ULTIMATE BUYING GUIDE Sony Full Frame Camera – a7II a7RII a7SII a7III a7RIII a9
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ULTIMATE BUYING GUIDE Sony Full Frame Camera – a7II a7RII a7SII a7III a7RIII a9

October 8, 2019

– This helpful shopping guide is brought to you by our friends over at Squarespace. What is going on hypershooters? This is Jason Wong and welcome to the ultimate Buying Guide for full-frame Sony
Alpha mirrorless cameras. Today, we’ll be talking about
several different cameras. The A7 II, the A7R II, the A7S II, the A9, the A7 RIII and the A7 III. That is a hell of a lot
of cameras to go through. I’m not gonna try to go
into too much details about this camera. Rather I’ll just go over
what you need to know to help you make the best decision as to which camera to get. And apparently that
One Camera Guy uploaded a very similar video. Man I hate that guy. Na am just messing. Danny and I are good, but if you need a second
opinion as to which cam to get go ahead and check
out his video right up here. But of course finish watching
this video first before you go ‘cos my video is better. Okay just to reiterate,
this guide is just on full frame cameras. Sorry we don’t have
enough time to touch up on APSC bodies. And what you’re gonna notice in this video is that a lot of the features overlap. That’s because each of these cameras are an upgrade from the previous ones. What remains to be consistent is that all of them have in-body
image stabilization, a headphone jack, and a mic jack, which are all uber important
for video shooting. But don’t ,worry we’ll
dive into each of the specific features and how they benefit certain photographers and
certain videographers. Oh and one more thing. If you’re buying any of these cameras during the holiday sale
from an authorized retailer, you also get a complimentary
three months of Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan. So you’re getting a subscription, a three month subscription of Photoshop and Lightroom for free. And just really quickly,
if you are a student make sure you sign up
for the EDU discount. You get possibly up to 10% off. I’m not too sure if that was stacked with the current discount right now because I’m not a student but go ahead and check
with B&H and Adorama, and let me know in the comments down below if the EDU discount will get honored with this current holiday sale as well. So first off we have the
A7 II for $897 body only. For $100 more you get a
to 20-75 kit lens with it. In my opinion this camera is better suited just for photography only and we’ll get into reasons
why that is in just a bit, but $900 to about $1000, it’s a great price for a full-frame camera especially to anybody who’s looking to get into the full-frame game on a budget. First off, this camera has
in-body image stabilization, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe the A7 II was the first full-frame camera to have in-body image stabilization built into the camera. So here’s what that means. I don’t have an A7 II personally. So I’m gonna demonstrate with the A7 III. How in-body image stabilization helps is if you are hand holding the
camera trying to take the shot and you’re shooting at
a slower shutter speed it’ll still be able to get a
clear sharp shot of your photo. The stabilization is also very helpful for whenever you’re
hand-holding to get the shot and you don’t have a tripod or a monopod. And seriously in-body image stabilization is a game-changing feature in all of these full-frame cameras, and what’s cool is that this
feature got carried over to future generations of
the Sony Alpha cameras. So I won’t be repeating myself too much when it comes to introducing
the other cameras having in-body image stabilization. The A7 II has fast hybrid autofocus, which uses phase detection autofocus, and contrast detection autofocus to achieve focus really quickly. The camera also has 117 autofocus points. Now it may seem like I’m just
throwing a number at you, but we’re gonna be talking about why that is important later when we talk about the other cameras. For now what you need to know is that that’s just a small focus area that your camera seeks focus within. The A7 II has face detection autofocus. That means if it detects
a face on the screen, it will latch focus on to it. It’s also capable of
eye detection autofocus. That means if it detects
an eye on the screen it will focus on the eye. However, the eye autofocus technology is outdated on the A7 II because cameras after that are capable of continuous eye autofocus, That means whenever,
let’s say I move around, the eye autofocus will track me, but on the A7 II once
you get the eye autofocus if I move around that focus is gonna stay where I grabbed focus on. Hopefully that makes sense. Even though it is outdated on the A7 II, if you’re working with static models or a friend or a family that’s
just gonna be posing still, eye autofocus on the A7
II will work just fine. For continuous shooting, the A7 II is only capable
of five frames per second. So not very stellar when it
comes to fast-moving objects. So let’s just say if you
have kids that are active in sports or if you’re active in sports and you just want to shoot a teammate maybe kicking a ball
or shooting some hoops, this camera may not be it for you. Again it’s more for things
that are a bit slower pace or more for static objects or subjects. In my opinion if you are
a still-life photographer or if you want to get
into portrait photography, model photography, family photography, a little bit of street photography, architecture photography, even landscape, the A7 II will be a great camera for you. Now if you were looking to shoot videos with the A7 II, I would push you into a different direction. Now there’s nothing wrong with the A7 II. It shoots up to 1080p full
HD 60 frames per second but the market right now has something that’s a lot better
and cheaper for videos. Plus those newer cameras can shoot in 4K up to 30 frames per second. For the same price I would
