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  1. Wait a minute! You are saying that inflating your steels products by 25% to match imports and rip off US consumers actually hurt your sales and cut into your bottom line and kill the industries? LOL

  2. Layoffs? We sure don't need more illegals taking more jobs in Michigan. What is Tlieb doing about this still fighting over the Jews? Michigan is so screwed no companies want to invest here. If you're young get the hell out for a while go where the money is.

  3. Trump causing more deplorables to be laid-off. Thats a good thing. They should not have jobs. Take away their jobs and give them condoms, birth control pills, and free abortions

  4. This guy is losing any good will he had after the election. Everything is bad in all of his endeavors. Some of us, me, knew this would happen. Some of us, trumptards, said best president ever. Trump is unraveling faster than I thought.

  5. Why did all the plants close and the jobs leave America during Obama’s terms. Nobody else was to blame for running the Country.


  7. In spite of Trump trying to brag about "his" economy, history has proven nine out of 10 Republican Administrations drove our country into deep recessions each time. GW Bush's recent recession was big, and we're still hurting from it, but Trump's recession could be a whopper. History also proved that the economy always does much better under a Democratic Administration. Fact check it on Google.

  8. He's running this country just like he ran his businesses that failed I wonder what America's going to look like after he gets done with it
    Well we can already see that now just sad but we still have people that's loyal to him

  9. Seriously, Trump has buggered the steel industry, take away steel imports take away jobs, don't have to be Einstein to figure that one out

  10. All of you libertards want nothing more than this country to fail so you can elect a president who cares more about not hurting peoples feelings than actually doing whats right for the country. Trump WILL get re elected again and it makes me happy to think all of you snowflakes will be crying.

  11. If those workers ever get their jobs back they will not have the same benefits or pay you can bet you're last dollar on that.

  12. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, happy for their unemployed ass’s. They voted for trump. Play a stupid game win a stupid prize. Restuplicans

  13. How about you let the guy finish talking before you cut him off. At 2:00 he clearly had more to say but im sure that it wouldn't have fit into the liberal smear campaign. Fake news doing what they do best.

  14. Even if his tariffs fail, at least he TRIED to get America back on an equal footing after all the previous leaders sucked that foreign dong like the good girls they are.


  15. Trump truly loves the uneducated. Those are his words not mine. Only people dumber than Trump or his brain dead supporters.

  16. They must wait for the transitions to take place wait! It's not a fast food processes, people this is the mess from past leaders.

  17. that's terrible, guess they missed the 10k job loses in steel jobs from 2014 to 2016 under Obama but yea 200 jobs dang Orange man

  18. What happened to let's keep America great again you're killing the American people you're trying to take away people's rights who are you where do you come from acting like this got to remember there's only one God and you're not it

  19. Good morning America – time to wake up – if 31% of the USA truly wishes to follow tRump down a path of self righteous destruction then this same 31% needs to ELECTIFIED to the point of no return in 2020!… In case you haven't noticed, the lies just keep on spewing from Donald J. tRump – America's 1st FASCIST RACIST DICTATOR ! And then there's Moscow Mitch – tRump's favorite .itche next to Barr & Kelly Ann Conway that is… and don't forget Fox's darling – F.cker Carlson. Add to this group of dysfunctional tRump kissers – Ken like in Cuccinelli – the current USA's immigration 'parent snatching' anti-science guru. * Caution * if the current scenario does not change, expect yet another FALSELY ELECTED Putin loving president-dictator !

  20. How's the russian owned steel company doing in Kentucky? Maybe Moscow Mitch should have to answer to this….

  21. trump buys Chinese steel for his pipe line and buildings and then  says buy American   TWO FACE trump strikes again

  22. U know if CNN stayed reporting real news and not go on a war path over every little thing the leader says maybe I'd believe their reporting. Sure is this community leader a democrats of course they are. Laid off not reporting evwrything maybe the worker was lazy and company said your fired. Two sides to every story CNN in case u forgot which u have on many reporting issues. Slow down make it easier to build with steel. Don't have so many red tapes in the way to stop us from using it any way we see fit. Then more would buy it. Just like the electronic field. Its put paper companies out of business. We don't use much paper anymore. Gotta have all this high tech shit why because people are lazy. I sit and write hand letters to myself so I don't forget how to write. Come on people wake the hell up. We can't make paper cheaper than overseas countries because we have become a country of money greed. Meaning I demand to be paid $20hr so we have to charge more for produces so the company can keep making it to pay that $20hr employee. We reep what we sow folks it all there in black and white people are to blind to see it or refuse to see it.

