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Veteran Explains | Impeachment

February 23, 2020

At the time of this recording, the dust is settling on only the third
impeachment and Senate trial of United States president. Throughout this process, there seems to have been a lot of
confusion on just a few things or a lot of things, but what is an impeachment,
why is someone impeached? What does a Senate trial even mean? Impeachment in the United States is the
process by which a legislature usually in the form of the lower house brings
charges against a civil officer of government for crimes alleged
to have been committed. Impeachment is the legislature’s most
powerful check on government power. The house of representatives has sole
power to impeach while the Senate holds the sole power to try all impeachments
impeachment by the U S house triggers a trial in the U S Senate and if the Senate
finds the impeached officer guilty of the charge or charges, that official
can then be removed from office. It’s important to note
that while impeachment is a
method to remove someone from office, it does not directly
mean removal will happen. Why is someone impeached,
treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. These are the offenses for which
all civil officers may be impeached. Treason and bribery pretty
much explain themselves, but what are high crimes
and misdemeanors exactly? They are broad enough to cover all
criminal misconduct of a civil officer, all acts of commission or
omission forbidden by the
constitution and the laws. What happens after the
impeachment though? Well, once the articles of impeachment
are passed by the house, they’re then sent over to the Senate.
Then the impeachment trial takes place. From there. The impeached official
is either acquitted or convicted, so the Senate finishes their trial.
A verdict has now been reached. What happens next? Well, let’s use
this most recent case as an example. The sitting president was impeached on
two articles of impeachment brought by the house representatives.
That’s right. He was impeached. There’s nothing anyone can say or do
to make that untrue. That happened. So from there, the Senate held their
impeachment trial on both articles. Had he been convicted, he would have been removed from office
and the vice president then sworn in as the new president, but the president was acquitted on both
articles and will remain an office to complete the remainder of the
current presidential term. All right. I know these aren’t the
most exciting topics. Maybe you can help us out if there’s a
policy or political institution topic that you think is exciting
that I should talk about. Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I love these, one idea could be, is there an equivalent to a Captains mast in the other branches of the military and what is the difference between that and a court-martial

  2. Now I’ve heard that because the house impeached him, his first term is “voided”and can run for two more terms. Is this true?

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