Video of Trump Murdering Media Played At Right-Wing Event
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Video of Trump Murdering Media Played At Right-Wing Event

October 24, 2019

>>At a Trump event over the weekend, a video
that was apparently produced last year was played on a projector for the Trump fans,
this is at a Trump property. And it shows Donald Trump viciously murdering
all of his opponents effectively. You can see, Mr. Trump’s head superimposed
on the body of a man opening fire inside the church of fake news. So he goes in to this church and begins killing
the people in the church. Again, this was made by a Trump fan, sort
of weird. But anyway, logos of news media organizations
including PBS, NPR, Politico, The Washington Post and NBC, were put onto the faces of the
people in the church that he was gunning down. He also shoots black lives matter in the head
and Vice News and also very fun, TYT. He murders the business that we work for or
that we take part in. That’s fun. And this was again, at one of his, at event
for a group supporting him where his son was in attendance, where Sarah Sanders, his press
secretary who for about two years pretended that Donald Trump did not support political
violence against his opponents? They swear that they haven’t seen it, but
understand that they were at the event where this was playing.>>Not only that, but the organizers,
>>That’s who they are.>>The organizers of this group also said,
hey, we have no idea how this works.>>Thank you.>>This was something that came in as a meme
contest or section of our event that’s being held at Trump’s properties down in Florida. So the Trump people and the campaign and he
himself have no idea how these rogue people came into his building. The people that are running, they have no
idea how this got submitted. The people that are running the event where
they submit these things also have no idea how it got there. We’re gonna look into it internally until
we figure this whole thing out. In other words, we don’t wanna talk about
it. I just go into it and say hey you guys discover
something we were hoping we could keep secret and now that you’ve discovered we don’t know,
because that’s become the excuse for doing horrific things. Every time Trump gets caught he goes, I don’t
remember, I don’t really know. When he got caught with the porn star payments
and he was on the airplane, he goes, I don’t know, I don’t know, I’ve never. Now that Giuliani is going around the world
talking about how he’s worked for the state department and Trump and trying to investigate
folks, Trump says I don’t know, I don’t know. So this has become the brand for people that
do this. I don’t know, it just kinda showed up. I don’t know who made it, I don’t know why
they made it, I don’t know why we watched it. Nobody actually watched it. No one was there. It just got played in the projector and no
one was in the middle of the room. .That’s where we’ve gotten to this point now.>>I love where you say then you pointed out
the whole I don’t know. As a lawyer, I can tell you that’s the, I
do not recall because no one can essentially call you a liar. No one can say you’re telling the truth. You just play dump and you’re just like, I
don’t know. But essentially, all of this anti media journalism
propaganda is so incredibly problematic because right now is the most dangerous time for journalists. And there have been several organizations. Article 19, a human rights organization, they
issued a report in 2019 showing that this is the most dangerous time, 78 journalists
were killed in 2017, 326 in prison. And Donald Trump essentially demonizing journalists,
this is why we’re in this situation and essentially the voice for the people it can’t speak.>>Yeah. I mean, he has developed this phrase fake
news which originally had a meaning now it just means press that he doesn’t like. He’s tweeted that 600 times. He’s called the media the enemy the people
on Twitter 35 times even after people began murdering journalists in the US. And they like to write this off as like, you
know, there’s been a lot of, to their credit the media, the mainstream media has attacked
this video and said that this is unacceptable. Obviously, since many of them are being targeted
in the video. But the right wing doesn’t care, they think
it’s funny. It’s just, it’s a meme like you said. We’re having a meme contest. No. One of our producers, I saw a meme she made
earlier today, of her dog swimming with the producer’s problems around it. And she’s just trying to keep her head above
water, that’s a meme, it’s got an animal. This is fascist propaganda, I don’t care what
you call it. You are a fascist, you want our government
to be fascist. And so you’re producing media to encourage
other people to see political differences, not as a thing that we debate and then we
vote based on, but that we hunt down and murder our political opponents. And anyone who dares to do journalism, investigative
journalism, even just political commentary that you find to be inconvenient, we don’t
think that we should murder those people, but an increasing number of Americans do think
that that’s the solution, you should murder them. And that comes in a couple different forms. One, you have names like this. We’re gonna show you out there that Trump
has already enthusiastically tweeted out the idea that you should hunt down your political
opponents. But we’ve also seen over the past couple of
months now, if a politician proposes something you don’t like for instance, if better of
work says that AR-15s shouldn’t be legally sold any more, then they just say, we’ll kill
you if you try to enforce this law. There was Ben Shapiro with something about