push you more towards the A6500 instead. That one is capable of shooting 4K up to 30 frames per second, 1080p up to a 120 frames per second and the video autofocus is much better on the A6500. It also has S-Log2 and S-Log3, two flat color picture profiles that you can use for cinematic grading. Whoops, I mentioned that. I wouldn’t be talking about an APSC camera but I guess I just did. That will be the only time I would suggest an APS-C camera over a full-frame camera, if we’re talking about
doing videos between the A7 II and the A6500. Alright moving on. Moving on to the Sony A7RII and I’m very excited
to talk about this one just because this is my
first Sony camera ever and it has my full seal of approval. This one for the holiday is going for about a $1598, which is a heck of a deal for this camera. I understand it is
significantly more expensive than the A7II right now, almost a $700 difference. This in my opinion is the
best hybrid full-frame camera that you can get on a budget because you’ll be future proofing yourself if you get the A7RII. It’s capable of 42 megapixel photos and 4K videos. This is a massive upgrade over the A7II. In addition to having
in-body image stabilization, fast hybrid autofocus, and
five frames per second, you’re shooting 42 megapixel photos. Now 42 megapixel is pretty insane. So you better have the
hard drive space ready for the A7RII, but there’s a lot of benefits when you’re
shooting 42 megapixels, one of which is cropping. If you crop heavily before, you’re gonna notice that
your quality of the photo the resolution of the photo will degrade, you’re gonna notice the
photos not as sharp. It’s a little bit more pixely but with the 42 megapixel you have much more room to work with. You can crop in without
losing too much details. The second advantage is
heavy post-processing. There’ll be a lot more pixels for you to sample off of when
you’re doing any sort of heavy alterations like blemish control. And this has 399 face
detection autofocus points more than double what the A7II has. That just means there
are more autofocus points on the screen, a larger autofocus area for your camera to see focus within. The A7RII is capable of
continuous eye autofocus as opposed to the A7II. That means if your model is moving around or your kids are moving
around a lot on the screen the eye autofocus will
continually track their eyes to ensure you get a
clear sharp shot of them. The A7RII has a huge bump
in the video department. You can shoot in full
frame and cropped frame 4K up to 30 frames per second. In fact if you shoot 4K in super 35 mode you get slightly better quality because the camera will be shooting in 5K in a 4K composition giving
you a little more details in your videos. In terms of HD option, you still have 1080p up
to 60 frames per second and you can do 120 frames per second but only in 720p and the A7RII has S-Log2 for you cinematic shooters out there. So my recommendation for the A7RII applies to the same group of photographers. Portrait photographers,
family photographers, landscape and architect photographers. Yes 42 megapixel may
sound like an overkill but there’s just so many
times that I’m so glad that I had those extra
megapixels to work with. But even casual shooters
will find the A7RII much more beneficial with
that continuous eye autofocus and the 399 autofocus points. And I would highly recommend this for video shooters as well. The video autofocus on
this camera is superb. So if you’re using it to vlog with, the face detection
autofocus will work great or if you put this on a gimbal to do any sort of tracking shot, the A7RII is fantastic for that as well. Before we move on to the other cameras I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to our friends over at Squarespace. I’m sure you’ve heard by now Squarespace is the all-in-one solution
for anybody looking to create a beautiful website without the pain and hassle
of knowing any coding. Like me, I personally
use Squarespace to house my portfolio work, that
I can quickly send off to potential clients where
they can see all of my most recent wedding films and my best of the best photos. With Squarespace’s easy to use interface creating a portfolio is as
simple as click and drag. Just ask Vivian. She did this for me actually. You can choose from there
are many clean templates to get started. Check out Squarespace.com for a free trial and see how easy it is
to set up your website. And when you’re ready to launch. go to Squarespace.com/Jasonwong, to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. Now back to our regular programming. Okay moving on to the A7RII’s
counterpart, the A7SII. And I’m just gonna come right out and say I do not recommend this camera, not because it’s a terrible
camera or anything. It’s a terrific camera. Unfortunately for the
price it is right now and what’s about to come out, I would not recommend
picking up the A7SII. On the internet there are a lot of people waiting for the A7SIII. which is rumored to come out early 2019. So I would suggest to wait for that However if you need something right now I would suggest getting the A7III. The A7III has very similar
low-light performance to the A7SII, plus it
has a lot of features that in my opinion are
better than the A7SII, but if you still want me
to talk about the A7SII, you can keep on watching. If not click on this time code right here to skip to the A7III. Alright well I gave you a chance to skip but if you really want to
hear me talk about the A7SII, here we go, let’s do it. So in my opinion the A7SII is more of a video camera, it’s very popular amongst the filmmakers. It’s a camera that I used
quite often back when I work for a production
company a few years ago and we used it a lot
during our early career in wedding filmmaking. It is a 12 megapixel camera which is half of the A7II but the reason for the low megapixel is because it really gives, it gives that ability for the A7SII to have that crazy low light sensor which Sony is famously known for. There’s two things that Sony
