Viktor Orban angry at EU’s criticism of Hungary’s democratic values
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Viktor Orban angry at EU’s criticism of Hungary’s democratic values

November 6, 2019

In an unusual visit to the European Parliament
in Strasbourg on Tuesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban launched a sharp attack
on MEPs after they criticized the state of democracy in Hungary. Orban strongly defended his government’s record
as the Parliament presented a report calling Budapest to remove constitutional changes
that some claim limit democracy and basic rights in Hungary.
He called the report ‘politically motivated’ and a ‘threat to Europe’. The report is very unfair vis-a-vis Hungary,
very unfair vis-a-vis the people of Hungary. You are applying double standards in this
report, there’s no recognition of certain enormous efforts that have been deployed in
Hungary in order to help modernize the country. This is simply forgotten, denied. The report that is tabled before you today
is a serous danger, a threat for Europe (…) You’re suggesting here setting up a mechanism, an
institution which is not anchored in the treaties and it would mean that member states of the
union could find themselves under guardian ship in the future. MEPs are due to vote over the report’s statements
on Wednesday. Orban’s government has carried out constitutional
changes in recent months, including tough laws on education, homelessness and election
funding. If Hungary fails to comply, a formal investigation
as to whether the EU’s fundamental rights have been breached will be launched. Let me assure this house that the Commission,
as guardian of the treaties will continue to ensure that legislation and, in the Hungarian
case, the fundamental law of the state is made compatible with EU law where necessary.
We have showed all our diligence, as we did it last year, when we launched two infringement
cases against Hungary. No, Mr. ORBAN! It’s not against Hungary! You
have not the right to say that these people here are fighting against the Hungarian interests!
It’s the opposite, it’s true! It’s not your interest, but your interest is not the Hungarian
interest! What we are defending here is Hungarian democracy and the interest of the Hungarian
citizens. In 2011, Hungary adopted a new Constitution
without much debated, raising concerns that the changes were contrary to EU norms and
aimed at strengthening the Fidesz one-party rule.

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  1. >Be Hungary
    >Settle down in the Carpathians
    >Unify with Croatia
    >Get invaded by stink-Turks and get taken over by Austrians for HUNDREDS OF YEARS
    >Get into a Dualist Monarchy
    >Loose 2/3 of your previous territory and gain a pathetic independece
    >Ally Germany, and stay loyal to Poland in WW2
    >Get taken over by the Arrow Cross, "all right we are Fascist now!"
    >Get invaded by the Soviets and forced to convert to Communism from Fascism "NOOOOOO"
    >'56 the Soviet's ass
    >The Russian tanks arrive

    Trust me, we Hungarians had enough of the Jewish-Communist-Muslim bullshit.

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  3. We are Dutch and moved some time ago to Oszkó in Hungary. The oppression of the common people is always carried out by and with the money and in Hungary there is not too much of that stuff. So in Hungary you will still find more personal freedom and the kind Hungarian people are much lesser made to each others ennemy. Victor Orbán: "Real fugitives from by politicians destroyed EU-countries (Holland, Germany, Italy or France etc.) are welcome in Hungary" Thank you mr. Orbán Victor!

  4. Eastern Europe has already endured subjugation by Islam and the Soviet Union. It's OK for Israel to declare "Never Again!' But Hungary, Poland, and Italy have to lie down and take rape-you-gees?

  5. Mr. Orban and his goverment is surely not perfect. However, the so-called liberalists (ex-communist/limousin-socialist politicians) would be a much-much worse alternative for the country.

    The so-called "liberals" in Hungary have completely bankrupted the Republic of Hungary, doubling the national debt between, 2002-2010!!!
    Furthermore, domestic households had been deeply indebted in Swiss franks, which was also the carelessness of the liberal-socialists, who just did not give a ….. about the people and about the possible consequences of financing homes in a save haven currency(CHF) which proved to be a total disaster to be a total so many families…
    No other government in history of mankind has been so careless and has bankrupted its country (its citizens, its municipalities and the government debt) in such a short time-frame.
    The financial situation of Hungary was as desperate as that of Greece and it has been a true miracle that under the governance of Mr. Orban the country has been veered out of complete chaos.
    May the Lord save the country from once again electing such a gang of thieves, or SO-CALLED "liberal-socialists"!!!
    Viktor Svoboda

  6. How deluded is Verhofstadt that he expects to be taken seriously? He's telling a democratically elected leader of a sovereign nation that he, a foreigner and non-resident, knows better than Orbán how to run Hungary? How can anyone with a speck of sanity consider him to be anything but a joke?! I know politicians anywhere can be a special kind of stupid from time to time, especially when they indulge in grandstanding such as seen here, but this is beyond embarrassing. For the sake of Europe as a whole, I hope he isn't representative of the norm for an MEP.

