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  1. Wow. Time to impeach this governor. Does he realize how we citizens don’t get this right. If your applying at DMV and you haven’t committed a crime, no sweat. Blocking officials from looking into their crime records!!!!????? Crazy

  2. Wtf! Undocumented illegal residents get rights!? Why cant we do this in other countries? I wouldn't mind just moving to Switzerland with out having to go through proper channels….. this is all for votes and the undocumented illegal voters!

  3. He and his treacherous circle knows this upsets Californians, but that is their sole purpose. Keep up the chaos and create division among us. He knows even though we want him out the chances are very slim it will happen. As long as there's disorder he stays in office and create more useless, rediculous laws to harm the state and it's residents.

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