Vic Barrett: Ancestral Resistance
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Vic Barrett: Ancestral Resistance

October 22, 2019

Looking at the numbers coming in. Ah God Australia had 300,000 people apparently Germany had 1.4 million, on it’s own So this crowd might be, actually huge Vic Barrett is a 20 year-old climate activist from White Plains, New York Please welcome Vic to the stage Starting on this day, September 20th, 2019 everything began to change My mother left the coast of Honduras, a place battered by storms and sea level rise to find opportunity
in New York City, the city of immigrants I wonder how many people trying to find
refuge here knew that because of the amount of money in their bank account or the color of their skin, they’d be placed on the frontlines of disasters, disasters
like Hurricane Sandy Sandy, Maria Irma, Dorian This crisis. This crisis follows people My name is Vic Barrett, I’m 20 years old
and I’m one of the 21 youth plaintiffs in the Juliana versus United States
constitutional lawsuit suing the executive branch of the federal
government for knowingly causing climate change irreversibly threatening our health, our personal security, our homes and our communities, by recreating a
dangerous climate system like youth who have come before us in the civil rights movement, and other social justice movements, it is often the youth that
must shine a light on systems of injustice We know the world we want to
grow up in better than anybody else does so we need to be listened to I was born into a world in which my future is being stolen for me born into a world where my people face extinction Indigenous lands all over our planet are
being flooded, poisoned and destroyed My Black brothers and sisters are being
gunned down by police, migrant children are dying at the border, trans folks are
being murdered Violence is in the air that we breathe There is a lesson I have learned from my ancestors Some of us are blessed with the ability to
withstand the unthinkable in our blood My people were stripped of their
humanity, were made a product, but they fought back risking it all so that I can exist I exist at the intersection of the
identities I inhabit first-gen, trans, Indigenous, Latino, Black It took 20 years for me to realize that I had developed mechanisms for
resilience that I didn’t even know I had I will never simply hand over what
centuries of struggle made mine and I’m not alone We must do whatever it takes New York make some noise! It’s definitely high-energy in this park
right now. There are so many people here I couldn’t even tell you how much. Out here to strike and get their voices heard and make sure that we’re marching to
Battery Park and letting the politicians and the political leaders who are about
to be here for the UN summit know that young people care about this issue We’re here to write a new story, a story in which our country is doing everything in its
power to address not only the climate crisis, but the systemic injustices at
its roots Those history books won’t write
themselves so I want you to repeat after me This is our future and I will do whatever it takes to protect our rights to protect our planet, and to protect our
people Thank you

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