  7. EU = Communism HUNGARY = national rights.   GO HUNGARY !   fuck the EU!!!!!   I hope it collapses, they are global communists.

  8. Órbán Viktor is, without a doubt, the greatest leader in Europe today. He represents the majority of the Hungarian people just as he should while the Western tyrants ride roughshod over theirs. Hajra Miniszterelnök ór!

  9. Mr Sebastian Kurz is right: You can’t accept/keep all those who come illegally into the EU. Too many came already because of Mrs Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany,and ex-chancellor WernerFaymann of Austria. —–Mr George Soros from the USA resp. Hungary obviously disagrees! Seems like Mr Viktor Orban, PM of Hungary, don´t like him at all!

  10. The instrest of Hungarian citizens? When did we told him to force his immigration policy on us?
    A person who barely talked to 2 Hungarian in his life claims to know what Hungarians want better than our prime minister.

  11. orban is a satanist the hole parlament is it. they sold children kill people and sold the hungarien markt to the zionist. the hungarien people have nothink. they want my to kill for my religius book becouse they are satanists i have many letters from budapest. the cut my id card and want to rape my sexual becouse they hate religius jews. i have it on diktafon. nobody help my so i emigreted to stuttgart end here is the same situation nobody help me. europa is the big babilon bitch sistem witout rihgt and they all marionets and biorobots from the new world order. but when God come back they will burn all in the hell with his children too. God give them back what they do with me.

  12. Hungary and Poland vs. Bolshevistic European Parliament.
    Polak, Węgier — dwa bratanki ! Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát ! Pole and Hungarian brothers be !

  13. EU defending Hungarians? Now that's rich! If EU would have it's way, Hungary would no longer exist. It would have been over run by economic migrant trash and then turned into a bankrupt socialist hell hole. Thank God for PM Orban and his strength and fortitude to stand up to this EU trash.

  14. Mr. Orban you have a historic chance to salvage the rest of Europe from this zionist controlled destruction of our homeland! As you see, it won't matter how many Jewish synagogue you rebuild, how many Jewish cemeteries you restore using taxpayer's money or how many millions you hand out to jewish-Zionist controlled organizations (quite a few as we know), their media still call you a dictator, an anti-semite, a fascist, a racist and a nazi! We read it and hear it everyday, here in the west. You have to learn to ignore them, and serve your people instead! They already turned Canada, the US and western Europe into a hell hole, don't let them do it to your land as well! You only have one chance to do it and it is NOW. Mr Orban go for it! Hungarians abroad have your back, we have your back! Don't let our homeland fall to these monsters!

  15. Verhofstadt is such a prostitute of globalists. It's sickening, and his ugly face + bad English make it even worse to watch

  16. 1:43 That Slimy, Cock worshipping, disgusting, Scumbag from the non-Country of Belgium, as Nigel Farage call La Belgique a "Non Country" lol Anyway that filthy, Pile of week old puke smelling Verhofstadt dare to Lie in front of hundreds of EU, MPs and millions of TV viewers and Radio listeners, that him, Merkel, Juncker, Macron, Pavlopoulos, and the other EU Puppets are the ones looking after the Interest of Hungarian Citizens and the Interes of Mother-Hungaria!! Un-Fucking-Believable" that He have audacity, and the arrogancy, to fucking say shit like that , while they want to FORCE the Hungarian Government and her Citizens and legal residents to take between 800-14000 Islamic Invaders! And the worst pat is that, 80%+ of them are young Military Aged Extremely religious Men btwn the ages of 17-55 yrs old. They are all want to change Europe's Christian culture, to Islamic State practicing Sharia Law! Mr. Orban actually asked the people of Hungary within a National Referendum and 96.4% of the People vote "NO!!!" to mass Islamic Invasion of Hungary! Hungary wants to stay Hungarian and keep it' beautiful ways and customs, it's sovereignty, and don't want an Un-integrateable Jihadi Cesspool! So fuck you Verhofstadt you're more disgusting, then a dozen Snakes in a pale load of Bile and soft , silken Snot and hawked up greenish/yellow mucus ! Cheers GOD BLESS Viktor Orban

