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Universities Limit Free Speech | Constitution Corner

October 12, 2019

you are not allowed according to the
Michigan State University handbook on employee relations you are not allowed
to use the word but to challenge any speaker for any reason the word butt is
too confrontational and it is itself a microaggression I’m dr. Duke and this is Constitution
corner and every week unconstitution corner we like to talk not so much about
the specifics of the Constitution that will come up organically but talk about
real-world situations in this country of ours where the Constitution is helpful
or forgotten or under assault and today is no different
it is late its early September and university campuses are beginning to
fill up in fact I start teaching at my university this week as well and as the
kids turn back to the college campuses going to call your attention to a grave
grave situation we have culturally with regards to the cut the Constitution that
is the assault on the First Amendment in other places I have talked about how
Hollywood and how journalists and how progressive activists are all
undermining our First Amendment rights by deeming some kinds of speech hate
speech byuk waiting speech with violence and nowhere is that more prominent in
fact I would argue before Hollywood got around doing it before anti-fun the
social justice left and got around to doing it it started first in college
campuses and you need to be aware of this mom and dad you need to be aware of
this citizen of the United States the progressive left now is very
successfully not just suppressing speech that they don’t like turning speech into
violence arguing that if you say there are two genders if you insist that
science incontrovertibly shows us that there is male and female and nothing
else this now in many parts of the country and men almost all your
university campuses this is can be deemed a kind of hate speech to tell the
truth even if that truth is under written by biology what the progressive
left on campus is doing is forcing kids from the moment they set foot on campus
as freshmen to undergo these indoctrinations these initiations they
call them where they learn about speech and language there’s one example of this
that’s so absurd you won’t even believe it Michigan State University in their
handbook for faculty and staff speech says quote do not use the word but the
conjunction bu T so if somebody is talking to you and they’re saying
something wrong or something clearly demonstrably false or something that
doesn’t make any and you say yes but what about this that
now is triggering that’s a microaggression
you are not allowed according to the Michigan State University handbook on
employee relations you are not allowed to use the word but to challenge any
speaker for any reason the word butt is too confrontational and it is itself a
microaggression that’s how insane this has gotten and if
your tendency is my tendency to laugh at this you’re driving in your car you’re
sitting around the radio listening in your shop the tendency is to want to
laugh at this but what you can’t laugh at is the fact that campus after campus
after campus is engaging in this sort of behavior right now in America the
progressive left is rewriting language it’s altering pronoun usage it’s forcing
younger generations to get rid of he and she male and female
even a simple conjunction like the word but now is problematic to the
progressive left and we the more we allow it the more we allow it to do this
the more we allow progressives to change language right under our noses the
easier it’s going to be for them to get rid of certain kinds of speech
altogether so rather than conforming or just saying
well you can talk that way but I’m not we have to become much more proactive we
must defend the language we must defend the definition of words it is not racist
to tell a joke necessarily it is not racist to ask somebody in the country
where in the world they came from it is not racist or sexist to use he or
she to default to traditional male and female pronouns it’s not bigotry to
argue in favor of science the left likes to call conservatives and Christians the
parties of anti science when in reality something as simple as basic biology the
obvious dictates of biology are now being deemed deemed hate speech on our
college campuses we have to do better we have to in the same way we defend our
gun rights in the same the same way we have organizations like the NRA the
National Rifle Association who can lobby and engage in activism on our behalf
maybe we need an organization like the NRA for speech used to be a hundred
years ago 50 years ago the ACLU back when they used to care about American
civil liberties and not just liberal progressive civil liberty civil
liberties perhaps what we need is an organization like the NRA one to which
we subscribe become life members pay our dues and the entire purpose of that
particular organization should be to preserve language to allow to not allow
the left to be the only ones who get to define words so we keep if we allow this
to happen keep allow to keep allowing the left to rewrite words and our
response is to simply adapt and go along with it pretty soon their words are
going to be matched by action and that action is going to erase our freedoms
just as they’re erasing our ability to speak our ability to use certain words
we cannot acquiesce to the idea that gun ownership equals violence and we
certainly cannot acquiesce to the idea that some kind of speech has to be
banned to make progressives feel better about themselves

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  1. Have some faith in young people (I know it's hard) BUT they are stronger than the programming and they will (most of them) as they mature become the best generation.

  2. The world is changing at an incredible rate. The beast system is spreading like bad cancer. Keep your children out of public school and away from children with parents that feed into the beast system. Show your children and their friends that God is very real, explain the bible at a young age if possible. Pray and stay in the Word.

  3. What is the lawful punishment for violating someone's USA federal government constitutional amendment rights? Fines? Jail? – Theodore Alexander Vegh, B.S.

  4. Michigan State University: Administered by Beavis and 'But' Head.

    In the backlash, these kids will learn the true pronoun… "Him."

    Our Savior.

  5. Didn’t Trump sign a bill that if they ban conservative from free speech they would pull funding from colleges for any number of activities?

  6. so i'm just guessing, if they don't like my 'micro-aggressions' they will shout out for someone to come quickly and cause 'macro aggression' on me?

  7. Kindly go onto google and lookup the word "love". Please, see this word is first described as a Noun. Now, lookup the word "hate". Notice, this word is now first described as a Verb. Can you understand why that would be? Why would the word "hate" now be elevated to verb status, to be considered an action first and foremost, but the word "love" is still primarily just a noun? I hope you understand the gravity of this and that this is no minor thing. This is quite serious.

  8. Indoctrination is the truth of professor. I maintain it begins in pre school. But, a good thing about this is that they expose themselves. Who are they that can dictate what and how teachers teach. And get rid of those who challenge or expose them. Higher education teaches students to conform to the current paradigm. And the current paradigm is making a mess of social/political environment, and severely weakening men.
    This is a conspiracy.

  9. No more following groups
    No NRA worshipping or any other
    Teach people what it means to be an individual and challenge them to take on that responsibility

  10. Not following these lefties' ideas and stupid suggestions is the only guarantee of remaining free and independent from communism.

  11. The conjunction 'but' signals disagreement, counterpoint, counterargument . . . In other words: to disagree, to refute, provide counterpoint/argument is not permitted in the New World Order. Ring any bells?

  12. Sew their asses off and extract their stolen bagel-munching Bol$hevik wealth!
    It’s the ONLY Way to shut their subverting, communist pieholes.

  13. The USA probably doesn't have any real universities. Like all other achievement of European civilization Americans corrupt them all.

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