UWA’s bee line for Parliament
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UWA’s bee line for Parliament

November 30, 2019

Placing bees at parliament gives a
very strong signal to the community to make sure that we acknowledge what
bees are doing for us, the pollination services, the production of honey it recognizes a relationship that we have with these animals which is up to 40,000
years old so to kind of make sure that we keep that relationship between the
bees or that we build this relationship again with the bees and everyone is
fully aware how important it is to have these animals around especially if
we have healthy bees around us. We are so isolated here that we have the last
remaining healthy bees on the planet so we can still study these healthy bees and we can still be proactive we can basically prepare ourselves if like
bad things would have been if you will get the incursion of any other parasite
we can prepare ourselves for that event and that means in the long-term we can
we can kind of keep our bees healthy and keep them healthy in a very sustainable way. The more I’ve learnt about how important bees are to our whole
society and the world’s population and the fragility and the value of what they
produce is all very compelling so we’re delighted to engage in this program to have 3 beehives at the front of Parliament house. Harvest the honey use it in our kitchens promote the cause of bee health and
honey as a possible export opportunity For Western Australia. You live with bees in the end once you get
hooked up you don’t get out of them because even after years and years you
still look at these colonies and you see this chaos it looks like chaos but you
know this is highly organized you are you dealing with a very intelligent kind
of creature that can do very very interesting things.

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