tax breaks for churches. He said, I’ll kill you, if you’re a truant
officer, if you bent over, you come, I will murder you. Which is not, that doesn’t mean necessarily
that these individuals, Ben Shapiro, has really changed in how they think about politics. But they feel much more free to simply say
no, we think we have the numbers, we think we have the guns. And so if the country moves in a direction
I don’t like, I’m gonna start gunning people down. And Trump more than anything else has made
those people feel comfortable to threaten to murder their political opponents.>>That’s where we’ve gone and if you can
keep denying that there’s some connection with this. But again, if you’ve seen it, which obviously
we’re not gonna show, the video that Trump has retweeted, it’s a very similar look. It can be produced by the same person. I know it’s not or maybe it is, but it doesn’t
necessarily have to be cuz it’s pretty crude and easily edited. So after you see your president, your king,
posting things like this and laughing about it, you go, I’m gonna do one maybe I can get
his good graces too, maybe he’ll tweet something to me and say good job, nice job foot soldier. So there’s people that are like this. We saw the guy who sent some bombs to CNN.>>Yes.>>And I’m blanking his name right now. But then-
>>Sayoc.>>Yes, Sayoc. Openly admitted, yeah, I was doing it for
Donald Trump because these are his enemies. Not just CNN but also political enemies. Many of the people that also appear in this
same thing. The connections are way too stark for you
to deny it anymore. We talked about the congressman that got shot. No problem congressman got shot on the softball
field. Suddenly it’s Bernie Sanders’ people because
he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and Bernie Sanders is stoking what, but you can’t find
the connection to in a video that looks just like the one you did, and actual actions that
have been carried out by supporters of yours. You can’t find that connection at all.>>Yeah.>>Because you don’t want to.>>Yeah, Bernie Sanders has been crystal clear
that he would never accept any form of violence or anything like that. Donald Trump, not so much. Loves to joke about the congressman who assaulted
a reporter right before he got elected, thinks that’s hilarious. Jokes about attacking protesters in his rallies,
he surrounds himself with thousands of his fans and they joke about attacking protesters. Again, it’s just the normalization of fascism
and fascist language and fascist imagery. That’s all it is. That’s what we were talking about before he
got elected.>>Yes.>>We said to take this seriously, now we’re
a couple of years into it and journalists are being killed. And supporters of his are trying to either,
like the lieutenant in the Coast Guard wanted to start a race war. We know supporters of his wanted to kill Somali
immigrants in Minnesota, thankfully they were stopped. Cesar Sayoc apparently was too much of a moron
to actually successfully assassinate these media figures and politicians, but he certainly
tried. And that is what Trump hath wrought. That’s the language they usually use for this
sort of thing. And working at an organization that’s being
lumped in, it’s not a joke. Some people treat politics as if this is like
supporting a baseball team or something.>>Yes, exactly.>>It’s not, people’s lives are being threatened,
we can see it. There’s a lot of people who work here. People who are just good enough to come on
our shows, you should not be threatened because you disagree with these people.>>And they’re all out there and they’re crazy
and they have access to you via social media. And now because all of our information is
accessible on the internet, and we’ve seen people get docs and their information be out
there and then they come and confront you in some way, and it’s a very dangerous situation,
especially when that person thinks they’re appeasing to their Trump god. And as you notice, Trump doesn’t ever come
out and condemn something. It’ll be maybe his representative saying,
he strongly condemns it, but he’ll never come out and directly say, I condemn this. And so people, they continue to get encouraged.>>Yeah, I was just literally, I was hoping
as you were saying that I was really looking up. Has he said anything yet?>>No.>>He’s tweeted, he didn’t find time for this.>>Yes.>>He did find time to encourage people to
vote for Spicer on Dancing with the Stars. He did that this morning. Didn’t find time talking about this. And there was a tweet though, from Stephanie
Grisham, who is technically the press secretary, although that doesn’t mean anything anymore. She tweeted earlier this morning, real Donald
Trump has not yet seen the video, he will see it shortly. But based upon everything he’s heard, he strongly
condemns this video. So this is so that he doesn’t have to say
it, because that would be disheartening to his followers. Who want to imagine that some day he will
begin gunning down the people that they hate. He hasn’t seen it. What has he been on Twitter for maybe 10 hours
since then. It’s been like 12 hours since it came out. So yeah, about 10 hours he has been actively
tweeting about any number of different things. He’s obviously seen it. And there is a good chance that he will end
up tweeting it out. Honestly, let’s not pretend otherwise. If we can bring up this tweet. He retweeted the cartoon of a train running
down a CNN reporter. Now, that is only one reporter or outlet being
murdered but is that actually morally different from what we are talking about today? That he did that two years ago, that he liked