cameras are famously known for is their autofocus and their
insane low light capability. Unfortunately this camera
only uses one autofocus system and that’s contrast only. There’s no phase detection in the A7SII. So when you’re shooting photos or when you’re shooting videos, the autofocus is just not on par. It’s not how it is with the A7RII or the future III series cameras. Again it’s more so of a video camera and again it’s popular amongst filmmakers and cinematographers is because they’re very used to manually
focusing with their lens and a lot of people love
adapting Canon lenses or cinema lenses on the A7SII just to use it for it’s
low light capability, plus the A7SII is capable of 4K up to 30 frames per second but it can shoot a 120
frames per second in 1080p albeit it crops in. And another reason why cinematographers and filmmakers like to use the A7SII is because it has S-Log3 which introduced a new color science to the Alpha cameras and it’s slightly better over the S-Log2 in terms of color reproduction or so I’ve heard. I’m not too quite sure about that. Again if you have your eyes on the A7SIII I would honestly at this point either wait for the A7SIII to see what it has to offer or move on to the A7III which we’ll talk about right now. Alright moving on to the A7III the best hybrid camera that you can get on the market right now. Unfortunately the A7III does not have any discount
this Black Friday. It still has its $2000 price tag which is still not a bad price
for what it has to offer. This camera compared to the
A7II a lot has improved. Of course it’s still a 24 megapixel camera but it has a new processor
built into the camera that will write the
photos in much quicker. This next bit here is shocking. It has 693 autofocus points. So you remember how I
talked about the A7II having only 117 autofocus points and that’s considered a very
small area of autofocus. Well the A7III has 693 autofocus points. That means it has
autofocus points spread out across the screen. So let’s say if you’re
shooting with the A7III you got focus on the subject
right here in the middle of the screen, but they
move too far to the edge, the camera will still
be able to hold focus on your subject as opposed to the A7II if you’re grabbing focus on the subject right in the middle but they
move too far to the edge of the screen, the camera
is gonna lose focus on that subject. So hopefully that gives
you a better insight as to why having more autofocus points can be super beneficial. And of course the A7III
is capable of continuous eye autofocus. On top of that you can now
shoot 10 frames per second now as opposed to five frames per second thanks to the new
processor inside the A7III. So if you’re shooting
some pretty actiony stuff or your kids playing sport, the A7III is a better camera to get. And I’m not done here. The A7III is now rocking
a brand new bigger battery called the FZ100 battery, which is significantly
better than these small little batteries here
that you would have to use with the II series camera. This bigger battery here will
allow you to shoot photos all day and up to two
to two and a half hours of 4K movie recording. With the A7RII you’ll probably
have to bring at least a couple of extra batteries and even more than that if
you’re shooting 4K videos. The bigger battery alone
has what gotten me to switch out of my II series camera. These things are seriously awesome. With the II Series camera, I have to constantly find chargers, find plugs to charge my batteries at weddings whereas the bigger batteries I don’t bring battery chargers anymore. I’d bring about four to five batteries and it will last me the entire day. Plus changing focus on the A7III is a lot easier now
thanks to the joystick, and this thing here
will be super important to a lot of professionals out there. Dual SD card slots. If you’re making a lot of money doing a huge client project or you’re shooting weddings, anything that’s once in a lifetime having dual SD card slots
with redundant recording can save your life. I mean your career, but they’re both the same thing, and video the camera
is capable of shooting 4K up to 30 frames per second but if you’re shooting in full frame what the camera will actually do is it’s gonna shoot in 6k but it’s gonna down sample
to a 4K composition. So you’re gonna be getting
super crispy detail in your videos and if you
want to do slow motion on the A7III you’ll be glad to know that it’ll be able to do with 1080p up to 120 frames per second with no cropping. Just to emphasize that point even further the A7SII crops when you’re
shooting 120 frames per second in 1080p and the A7RII can
only shoot a 120 frames per second in 720p only. So yes that’s a big deal, and the A7III can shoot in S-Log2, 3, this new picture profile
called Hybrid Log-Gamma. That’s why earlier when I say if you’re planning on getting the A7SII, forget about it. Go straight for the A7III because you still have
all those amazing features that you would find on the SII in the III right here and if you’re worried about low-light there are some tests out
there that actually says the A7III has very
comparable ISO performance in low-light when you
compare it to the A7SII. The A7SII still slightly wins but unless you’re
shooting in pitch darkness the A7III will still do
a pretty bang-up job. So the A7III will be great
for a lot of different types of photographers and
videographers out there. Portrait photographers,
landscape photographers, even event photographers
will really love the A7III just because of the 10 frames per second and better autofocus. For videographers, filmmakers,
and cinematographers they will enjoy using this
camera as it has a lot of very similar features of the A7SII but of course getting a slightly better quality bump in 4K and in 1080p. Alright moving on to the A7RIII. This will be a very hard camera to pitch but I’ll do my best anyway. This is actually my favorite hybrid camera out of all the ones that I’ve talked about and I’ll have to make
