Using sentence frames with ELLs
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Using sentence frames with ELLs

August 25, 2019

A sentence frame is something that scaffolds
for English language learners. It’s actually an entire sentence written
out where students only have to fill in parts of information that complete the answer. For example, for drawing conclusions about
characters we used, “Andrew is blank. I know this because the text says blank.” Students might say, “Andrew is helpful. I know this because the text says he stopped
to help the girl pick up her books.” This helps students not worry about expressing
their thought in English. That part is taken care of for them. All they have to do is go through to the text
and isolate the actual answer and plug it in so that that sort of takes away — they’re
sort of navigating through two skills there. It isolates one, which is the drawing conclusion
part, and lets — the English part is done for them. And it also scaffolds their English language

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