  17. Hungary has a government that is in touch with the will of its people whereas many other countries have leaders intent on destroying what ordinary people want.

  18. Orbán Viktor mielőtt el dől valami és menysetek meg BENUNKET igen a saját hazánkról van szó 1465 csaladott ki lakoltattott gyerekeknek nincsen mit enni Orbán Viktort ki lokn kell EU junibol na ugye nem úgy pofazhat. Ahogy akar SOS MERT GYILKOLNI fognak OLAF az egész orszagott lopják hogy ne legyenek hogy lopnak

  19. I put my money on it.. within 5 years hungary will be the next syria
    As if the banks and buerocrats are going to allow orban to stay in power.

  20. Ez hazzugsag ninnsen semmi belőle és ha ki tiltják midenhonan a magyarok megmutassák Orbánnak amir velük tett és nayaernevsza szerzi amid junker epvereszolanscskszorbsn orszaganleektulkidobiaparoles az europi ügyészség s helyére teszi ezigazz

  21. Fidesz


  22. Can anybody be able to tell us, who was the hysterical small Hitlerlike man in glasses, shouting about democracy in Hungary?

  23. Good job prime minister Victor Orban never never never give up keep fighting these LEFTIST the people of Hungary on your side God bless good luck from Guyana

  24. Get rid of the EU. It's "against all except itself" and "itself is against all."
    It's like the Democratic party in the US.

  25. This all started with the Muslim invasion and trouble, no white people complain about East Asians or other Christians or Hindu brown people of India

  26. Dear mr urban…..dont worry arabs dont need your hangry country…….kiss from arabian camels lips to your lips….peace n love

  27. Viktor Victorious. Squash that little EU bug.I can not stand the sight of that little cretin. Verhofsmatter is a bug on the windshield of life.

  28. Someone needs to put a bullet through the heads of the EU bureaucrats and their supporters!
    Go for them Hungary, the free world is supporting you!

  29. Dear Mr. Soros,

    The current government of Mr. Viktor Orbán is surely not perfect and there are things to reform; however, all-in-all it is far better than the so-call "neo-liberal-socialist" alternative you are proposing to overthrow our democratically elected government.

    We have had enough of the limousine-socialists for eight years from 2002-2010!

    They (ex-communist-liberals) have DOUBLED the nominal national debt in 7-8 years, and in addition, left almost 1 MILLION Hungarian citizens hopelessly indebted in Swiss francs-based mortgages.

    This was perhaps the most tragic financial fiasco of the time, from which Hungarian families have strongly suffered for a decade.

    We will NOT forget all the money stolen and all the crimes perpetrated by your SO-CALLED LEFTIST, "Democtatic" government.

    Mr. Orban has successfully steered our country out of desperation, from a situation which was as hopeless as that of Greece in 2002! (120% national debt if we include many ""hidden" debts in the municipalities and public sector)

    Our national debt is now in control, our economy is soaring and our unemployment and inflation are lower than it has ever been in history!


    There are 200+ other countries in the world to speculate against and to spread havoc in.

    Please kindly leave the Republic of Hungary alone.

  30. Guy Verhofsblablabla is very similar to David Turpin Jesus their hair just the sameee. Just google David Turpin face and his crime. These both are simply similar, criminals!!!

  31. Have they stuck to this? Depressing how many countries have caved to the almighty dollar and likes of Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundations!

  32. Is it so bad bad to love your nation & culture? So beautiful Hungary, no Mosque, Minaret, burka, niqab, hijab, koran schools or the call for prayers  and zero terrorists attack!

  33. Funny seeing all the Orban Bootlickers, supporting him, while not knowing shit about actual hungarian situation lol.

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