Using an eye gaze frame to communicate
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Using an eye gaze frame to communicate

October 26, 2019

Hello I’m Kristel and this is Kelli and we’re doing a video today to demonstrate how to do eye gaze with people who communication difficulties so So this here is an example of an eye gaze frame that can be purchased from a variety of
different vendors or even created on your own in a workshop. It’s kind of a thick plexiglass and at the bottom here is just a piece of wood and it’s got a little slot in it that you can slide the plexiglass into. But there are other ways that you
can use an eye gaze frame you can use some low tech ways. You can use the inside of a picture frame. I mean the picture frame matting. would be useful or anything else that you can find that is plastic and that you can fix symbols to. You can use that to get yourself started. So today we’re going to do an example of using eye gaze for Mr. Potato Head. So here I have put Kelli’s choices on the eyegaze frame and on the back I’ve written for your purposes what the different choices are and on the reverses side you’ll see that the picture communication symbol (PCS) is there for her to see so what we’re really are
asking her to do is take a look at the choices that are
presence and to gaze at particular choice for a designated that
time indicate what her preference would be. So – Hi, Kelli. We’re going to do Mr. Potato Head today. let’s take a look at our choices. We’ve got eyes, hat, mouth and nose I wonder which one you would like to do first? I see you looking at all your choices. I see you looking at ‘eyes’ – Yes! Kelli did something really quick – she looked right back at me to let you know that was in fact what she was looking at. So she was confirming what I was identifying as her choice. That’s called confirmation of choice, and that’s just a way to indicate Yup, in fact that’s the one. So I think you want ‘eyes’ So you can take that choice off and you can give her the eyes Excellent! and then you can just replace the choice with another one So we’ll give her ears. All right, let’s take a look at our new choices. We’ve got ears and hat and mouth and nose. What would you like next? I see you looking at hat. Oh, good job – she looked back at me. If they don’t look back at you, another thing you can do is you can say “I see looking at ‘hat’. Look back at me to let me know I’ve got it right.” If that is still tricky, you can pick up the symbol and go and bring it to your face and say the same thing – “I see you looking at hat, do you want hat?” Just to help train that confirmation of choice in that eyegaze back to the communication partner. Alright, let’s give you the hat. Wonderful! Alright, so we’ve got 3 more choices. We’ve got ears, nose and mouth. What would you like next? I see you looking at ‘mouth’. Can you look back at me to let you know I’m right. Thank you. Alright. We’re going to do ‘mouth’. Here you go! Only 2 more choices. So you can leave them up and down. That’s no problem. Or you can just flip them around and move the choices left and right depending on what works
best for your kiddos Alright, we’ve got 2 more choices – nose and ears. I see you looking at ‘ears’. Can you look at me to let you know I’m
right? That’s right. Ears, let’s put the ears on. And then the last one is nose. Wonderful! Let’s put the nose on. Great! So that’s just a quick example of how you can use eye gaze to get your kids who use this method to communicate and make some choices And participate in a fun activity. Thanks so much!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful video.  I would like to share it with colleagues and friends who have hearing or auditory processing difficulties, but the automatic captions are inaccurate (e.g., eyegaze frame is captioned as nineties friend at one place).  Is there a version with accurate captions?  If not, could you correct the auto captions?  Thanks in advance.  Judy Bailey, Centreville, VA  

  2. added your video to our resources section of our website. Crystal and Kelly, how would you like us to reference you or your agency. this has been a helpful resource for our clients. Thank you! check out

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