another video talking about why that is, but for now
just think of the A7RIII having very very similar
features of the A7III. The only difference would be that it is an R series camera, so it’s capable
of shooting 42 megapixels. Now I already talked about
the benefits of shooting 42 megapixels already. You can go ahead and
rewind here if you want to listen to the reasons again. This has 399 autofocus points, about 300 points less than the A7III. However I never thought the A7RIII was slow at grabbing focus. If anything the rate at which both of these cameras grab focus
are very, very similar. The A7RIII always have done a good job grabbing focus. So there’s nothing wrong with
having less autofocus points. If anything the A7III might
perform slightly better but for the most part it’s really hard to tell between two. Couple of other small things. The LCD screen here is a little brighter over the A7III. It has a higher resolution compared to the A7III. And it actually has a very
unique feature of its own. It’s called pixel shift. So if you’re shooting architecture or I guess maybe landscape, I think no only architecture. If you’re shooting a lot of architecture, this camera would do a really good job. Unfortunately I don’t do too much of that. I can’t really show you any good samples, but just know that if you are
an architectural photographer and you really want to have
that 42 megapixel camera camera would will have a feature that might help you out a lot. Oh right and the price. So for this holiday season
it’s about $400 off. You can get this camera for about $2800, which isn’t bad at all. Again if you’re looking for something that’s more well-rounded
for a better price, the A7III is really really hard to beat. Alright, finally for the last camera, the Sony A9, the creme de la crème. The flagship full frame camera from Sony. Right now you can get it for $1000 off. The original price is $4500, but you can now get it for $3500. And let me just tell you, the A9 is an absolute insane of a camera. If you’re a sports photographer, you’re an event photographer especially weddings, or
you’re shooting cars, you’re shooting planes,
you’re shooting Superman, this is the camera to get. It is a 24 megapixel camera. It has 693 autofocus points, but it is capable of
shooting 20 frames per second no blackout, with anti distortion. That is absolutely bonkers
for a camera like this. That means if you’re
shooting 20 frames per second and you can shoot 20 frames silently too. You’re not gonna get a blackout screen. You won’t see black at all. You’ll be able to track your subject as they go by without any interruptions. That means if you go
out to shoot Tiger Woods and he’s swinging his club, it’s called club right
‘cos I don’t play golf, so I’m not too sure, but when he swings his club, you’re not gonna be distracting him. You’re not getting that
horrible warping of his club. You’re gonna get a perfectly good shot. How insane is that? Now I personally have
used it to shoot concerts and to shoot this air show right here, and I’m already just like wow this is like cheating. I am getting these amazing shots that is in tack sharp
focus with the Sony A9. That’s something that I don’t
think I can really get with the A7RIII or the A7III. The A9 is truly an amazing
piece of tech for photography and you owe it to yourself to get one. Again if you are a sports photographer, events photographer, they
seriously market this camera for sport shooters and wildlife too. Anything that requires any
sort of high-speed action, fast pace, get the A9. Now you might be wondering well Jason if the A9 is such an
amazing piece of camera, how come you don’t own it? How come you don’t own this camera? Well I’ll tell you I
would love to own the A9. Unfortunately it does
have an Achilles heel. No picture profiles, which a lot of people complain about. It’s a flagship model,
and no picture profile. I mean I get it, it’s not
marketed as a video camera. It’s marketed as an
insane photography camera. With that said it’s
still capable of shooting 4K up to 30 frames per second, 1080p up to 120 frames per second. Great autofocus, all that good jazz. If it had picture profile, I would have been fine to
drop $4500 for that camera. Unfortunately nowadays I shoot a lot with Hybrid Log Gamma, which is one of the picture profiles that could be found in the
newer III series cameras. So if it had that, of course, of course, I would get the A9. That would be ultimate, ultimate hybrid shooting camera like ever. So hopefully the A9 Mark II
will have picture profiles, but until then I’m very satisfied with renting out the A9
for whenever I need that 20 frames per second
because seriously that 20 frames per second,
no joke, no joke at all. 20 frames, oh my god, 20
frames per second Jesus. Sorry got a little
carried away right there. Undoubtedly I know I’ll be getting a lot of lens questions. So I’ll tell you what? Hopefully in the next day or two I’ll have an ultimate buying guide for full-frame lenses for Sony Alpha cameras, or somewhere along that line. It should be coming out a
few days after this video. But in terms of the
best accessories to get for your Sony camera, like memory cards, batteries and straps, camera snaps, those camera straps are important, check the description box below. If I try to detail every
single one of them, it’s just gonna take another 15 minutes. So check the description box below. I promise you they’re
the best that you can get for these cameras. Aside from that, if you are new to Sony let me know which camera
you’ll be picking up after watching this video and if you already own a bunch of Sony, a bunch, a funch, a bunch of Sony cameras, let me know what you think
of my recommendations. Guys thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you guys in my next video. Peace!

