Using cool patterns in your photos – Beginner Photography Composition
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Using cool patterns in your photos – Beginner Photography Composition

October 11, 2019

Patterns are everywhere and you can use them
really creatively to make interesting photographs. You can take a drab photograph like this and
transform it into a super interesting and eye catching photo like this. If you enjoy what we cover in this tutorial
today please feel free to come over to our Facebook Group which is called PHOTOSHARE
where photographers from all around the world share and encourage each other. Patterns are a repetition of objects or colours
or shapes. Most regular patterns are found in man made things like architecture or design.
You can find beautiful irregular patterns in nature and these can be amazing things
to capture with your photography. To be honest once you start looking for patterns
around you become a bit obsessed. This is a really popular wall in our city with photographers
because you can create a photograph with a lot of impact by using pattern as a background. The amazing thing about using pattern as a
background is that even if it quite detailed like this the mind sort of sees it as one
big block. So even if it is a really busy pattern as your background it still sort of
creates an interesting effect without overtaking your subject. If you are using pattern as a background try
and fill the whole frame with just the pattern and your subject. Things that interrupt like
this kind of break the power of the pattern in your background. Now breaking a pattern is a really interesting
creative tool , let’s look at some examples of photographers who have broken a pattern
to bring attention to their subject. So we can’t wait to see you in our photoshare
group all your amazing patterns from all over the world. See you next week.

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