to back up any counter arguments instead of ''beliefs'' right????

    faith is the absence of logic and reason just so you know:P LMFAO!

  9. Impossible. Dems are masochists and Reps are sadists.

    btw that's why they in fact go along so well behind the curtain 😉

  10. I kinda wish our congressmen and women would get to this point…we need a nice riot in our rotten Congress, because the kind of bullshit they do there on a daily basis is a great thing to beat the shit out of someone for.

  11. Interesting thought, but I don't think so. If we had to fight (i.e., it was required), it might be even, but if it was choice, Liberals are more likely to be defensive and/or completely pacifistic than the average conservative would be.

  12. YOU SHOULD SEE THE INDIAN PARLIAMENT !! Throwing stationary, flipflops, shoes, whatever they can find + fist fights !

  13. Early in Vladimir Putin's presidency, there was a brawl between his camp and the opposition over a controversial land reform bill. Look for the video, the Russians do it too.

  14. hahahahahahahahahahaha seriously comments 3;02-, somebody should call a reff to annouce the winner hahahahaha!!

  15. The guy who is reading , really has a funny face and his laugh was pathetic !!!!! he was was using "if i was….if I would havee been…"  Mr.News Reader… you are still nothing ! and atleast those are politicians /leaders.  Who are you , a one time part time paid ugly fat and obviously stupid !!  

  16. Yatsenuk did u swear on the bible to kill your own people ? Stupid thug bandera fascist. You are killing my people in DONBASS. Russia should take all these fascists down by now.

  17. it was the Arab Muslim that started the mass commercial slave trade of Africans in which the Americans got 13 million slaves and Arab nations got 20 million and the fact is Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations even now in 2015 are currently enslaving millions of black people. Proof, SPREAD IT AROUND

  18. Turkey, ukraine , uganda, taiwan …. telks a lot aboutvthe maturity of the peoples ability to deal with conflict in a civilized manner

  19. You are awful with your snide comments… western ignorant having a laugh at someone else's misery. I pity the Ukrainians

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