Use & obey your Constitution or die Australia. Simple
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Use & obey your Constitution or die Australia. Simple

November 28, 2019

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  1. Green & Labor voters force their opinion on everyone else and NONE of it has any basis or practical use. THEY must be held accountable! THEY have to give up for what they legislate, not us. Let them walk, grow their own food and no electricity. If THEY are so concerned about it, let THEM do it. Go on, you bastards, take the lead. I BET you won't. There is NOTHING more important than individual property rights. It is worth perishing for.

  2. What Rights does a Corporation Quasi Government have to Govern ?
    Our Politicians are are nothing but Puppets for the Criminal Banking Cartel$
    Creature from Jekyll Island Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars All Wars are Bankers

  3. Banker Turnbull gave the water to the bankers while he was Water Minister. That needs to be reversed as a starting point. The water must be given back to the people and farmers.

  4. Funny the greens tell us the sea level is rising but yet they waist the water in the sea
    God if I know there thinking

  5. they have no standing

  6. They can make it rain whenever they want ,$FILE/67-7637a013.pdf

  7. Why is there only 4 views and no comments, Where are you Australia? liabilitymate thank you so much for trying this platform once again.

  8. Thanks,sharing this.
    Why don't WE physically throw Morrison and all politicians supporting our demise into jail ?
    Something must be done and fast.

  9. Excellent wake up call again, Thank you. I heard Rod Culleton explain to Harry palmer last week on Bloody Aussie Battler Radio how to prosecute imposters in Government for Treason , how to charge these imposters under the Crimes Act 1914 s13, and procedure on how to use this Act where all ammendments are void and all Courts run according to original Constitution ifiled correctly . We can all chip at this wall using no lawyers , achievable job with many hands to demolish..

  10. the people themselves finance all this criminality, through the legal names/numbers they beLIEve are them
    the legal names/numbers are subsidiaries to the crown corporation
    there are no countries
    there are only corporations

  11. Absolutely 100% however boring the agenda is to read, do it. It’s such a bias paper full of shit really, so obvious & ramping up. The smug looks on politicians faces..really! Sorry, last comment lunchtime is here….taxpayer funded smorgasbord.
    Well done getting this out mate.👍

  12. If you don't mind me asking, how would an individual (lay person) such as myself be able to do anything or help these situations? I almost feel powerless to be able to do or stop anything.

  13. How is that minister and his stumbling of words! Pathetic .. he knows it’s wrong and obviously scrambling for an explanation

  14. I have tried to talk to the sheeple I make contact with. Their expressions go blank. Absolutely blank like I am an Alien.

  15. IMO, Malcolm Roberts appears to be in self preservation mode! If he (or PHON) really cared, and understood only 10% of our constitution, I doubt they would have let those politicians get away with the answers they provided, without actually pressing them for factual evidence of their authority to implement any such acts, laws, etc… UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION! The awoken people among us are not stupid, and can smell rats a mile away… if PHON do not forcefully support and question the people's will in these question time sessions, then be very wary of the PHON agenda, because it's highly possible they do not care about you and me, but only their high cushion salaries!!


  17. And where do companies like Coca-Cola & fake spring water get their water from? It’s always available to make poison sodas & abortions provide “natural” flavours as patented additives. We are living in modern day Egypt & Rome – still slaves….

  18. So he just admitted his guilt of treason in parliament… Why hasn't he been arrested? ( they are all guilty, ignorance of the law is no excuse)


  20. Unfortunately, the current government, though a corporation registered with the SEC, is 100% Constitutional. All Commonwealth and State legislation is 100% Constitutional. HOWEVER, because we have all been coerced into representing the State-owned Legal NAME on the Birth Certificate, enforcement of any State "laws" on the physical being is unlawful. But "they" won't recognise that until a good number of us call them out on it.

  21. Start building the gallows "immediately" !! What lies ahead of the subversives they can see with their very eyes and therefore can be under no illusion as to the crimes they are committing and the end result !!

  22. Climate change is the greatest scam and ponzy scheme ever to be forced on humanity! It is the major catalyst for the NWO ! The geoengineering needs to stop immediately ! There are companies and military bases, both on land and sea who are engineering our weather and the wrath of the people needs to be brought to bear upon them without haste ! Bunker fuels from ships at sea, chemtrailing by airline companies and military aircraft, microwave energy systems by military ! Aluminium soaked forestry that explodes in flames at the push of a button to spark it up. Folks left homeless and destitute as their wealthy next door neighbours property survives unscathed ! We are at war, an unconventional war, but a war none the less ! We are being denied the very basics that ensure our survival and existence ! Be under no illusion that this is ultimetly a spiritual war and we should act accordingly first and foremost ! The subversion of humanity is the goal and the signs are all around us, such as the rainbow flag ! This flag represents the 5 main chakras of man, but they are upside down ! And this is why it represents the subversion of humanity ! Assemble the gallows , let them know that their goose is cooked and that one more step will justifiably ensure their fate !!

