Using an over toilet frame.
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Using an over toilet frame.

October 9, 2019

I’m going to show you how to use an over-toilet
frame we’ve got one here.
An over-toilet frame is often used to make getting up and down off the toilet a bit easier
as it increases the height and you’ve also got the arm-rests for extra support.
So John if you want to have a go with this one. Holding on to the arm rests and moving your legs back so they’re touching the front of
the seat and sit down We know that the over-toilet frame is at the
correct height when the person’s feet are flat on the ground and their knees are just
below hip level This one at the moment is a bit high for John
so we’ll get him to stand back up and we’ll adjust it. So we’ll just make it a little bit lower [clicking legs into place] And we’ll have another go Do you want to try that again John? Yes, it is much better Caitlyn

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