US Citizenship Bootcamp Interview 1
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US Citizenship Bootcamp Interview 1

October 21, 2019

This is Teacher Jennifer from US
Citizenship Podcast. I’m back with Officer David to do some interviews from my textbook: US Citizenship Bootcamp. Before we begin, we would like to review
some vocabulary. Vocabulary word number one is NAME. NAME N – A – M – E NAME My first NAME is Juana. My last NAME is Gomez. Vocabulary word number two is PERMANENT RESIDENT PERMANENT RESIDENT P – E – R – M – A – N – E – N – T R – E – S – I – D – E – N – T PERMANENT RESIDENT I have been a legal permanent
resident since 2014 Vocabulary word number three is CITIZEN CITIZEN and citizen I want to become an American citizen vocabulary word number
four is married married ma r r I D married I am married to a u.s. citizen vocabulary
word number five is month month mo n th month we vote for the president in the
month of November vocabulary word number six is year year year-10 a legal
permanent resident for three years and I have been married to a u.s. citizen for
three years vocabulary word number seven is Constitution Constitution Co and STI
tu ti om Constitution the Constitution is the highest law of the land vocabulary word number eight is vote
vote v o te vote we vote for the president in November vocabulary
number nine is president president p r e SI de NT president the president is the
leader of the united states now let’s get started with officer david what is
your name my name is Juana Garcia are you a legal permanent resident yes I am how many years have you been a permanent
resident I have been a legal permanent resident for five years are you married
to a u.s. citizen no do you support the US Constitution yes what is the name of
the Pres the United States now Trump we elect a
president for how many years four years in what month do we vote for president
November what is the supreme law of land the Constitution what does the
Constitution do sets up our form of government thanks to the students and
staff of Mel Peters Adult School you can order US citizenship boot camp
from your favorite bookstore or library if you need free resources to study
citizenship check out USCIS or preparing the oath also you can look at USA learns
which will help you learn the English that will help you prepare for
citizenship for more resources and classes you can go to your library or
Adult School thanks for listening we know you will be a great American
citizen thank you so much bye-bye

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