  23. This is needed. People will thank him in a couple years. There already buckling with the tariffs. Trump 2020

  24. So where is the massive U.S.A. infrastructure overhaul that Trump promised? Remember how he initially commented on the disasterous situation when he travelled through the US. All that comes from this guy is blah, blah, blah! All that he touches is a disaster at taxpayers expense. Worst POTUS ever!

  25. Hoping they don’t realize they just lost their job and think it’s just vacation. It’s obvious they don’t need jobs if they keep supporting trump

  26. Tax cuts for the rich, slash the safety net for the poor, and Import Taxes on the single Country that we do most trading with, China. The Rich took that tax cut and bought back their Company Shares…hence the surge in the Stock Market. The Poor are powerless, they will have to suffer. The higher taxes are being passed down to customers as higher prices. Oh, and China is now buying its Soybeans from Russia…so local farmers are suffering. Thank you Trump.

  27. Good job Trump! I just don't understand how is this guy making America great again…. It was great! You're and idiot with lots of money!

  28. Thank you Mr. President for being tough on China's RIPOFF of American Jobs and Intellectual property. We the GOOD People of America know that your policies on tariffs will in the long run benefit this country contrary to all the negative SPIN by the Highly Biased and Totally Dishonest Liberal Mainstream Media (Corrupt Democratic Socialist Party Propaganda Service)

    America has seen a surge of improvements in the economy, job growth and prosperity all due to President Trump's Outstanding Leadership. All Liberal Political HACKS, Liberal Media WEASELS and their Liberal DOLT supporters need to understand that these improvement ARE NOT the results of Failed Radical CON-MAN Barack Hussein Obama's FAILED economic policies of the past. This belief is all HOGWASH and a complete FALLACY being disseminated by Liberal LIARS throughout this country. SHAME!



    MAGA! KAG!


  29. You are overly crude you puddle of oil. Resign and let someone that knows what they are doing run our great country. The charade is over.

  30. When will he get it. Arrogance will not win anymore. Only mentally ill people still think they can out think Karma

  31. during the campaign when Clinton attacked trump for buying foreign steel, he shamelessly replied, well the government allowed me to buy foreign steel, you should have prevented me from buying it. and now he is all about protecting us steel? how about buying it for your construction projects since you are supposed to be such a patriot and man of the people? what a piece of scum!

  32. yes, one of the longest if not the longest economic recovery in history, 10 years, and it is all due to trump. wait, he has been president for only about 2 of those TEN YEARS. Who was president for the other EIGHT YEARS? Hmmmm, gosh, I can't recall. well, those prior EIGHT YEARS are of course not relevant to the current longest economic recovery in our history. thank god we have trump or those past TEN YEARS of economic recovery would simply not have happened. dang, cannot remember who was responsible for those prior EIGHT YEARS.

  33. Wow, I thought those jobs was coming back. Suckers in Michigan really he is a Serial lair and ignorant jackal. They are not coming back. They told you to train in other areas.

  34. You cant compare 200 workers getting laid off to having unemployment at a all time low!! MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE WORKING NOW IN THE U.S. THAT WERE UNEMPLOYED AND YOU WANNA REPORT ON 200 WORKERS GETTING [TEMPORARY) LAID OFF? COME ON CNN you can do better than that.. I take that back you CANT.. YOU ALL ARE ORDERED BY YOUR BOSS TO ONLY REPORT ON BASHING THE PRESIDENT OR LOSE YOUR JOB! FAKE NEWS! AND YOU GUYS HIRED LYING ANDREW McCabe 🤣 No one take yall serious anymore.

  35. How the hell can anyone believe Harris are going to help the US works the only thing it does course the company more show they got to cut corners and raise prices to cover their overhead course and then it comes down to us by the way of hire prices job layoffs companies closing

  36. Need to learn when the angry orange wearing the ferret on its head says something you should expect the exact opposite.

  37. This is really sad, especially for those steel workers who did NOT vote for him, for those that did I hope you've learned a lesson here.Trump does NOT care about anyone but himself, PERIOD! If you watch the video again of him saying "Steel and your business is DEAD!" just look at the expressions on those workers faces! Please do the right thing and VOTE this buffoon OUT OF OFFICE in 2020. Our country will NOT survive 4 more years of Trump!

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