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  16. I wish Sony would add an sRaw firmware update. These A7r3 files are killing me. I mean if Nikon can do it and they are Sony sensors then why the Hell not ?? I feel like more people would buy the A7r3 instead of selling them for the A73.

  17. If you cant get great results from a Sony A7SII for photo or video, then you should take up something else! The camera game is a bottomless money pit! Constantly chasing mega pixels and super fast autofocus is exhausting ha ha!

  18. My budget is roughly 2500, i want to get a good lense. Would it be better to get a7ii with very nice lense or a7iii with decent lense?

  19. hey, I loved the video but im still confused what to buy.
    I'm a beginner in cinematography but I would love to take some professional photos to .so can you recommend a camera that is absolutely perfect for video and "good" for photo

  20. Thank God I saw this video, I didn't even though there are that many versions of the camera. Thanks!

  21. I am a sports photographer specializing in mainly racing photography like nascar, go karts, motocross etc…
    I tried out the a7iii and loved it but I am on a slight tight budget
    I have been debating on getting the a7iii or a7ii
    Which would camera would u recommend

  22. @Jason Vong,
    I was planning to buy a camera to my personal use. Mainly portraits/travel photography. Will a7ii be good enough for a casual Photography in 2019? I don't plan on shooting any videos with the camera.

  23. Hi Jason
    I heard somewhere that the A7 II does not have a silent mode, i.e., electronic shutter. is that correct?

  24. Leakes
    A9R with pictures profile and 48mp with
    4k upto 120 fps. Best lense recommendation by Sony 70-200 200-600 and 600 f4

  25. This video was very helpful. I am a hybrid shooter myself and own the Canon 77D (which is in repair right now, because the on/off switch is broken). I really want the A7 III. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a flexible screen like the Canon 77D.

