Viral Video Activists Fired Up to Finally Meet Ellen
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Viral Video Activists Fired Up to Finally Meet Ellen

October 21, 2019

Our next guest makes
me laugh so much. They spend hours in
city council meetings across the country
fighting for things that are important to them,
like the right to party. [LAUGHTER] What up, council my
name is Chad Kroeger. I come to you from
a land called SoCal. According to our
sources, an attempt has been made to suppress
the right to party. Not to get too lawyer-y
on you, but this is in direct violation
of the Constitush. I know you think you’re
helping by placing restrictions on partying. Labeling more than four people
hanging out as a party, though, that means this council meeting
could be called a party. [LAUGHTER] This is chill, but
this is not a party. [LAUGHTER] From Los Angeles, California,
please welcome Chad and JT. Hi guys. How’s it going? What up? It’s going very well. How’s it going with you? Oh, good. We’re so fired up. Thank you so much for
supporting our causes. We’ve been just– We’re stoked. Yeah, we’ve been frothin’
ever since we heard that you’re supporting us, so. So stoked to be here. Hell, I’m frothin’
and stoked, too. [LAUGHTER] So tell me– so I hear that
I’m on your vision board. Yeah. You are, yeah. You’re front and center. I think you’ve been on the
vision board in my mind since the show started, but– Oh, that’s wonderful. –on my actual one for about
a year since I constructed it. What else is on the– oh,
there’s the other vision board. There’s people all over. Now, have you met
Howard Stern yet? You’ve got prime locash. What’s that? Yes, we met him. He’s cool, right? Super chill. He’s a cool guy. He’s a great guy. Great charisma. What’s the passport? Were you going to travel? Is that what that is? Actually, I just have
to renew my passport. [LAUGHTER] I see. Yeah. So tell everybody– so you
call yourself activists? Mm-hmm. Yeah. So tell everybody exactly the
activism that you’re doing. Well, our main mission
is basically just to raise stoke within the nash. Uh-huh. Explain what stoke is for
people who don’t know. For me, stoke is like being
in a car with your boys and your girlfriend
going to get fish tacos. [LAUGHTER] It’s basically this
feeling that you have in your heart where you
know that life is really legit. Yeah. Like a ripe avocado. [LAUGHTER] Or a compliment on your tan. Yeah. Yeah. Or a compliment on your tan. Yeah. Yeah. I understand. You don’t look like you have
too much of a tan there, Chad. Whoa, whoa. [LAUGHTER] Oh no. Dude. Oh she roasted you, bro. [LAUGHTER] Oh, dude. Well, I’m just saying it’s
not as tan as you know– anyway. I’ll put it on my vision board. All right. Put a on. Put a tan on your vision board. Yeah. I mean, you have beautiful skin. Oh, thank you so much. My dog’s complexion is fire. Oh, dude, yeah. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] All right, so you go to– you’ve been to 30
council meetings, right? For sure. And so you spend a lot of
time preparing I would assume? Yeah. Yeah, we spend weeks
on the speeches just to get them just right. And honestly at
council meetings, too, we have to wait
a while sometimes. We went to Delaware, we
had to wait seven hours. Oh god. Yeah. They tried to wear
us down, but we just got stoked on civic duty
and just held in strong. [LAUGHTER] So they know what you’re
going to do, is that– Yeah. Yeah? And so the thing is they have
to listen for three minutes, right? They can’t interrupt you,
is at the whole point? It’s our right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks to the Constitush,
our forefathers, they really valued
the right for a dude to get up and do three
minutes at the mic. Right, which is
fantastic because I can’t imagine that a lot of
these people really enjoy it. Do they think you’re
wasting their time? You know, on the
exterior, they play it like they’re super serious. They’re like, I’m not– I can see it. They’re just stone-faced. But on the inside, I think
they’re just screaming. Yeah. It reminds me– there’s a
fire quote from HD Thrower. He says, “Most people lead
a life of quiet desperation to rage,” and I see
that in their faces. [LAUGHTER] So right. All right, so, JT, actually
you sang a Britney Spears song. Yeah. What up, Britney? [LAUGHTER] Yeah. I think of all the
art forms, music goes the farthest the fastest. So I really wanted
to convey my message in a way that
transcended just words, and I was really
inspired by Britney. She was going
through a tough time. And we wanted to rename the
Manhattan Water Treatment Center, the Britney Toxic
Water Treatment Center. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So here’s a clip of you actually
singing the song, “Toxic.” Oh, man. This is crazy. Oh, dude. (SINGING) Too high,
can’t come down. Losing my head, spinning
round and round. Do you feel me now? With the taste of the poison
paradise, I’m addicted to you. Don’t you know
that you’re toxic? [APPLAUSE] We’ll be right back. All right, so you’re passionate
about many, many causes, but now you have– what’s the current cause? Well, we’re really
dedicated to scooters. I’m actually a scooter devotee. We just got really fond of
these wonderful chariots because they just they
add so much to the world. So our new cause is basically to
get scooters into the Olympics. [LAUGHTER] All right. Oh yeah. That’s me flexing. That’s you? Are you also, JT,
into the scooter? Yeah, I don’t think it’s just
a mode of transportation. I think it’s a
mode of expression, and I want that represented
in the Olympics. We wouldn’t want it
to be a racing sport. We’d want it to be
more of a style sport where you just rip a fat
S-turn and it’s yourself that you put into the turn
that you’re judged on. Right. My doggy, I’m remember one time
he went for a scooter ride, and then he just started
telling me all the trees he saw. You know? Yeah like oak, birch, and elk. I don’t think elk is a tree. [LAUGHTER] Elm. There. Thank you. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. Yeah. It is a good way to see
trees, though, on a scooter. You’ve got a point. So Olympics. That’s what you’re hoping for? And since we’re
pals, now, I want to help you try to get
this into the Olympics. So I have gifts for both of you. No way. Yeah way. Yup. [CHEERING] Oh, what? Oh wow. No way. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Oh my god. What up? Yeah. Yeah. Woo! All right. Dude. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMING] [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. If only people who currently hold office in this naysh were as stoked on civic duty and upholding the constitush as these bros

  2. I've been watching these guys' videos for a long time and I'm so proud of what they're doing lately. They are surprisingly less popular than they should be, but they are well on their way to be on the top, and they deserve it all.

  3. reminds me of Sal Vulcano when he was promoting a park for the elderly people in front of the community board 😂😂

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