the idea that he’s gonna murder a reporter. I don’t think it is actually that different. Now thankfully, as I implied earlier, the
media has been okay in responding to this Trump violent video. JR produced a mash up of some of what they
said. Here we go.>>I think we need to get back to real truth
in political campaigns. This is dump. I mean, it’s just, who thought this was a
good idea? And especially if you’re a supporter of the
President.>>Also, he’s beating up a black woman in
there, who’s Maxine Waters. He’s beating her up. It’s really despicable.>>Congresspeople Maxine Waters, Mitt Romney,
Adam Schiff, Bernie Sanders, President Obama, the Clintons, my father, you can’t kill him
again, but whatever.>>This is outrageous. This hurts the President. It’s not a good thing to have debated in the
country.. And I think it’s ridiculous.>>If this were the opposite and happening
in an Obama event, you’d be screaming bloody murder.>>To do something like this is just stupid
and it obviously backfired as it should. It should be condemned. It shouldn’t have been aired.>>Poor taste and entirely unnecessary, I
think is the conclusion here at this table.>>How easy for all of you judging me that
I’m offended and upset by the video. You try doing this when some member of your
family is continued to have this happen over and over and over again. And it doesn’t seem to matter to anybody in
Trump world whatsoever.>>So that’s good. The poor taste. It seems a bit weak, but hey, at least there
was a negative response. So that’s something
>>That’s overwhelming from that point of view, like we said poor taste.>>Exactly.>>And every time someone, I don’t wanna get
too far on responses from Fox News, but every time you see and we mentioned and we’ll talk
later about how he had something to say in opposition to the president. Someone else sitting next to was like, man,
we’re gonna hear about this one. They figured this is a brave move to mention
reality when you see this happen like, that was actually in bad taste who did it? And they won’t go as far as say, and we can’t
wait to hear what the President has to say about this. You only have to say some bad taste just for
those people. Just for those people who did it.>>Yeah, it was like it is talking around
already. I don’t know. I don’t know when a show is on. Do you think he’s gonna condemn it?>>No.>>Maybe twice a year-
>>I don’t know.>>And he tries to pretend that he’s a free
thinker, and that he’s not a dogmatic conservative. So maybe but I kinda doubt it. I kinda doubt it. I think that he’s probably gonna joke about
it. Laura Ingraham definitely is just gonna laugh
about it. Sean Hannity obviously’s gonna mention it. But just imagine Sean Hannity’s show, imagine
hypothetically horrific situation. Let’s say before the election, and I wondered
this before the mid-terms. Let’s say a group of democratic candidates
is gunned down by a Trump supporter. Like do you think like Sean Hannity that day
says, you know what? We’ve moved beyond where I can follow. You know what? I’ve been enthusiastic because I support Donald
Trump, but at a certain point I am a journalist, and so I care what happens to other journalists
and this has gone too far. I am revoking my support for the President
until he condemns any form of political violence. Does any one actually think that you could
draw any line that some people would not pass. If Trump-
>>If Trump just imprisoned 100 journalists today. What percentage of his supporters would drop
off do you think?>>There’s no reason to believe that journalists
would be the thing that would make them have this problem. They had no problem when bombs are being sent,
as I mentioned earlier to news outlets, they have no problem when threats are being made
and then are carried out on when the white supremacist down in Charlottesville came down
and were killing people. That went to a defense mode, that didn’t go
to hey, we’ve crossed the line. We’ve inspired bad people to commit murderous
actions. It doesn’t cross that point. An innocent person who was in the middle of
a bunch of people, many others got injured by the way as well. He was looking to kill more than one. It’s not like he targeted one person. So if that was defended, you know, this will
be too.>>Well, the thing is that greed is really
what controls cuz it’s a thought that hey, I’m a Fox News anchor, host, and I’m financially
set and secure. So why don’t I continue on this path? I don’t necessarily need to think about the
person, the right of the person, the left of the person, and other angles. But as long as I’m good, it’s good. And I think that’s truly reflection of where
our society is today which is why we have so many of the issues we have because no one’s
really thinking about the common good.>>And their fellow man as much as they’re
thinking of making sure that they’re good.>>Yeah, anyway, just really disheartening
day to see like some people again, some people good you did a good job of trying to represent
right wingers who are willing to criticize this, but there’s still some people that have
not come to grips with what this movement actually is. And you don’t have to be a great student of
history to know what direction this is going in. And the idea that American exceptionalism,
like, come on, not us. Like everyone, everyone, humans are simple
dark creatures at times, honestly, that can support disgusting things if they think it’s
in their own interest. If they think that their identity would benefit
in some way, protected in some way by rushing out and killing people, all too often they
will support that. And I don’t wanna see it here and so I want
people to take this threat seriously, and still some people are not.

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