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    Dovahhatty: lmao ded 10000000000 ded gauls, fuck cato, fuck cicero

  2. Every time you say "SEE-sar" a little part of me dies. Curse the eternal Briton and his insistence on wrong pronunciations.

  3. I have watched the G*ulic casualties scene 5 times and by the flaccid yet still fully erect cock of Mars I can't stop laughing.

  4. Why did Caesar get mad at the Egyptians anyways? They literally just did his dirty work for him. That's a shitty casus belli if I've ever seen one.

  5. Great channel, binge watched all your content. The only thing worth criticising is your frequent use of your character/persona, it reminds me a bit too much of furries and other degenerates who want to be unique with their other content. Other than that absolutely based content keep it up.

  6. The level of care and meditation that goes into the editing especially for a smaller channel is pretty fantastic, but I just wish the added text (for characters speech and what not) was less jarring. It seems every 10 seconds or so I have to pause to read, along with this its tedious to jump in-between narration and text dialog. I don't know how i'd remedy this effectively, maybe putting text for comedic relief in-between grammatical pauses or something similar? Big fan of the channel, just thought I'd offer some suggesting especially considering how helpful it is when you're starting out.

  7. Caeser the pussy, didnae fancy messing wi the caledonian tribes too much. Before the romanists jump on me, there was nothing there, aye right they conquered to conquer and subjugate – We had Gold, Silver, Lead etc – Uncivilized because Tacitus said so, we must have been civilized enough some of the stonework is incredible – Like mutts could build Skara Brae
    The Celts already built roads in Caledonian before the heathen romans moved north

  8. I prefer these satirical videos to people like Historia Civilis who misrepresent and lie about history to satiate his hatred for someone who has been dead for two thousand years. I swear you can't watch any Caesar related video on that cuck's channel without him screeching "whataboutism" or some half assed speculation about Caesar. Total pleb.

  9. Ok, I understand that when covering history, of course your content will end up resembling other people's content, since it is the same subject matter. But I think that the "hommage" to Historia Civilis is just a bit too far. Don't get me wrong the video is very enjoyable, but the armies style as well as the procession of events happen in a way too similar fashion. I understand that you can get inspired by someone, but I would like you to make some more original content, since it is obvious you have talent.

  10. Unbiased? The hell you talking about Cato? Nigga, Cato was a fucking Stoic, bro. He just believed in the Republic and fought and died bravely for it. Also, a lot of your information is taken from Caesar's own narrative which does make it biased.

  11. While La benis is all fun of a pun, Titus Labienus Chadus Maximus was a mad lad much better than Marcus Antonius. Even Gaius Iulius Caesar Chadus Optimus considered him as a great friend.

  12. Along history every time a government has a senate it's just obese and overpayed manchildren egoistically fucking shit up

  13. dude omg i fucking love your break down of this shit – its so dry and fucking hilarious dude im so stoned this is amazing ive studied these evenets over and over and usually its dry sometimes and i have to get so stoned just to focus but this shit im laughing its keeping me involved and im not even high yet today!!! lmaodude keep making this shit pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your the best man!

  14. LMFAO OMG LETS SEE HOW MARC ANTONY IS DOING IN ROME ….OMG THAT SONG OMG OMG OMG ILOVE YOU BRO this shit how do you not have a billion views as far as i can tell everything so far your saying is correct.

  15. As a proud citizen of Braccara Augvsta, founded by Augvstus in 20BC, I endorse your truthful account of events. Requesting a video explaining why Rome should have remained Pagan and reject that middle eastern cult that plagued the empire later on.

  16. >when the virgin Caesar try’s to slander Cato after his death
    >it was so retarded that no one believed it in the slightest

  17. People were hoping that Trump would be our Augustas but he seems to have the people skills of a 10 year old!

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