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  1. I love the video and explanation! But I don´t totally agree on the perspective comment for persons like in 07:12. Please be aware that humans don´t have a standard hight. the variety of hight can differ from 1,50 m. to 2.00 m. The range can have a discrepancy of 25 %.

  2. Thank you for posting this video. I gained insight into Van Gogh's mind, development and working methods.

  3. Highly informative, truly interesting !!! Thanks for this Art Documentary and for adding the titles of the artworks as well as the artists' names and when they appear on the Video.
    A thousand times, thank you !!!!

  4. ….with in You Tube there is piles of junk and garbage, every once in a while there is a Gem. This is a Gem. Thank You.

  5. The most interesting idea that Vincent would of had, is what would of he done if he were given a sx-70 Polaroid camera ?

    The color rendition and their tones would certainly provide good experiments to him , Manet, and Monet , maybe even perhaps Picasso himself …..

  6. Love his use of color. I have made a perspective frame for several landscape drawings and it works great for creating an accurate drawing.
    Very easy to make with small bits of wood and string.

  7. Interesting! I painted a genuine reproduction of his.

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