Understanding Composition: Beach Photography
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Understanding Composition: Beach Photography

October 23, 2019

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  1. It is 99% identical to how I look for the composition…and that’s because you’re my Great teacher! However I would have chosen more of the photos that you rejected. Fabulous video and I like a lot your cute dog! Since I use Aurora hdr and Luminar, same like you, I don’t need almost at all to go to photoshop…

  2. Nice video Serge! I tried a sony yesterday and i'm thinking switching my Canon 5d mark ii to a Sony A7r II 😉

  3. Merci pour le tutoriel, j'apprécie les trucs pour aider à trier les photos. Personnellement, c'est vraiment une étape que j'ai encore beaucoup de difficulté à gérer. Est-ce que tu effaces les photos qui n'ont pas eu 1 étoile? Merci et bon succÚs

  4. Great video. Your images look really square, have you changed the aspect on your camera to something other than the standard? Maybe it’s just me?

  5. Serge, I just want to take a moment to say thank you for all your videos, your gifts of free presets and just being so free with all your knowledge. I always enjoy your youtube channel and have gained so much from all of the training I have purchased. It was money well spent and it gave me such insight into Lightroom. I thought I knew it but you really took it to a new level for me. Thanks so much.

  6. Well done Serge, thanks for explaining your process….   You helped me out more than I can say in a comment. Hopefully some day you'll be in the Washington DC area.

  7. Are those halos, or is that mist on the right side of the center rock in the color one? If halos, how do you avoid that?

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