UNC & ACLU of Colorado Presents Know Your Rights Education Workshop Information

January 24, 2020

Hi, I’m Tammy. Hi, I’m Tobias. Welcome! We’ve got a great lineup this semester. Oh, what do we have going on Tobias? Well first of all, we know that there’s a lot of different things happening within our world today. Part of it is having students understand what it means to navigate the political climate and structure of our world. So we are going to have the ACLU come to UNC. Oh, that’s great! As students it’s hard to navigate that system sometime knowing what to say, how you can say it, when you can say it. And I think that’s a great idea to bring somebody like ACLU to our campus. Absolutely. So, on February 10th from 5-7pm in the UC Ballrooms we’re gonna have the experts help us understand such things as the First Amendment – which is a hot topic. As well as our Constitutional Rights. Whether we’re faculty, staff, community members, but most importantly students are invited. Definitely. How do students and everybody else register for this event? We’ll have a sign up and a link. The advertisement is going out. So be ready, be prepared, and make sure that you sign up. We’re excited to see you. This sounds like a great event. We’re gonna learn so much from this Tobias. Thank you for putting this on for us. Well, thank you. In fact, this was all student driven. I’m just an advisor here to help, and assist, and I’m looking forward to it. So register today and reserve your spot. We’re excited to see you. Refreshments and snacks will be provided so we’ll see you soon.

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