Varignon’s Theorem of Moments – Resolution and Composition of Forces – Engineering Mechanics
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Varignon’s Theorem of Moments – Resolution and Composition of Forces – Engineering Mechanics

October 10, 2019

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  1. First of all it's awesome video, clear explanation thanks for uploading. I have a doubt, can we use varignon's theorem for coplanar concurrent force system..

  2. its verymuch helpfull to all engg students thanks alot thank u verymuch gor such good videos and iam hoping more videos of civil engg subjects it will be very much helpful if all subjects of civil engg will available so plz plz add more videos thanking you very much

  3. can you speak faster than that i make the video fast because you are boring don't you and be humble oh my god

  4. i think you should not use multiplication sign, cause it creates confusion since you have the variable x

  5. nice sir, your explanation is too good with example. ,i think sir you have to upload some more videos on mechanics in detail.

  6. But we are taking anticlockwise moment as +ve and clockwise as -ve. Am I wrong ?? Or our teaching facilities are wrong or something misconception from your side?? Because I'm getting confuse Bcz of this. Please tell me the write way.

  7. The explanation is awesome😀😀….But why have we taken the resultant to the right of A(when we took it to be clockwise)? If we take the downward resultant to be in the left side won't there be a complete inversion in signs? So Why have we taken it to the right??

  8. Knowledge is with most of the prof., but the prof. who explains the concept clearly with complete details that's the prof. students should have. Because sometimes not the subject, but the explanation of concepts create the curiosity within students.

  9. Moment is the cross product of force and distance vector. so its direction need to be perpendicular to both the vectors. but it looks as if it is lying on the same plane. Why?

  10. Hi…sir I'm a big follower of ur…
    Ur video gave me much concept….
    But sir still I hav little doubts to use the different formula for analytical problems for force system,composition of force,resolution of force, parallelogram etc…….

  11. Sir somewhere due to educational system loopholes we are getting back in our official classes so we take your notes seriously and copy them.
    So firstly ,I want to thank you sir and all ekkeda team for your wise effort and please note we wish to continue getting topics as our official notemaking tools also.

  12. sir ….what we'll do if we have to find the moment at 'a' and the forces applied are both in horizontal as well as vertical direction.

  13. Um, a small doubt… Isn't clockwise supposed to be taken as negative, and anticlockwise as positive?

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