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November 17, 2019

Just about right there, buried beneath
only a few metres of the deep blue sea is a 125 meter long shipwreck called the
USAT Liberty it’s probably the only boat in the
entire world to be sunk by a volcano which sounds crazy, but in 1942 it was
torpedoed by the Japanese and was taking on water. They tried to haul it across
Indonesia, but then beached it because it wasn’t going to make it. Twenty years
later a mountain exploded and the volcanic eruption knocked it back into
the ocean, and now it’s one of the best dive sites in Indonesia. I’m in Tulamben it’s my birthday… So let’s go check out the wreck! Hooo-Rawww! Thank you guys so much for watching and a
big thank you to Blue Season Bali for putting me on a couple dives. The Tulamben Wreck was amazing and if you’re in Bali, you’ve got to come check it out.
Even if you’re snorkeling, it’s a good snorkel too. Experiences over Possessions. Kick the Grind. I’ll see you guys next time in the water!

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  1. Good to know that you can snorkel this wreck, as well. Will be in Bali in 2017, but don't know if I will be able to be PADI certified with some other commitments that I have next year.

  2. Nice video! What a great place to spend your birthday! You have a great eye and talent for underwater videography. Keep this stuff coming!

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