  23. 'Under Governmental law', what about the Constitution you fucken bitch! You mongrels will bloody well SWING if you dont stop selling us out and lining your own pockets!

  24. If students in Hong Kong can stand up to the communist Chinese government surely We Australians can stand up to our piss weak government. Uni students stand up for their rights but we wont… what is wrong with everybody…. don't let fear stand in your way.. give that licence back, and rego, stop paying tax and stand up and be heard! IF YOU STAND FOR NOTHING NOW, YOU WILL STAND FOR NOTHING LATER. SETTLE FOR NOTHING NOW THEN SETTLE FOR NOTHING LATER.

  25. Time for everybody who is here and believes this corruption to be true to stand in lawful rebellion. It's easy and it makes waves.

  26. These state politicians need to understand that they, like ALL of us people of the Commonwealth of Australia, are bound by our Supreme Law, English Common Law and our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

    And to ensure they learn this Advance Australia is asking as many Aussies as possible to sign the My Will letter so that we can convene a Grand Jury to collect evidence from you of the massive fraud and corruption perpetrated by the political parties and their bosses the international banking cartel.

    If you’ve been harmed by government or bank sign the letter and send us your Affidavit. We are ready to convene the Grand Jury. We’ve already put the GG, the Attorney Generals, the Sheriffs and police on notice they must arrest the criminals and traitors when we have the evidence.

    Now it’s up to YOU.

    Do it now before we lose our country to the Communist Agenda 21.

  27. It seems that there is a ground swell of resentment but it also seems that the majority of those same people clearly do not understand what has happened and why. Firstly it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with our Constitution. It does however have everything to do with their constitution which is in effect merely Rules of the legally registered Corporation that they are. As such they not only have the power to write the rules but also amend them to suit them selves. In other words all they obey is Corporate Law and by fear and co-ercion have led the majority of Australians that they also have to. The only way to resolve the problem is to first educate the people and secondly USE our Lawful constitution in the Parliamentary Courts that legislated it.

  28. We should all be grateful for our Scott Morrison taking one for the side.

    Let us thank Scott Morrison for taking one in the bum,
    Unfortunately for him this was not fun,
    Apparently they thought he was a homo,
    But in fact he was only a Scomo.
    RIP Scotty alas Australia politics is now dead.

  29. Liars. See the Fear in their eyes when the Constitution was mentioned? These traitors are going to hang for what they have done including that smiling fat wench. Starve her first. Enjoy your lunch You disgusting pigs at the trough, not many more coming you animals. God Bless Lord Monckton..

  30. THE AGE – Sunday edition front page, reveals a Chinese spy talking to ASIO to defect.
    Testimony from Wang Liqiang reveals Chinese spies are operating with impunity in Australia.
    Sworn testimony by Liqiang on the bible or the little red book?

    Lets not forget it was Andrew Robb of Liberal party who facilitated to sell off the Port of Darwin to the Landbridge Group.

    Lets not forget that Julie Bishop of the Liberal party headed the A.S.I.S..
    Australian Secret Intelligence Service.

    Yours truly wrote to Adam Giles – Chief Minister of the Northern Territory in 2016 setting out why he could lawfully not sell, lease or privatize the Port of Darwin.
    He actually replied and then soon after allowed Wrote to him that the Sale of Offices Acts 1551 (England) & 1809 (Great Britain) applies to the Port. The two Acts must be read as one.

  31. Anyone colluding with China is an enemy to Australia and should be sent to China to live. This is much worse than most people will admit, these criminals are working for the enemy. China wants full control over Australia and our corrupt politicians are handing it to them on a plate.

  32. Look how the msm worldwide slams President Trump for pulling out of The Paris Treaty then you'll see how much power is behind this Agenda. With President Trump defunding The UN we have a chance at stopping this providing he gets voted back in on 2020 election. I know he has the support of The American People but the Globalists will no doubt pull out all the stops when it comes to vote rigging.

  33. As soon as members of OUR parliament start too hum/ahh ect listen for the lies and damage control.A simple question was asked relating to OUR Constitution.If one looks back and follows the money as soon as water began being traded on the stock market,follow the money these people have been blind siding us for too long.Simple answer look to OUR Constitution and bring the criminals into the light of reality through a royal commission for starters.We as the people have a right to bring the Constitution into play on our behalf I would think.

  34. Is there any way of getting an "honest" barrister or judge to look into Sect.100.. There are many judges apparently trying to push for a real Federal ICAC. I can't remember their names. We need their legal input.??…

  35. Democracy is a Zionist trap …Q, Why would Lord Monkton re agenda 21 lead you to the ballot box?

    One Party State –

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