  26. …………..THANK YOU for Your Video! ….we live in Bavaria and we
    could get a Body "Sony A7iii (1760 EUR)" or a "A7Rii (1550 EUR)" …or a
    Sony Alpha 6400 E-Mount with 18-35mm M-Kit for 1369 EUR
    …………..WHICH ONE WOULD YOU BUY for best 4k Video & Photo
    Quality in terms of Price&Quality???????? And which would be the
    best Lens for the A7iii if i like a single or max. 2 lenses? What about
    TAMRON A 036 DI III "RXD" …they told me the RXD Version is best for
    filming because of continious focusing? …or should i get a Lumix GH5
    or a XT30 , a Canon R etc etc.??? ……..please help i am confused!

  27. …………..THANK YOU for Your Video! ….we live in Bavaria and we
    could get a Body "Sony A7iii (1760 EUR)" or a "A7Rii (1550 EUR)" …or a
    Sony Alpha 6400 E-Mount with 18-35mm M-Kit for 1369 EUR
    …………..WHICH ONE WOULD YOU BUY for best 4k Video & Photo
    Quality in terms of Price&Quality???????? And which would be the
    best Lens for the A7iii if i like a single or max. 2 lenses? What about
    TAMRON A 036 DI III "RXD" …they told me the RXD Version is best for
    filming because of continious focusing? …or should i get a Lumix GH5
    or a XT30 , a Canon R etc etc.??? ……..please help i am confused!

  28. I have just bought a sony a7III for me. However, I cannot choose only one lens because of my budget. I wanna make travel video and take photo of architecture and portrait. Can you please give me some advice(tamron 28-75 f2.8, cz 15-35 f4, cz 24-70 f4 and cz 55f1,8)? Thank you

  29. Jason – would you make a video of what cheap sony camera you'd recommend for a parent to buy for an 8year old kid who is a bit interested in making pictures? I don't want to spend too much $$$ if he breaks it on the other hand, maybe something that he could get a feel of a good camera and use some of dad's lenses I have for the A7iii?

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  32. I have sony a7sii used for $900 and still thinking how to use my canon lenses with that camera to get good video. I use metabones mark iv but it doesn’t help much.

  33. thank you so much. this was super helpful! I just recently bought the a7 II and had to return it, because it didn't meet my needs. It would have saved me a lot of effort if i had found this video earlier, but at least now i feel much more comfortable in decision making. i was thinking to get the a7 III or a7 rII. but since the a7 rIII recently dropped to 2.5k € i am seriously considering..

    question: mainly used for documentary videography.. would you say it's worth the extra 500 to buy the a7 riii instead of the a7 iii? or better to save the 500€ and stack up the budget for better/more expensive lenses?

  34. Im curring saving for the A7R iii but since the A7R iv comes out next months I may just save the extra dough and get it instead. Either one would be a huge upgrade from my current Nikon coolpix P1000 and P610 though.

  35. What do you think of the new r4. I hear people saying it’s not good for sports wildlife. Trying to figure it out. I like the high megapixel cameras. Help !

  36. How come Sony doesn’t put a small flash on these cameras, dark rooms or wide dynamic range situations, you are at a disadvantage with this camera, am I missing something? I have the small Sony flash, but it is quite big and inconvenient.

  37. The a9 is $3500 with no pic profile ?? That’s like having an iPhone but no iCloud. IMO the a73 is the obvious choice out of all of them. Hybrid full frame that could tackle on almost anything. Slap on some good lenses, the a73 simply would be on beast mode.
    Great video and review ! 🤙

  38. no shade to the 1cameraguy, but what got me to watch your video to the end compared to his was how digestible your phrasing was, how easy the points of difference were to understand, and most importantly, having the current camera up the right hand corner with the price! thanks for the video

  39. As someone who is new to photography, would you recommend the a6000, a6300, or the a7II? While the cameras are not quite apples-to-apples, I am trying to determine which is the better value: the a6000 for about ~$400 body only, or a6300 or a7II for about ~$800 body only? I'm fortunate to travel and explore a lot of unique places with my job, and I've been horrid at capturing the moments; I'm trying to do better! I'd love your thoughts.

  40. So I was in the store looking for one of these camera (not gonna mention which one) today and I was really interested in getting it until the guy said there was no flash on the camera and I thought to myself what good is the camera if there is no built in flash, am I wrong?

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