UNH in the classroom- Dance Composition
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UNH in the classroom- Dance Composition

August 27, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] [DRUMMING] It’s called dance composition. So pretty much, we learn about
elements of dance and different styles of
choreography. [DRUMMING] We’ve been working on in our
class, choreographing pieces around the structures, the
granite structures. And choreographing them to
elements that remind us of the structures. Rough. And smooth together. Part of it is the movement. Taking the texture and the
design of the piece and try and recreate it in a movement,
working with motif and development. Taking a movement and developing
it as much as you possibly can, given the
limitations of working outside and on the ground, and in the
cold, and in November. Gary Haven Smith created the
sculptures, UNH alum, so that made it even more important. [DRUMMING] Usually the pieces that we
choreograph at UNH are very linear, and have consistent
storylines. These pieces were all about how
the sculptures made you feel, and the texture
about them. And that was definitely out of
my element, for me at least. Because the choreography turned
more into the geometry and the shapes, and how
you use the positive and negative space. [DRUMMING] I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I think I’ll be more of a
conceptual person from now on, when I choreograph. [DRUMMING] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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