UNITED STATES vs MALAYSIA | Military Comparison [2018]
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UNITED STATES vs MALAYSIA | Military Comparison [2018]

August 27, 2019

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  1. US is strong but compare to the land Malaysia is a tiny piece of land and have 31 Million people. Us has a big land but have so less people. Malaysia compare to Austrailia. Austrailia have a big land but 20 Million people so Malaysia have a big population.

  2. Dari segi perbagai jenis kereta kebal/tank, pesawat tempur/jet (air fighter), kapal laut tempur, kapal selam, dan nuklear USA lah menang akan tetapi darisegi pertahankan diri, kekuatan tentera melawan musuh, kecerdasan, kecergasan dan juga ketahan badan MALAYSIA lah menang

  3. LoL. memang orang Malaysia ga tau malu.
    Divideo ini berbangga hati luar biasa.

    Cek video Indo v Malay diChannel ini juga. Banyak sekali orang² Malaysia memaki/mengutuk/menyalahkan terus Indo. Goblok sekali rakyat anda !

  4. it dosent care about the weapons or army
    like the ussr lost even tho they have many army
    or weapons
    you have to fight smart

  5. America produce almost 270 million tone of waste per year..that mean we can destroy malaysia without any weapon instead with shit drop from the sky replacing cluster and torpedo lol.shit islamic country just a tiny rat and we were stronger than your god

  6. Im Malaysia Malaysia has already fight 🇯🇵 Japan but Malaysia wins and know china and india want to fight with us they put our flag upsidedown but Malaysia is islam so we will win cuz god will help us not like Amerikas they do not praye at god god name is ALLAH yatuhan yarobbi

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