Using Focus Points For Better Composition | I AM Different Tips ‘n Tricks

November 9, 2019

[Using focus points.] Hi, I’m Thomas from Nikon School. We’re here on the set
of the Nikon Blossom project. When you need to focus
on your subject, be careful to not always
choose the centre point. You have a variety of focus points
within your frame, from the left to the right. So you can choose each of them just by selecting the focus point
with the back dial. It will improve your composition, putting your subject
on the left or on the right, at one-third of the image,
always emphasizing your subject. So don’t hesitate to do that. And if you have a moving subject, you can also use
the continuous shooting. With the AF 3D tracking, the camera will follow your subject
from the left to the right and also focus on the subject. So if you are shooting
in low light conditions, we know it’s even more difficult
to focus on the subject. But the D7200 has this
-3EV sensitivity and even in such conditions, you will be able
to focus on the subject. [Discover other inspiring ideas!
Explore more.]

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