USS Constitution’s Keel
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USS Constitution’s Keel

September 18, 2019

well that’s not something I do every day, I’ve just walked under the
keel of USS Constitution. The keel of this ship, the oldest commissioned
warship afloat in the world, is 220 years old. You might be able to detect, as you can see over my shoulder, there’s a slight curvature to the keel of this vessel,
about a six-inch curvature known as a hog in the keel. It’s not something that
one needs to be greatly concerned over but given the age of the keel, and the
excessive weight that the ship carries at different times that keel is going to
have a slight bend or curve to it. The six inches will remain, the hog will
remain in the keel even during this restoration period. Still very strong it is
the backbone it is the essential element that keeps the ship together.

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