Ukraine protests: Fight breaks out between politicians in parliament
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Ukraine protests: Fight breaks out between politicians in parliament

November 20, 2019

A possible solution to days of death and destruction.
Delayed as scuffles broke out on Friday morning in Ukraine’s Parliament building. The fighting took place between politicians
when the speaker delayed a debate on a possible resolution calling for President Viktor Yanukovich’s
powers to be reduced. Ukraine faces the risk of civil war or even a break-up, and it is
not surprising the rage has spread even into the parliamentary chamber. Several deputies
exchanged blows as chaos descended on the chamber for several minutes. The speaker,
Volodymyr Rybak, who’s a Yanukovich ally, then left the building, but some of the deputies
continued the debate. Violence flared again in Kiev on Friday as Ukraine’s opposition
politicians pondered a draft deal with Russian-backed Yanukovich. In the past few days, gun battles between
police and protesters caused the worst bloodshed since Ukraine emerged from the Soviet Union
22 years ago. The last 48 hours have seen more than 70 people killed.

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  1. Destroy russia im ready when your ready ukraine after all I did join the us military for thiss shyt I hope I get deployed to ukraine to help it secure its borders from a russian invasion

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