Virgin Coconut Oil Composition Overview
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Virgin Coconut Oil Composition Overview

October 20, 2019

>>This video features Virgin Coconut Oil
Composition Overview. The topics covered also include coconut oil
composition and comparison of edible oils composition. Learning the composition of virgin coconut
oil is the key to understanding this wonder oil from the �Tree of Life�. For thousands of years, virgin coconut oil
and coconut oil are the universal edible oil among people who live along most of the tropics. Unfortunately, the oil�s reputation was
tarnished by unethical commercial organizations which created unfounded information
against a supposedly great edible oil. Fatty acids are the universal components of
any oil. They are the basic units of all fats and oils. Different oils can have different fatty acids
content. Fatty acids are classified into saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fats are further divided into
monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats indicating the number of double bonds in the fats or
oils. The main difference between saturated and
unsaturated fatty acids is the saturation of the fatty acids with hydrogen. Saturated fatty acids such as those found
in virgin coconut oil are fully saturated with hydrogen, which explains
why they have no double bond. Unsaturated fatty acids are not fully saturated
with hydrogen, which gives rise to the
presence of double bond. The presence of double bond in unsaturated
fatty acid indicates the bond is a weak one. The weak double bond makes the oil more susceptible
to oxidation. When hydrogen ions get near to the double
bond, the bond is broken and hydrogen ions get attached to the carbon atoms. This contributes to the formation of free
radicals. On the contrary, saturated fatty acids are
void of double bond and are not easily oxidized. Hence, saturated fatty acids do not lead to
the formation of free radicals. The edible oils we use for cooking consist
of both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. The difference lies in the varying percentage
of the types of fatty acids. Virgin coconut oil and Coconut oil are made
up of primarily saturated fatty acids. Their composition is 92% saturated fats, 6%
monounsaturated fats and 2% polyunsaturated fats. Coconut oil has similar composition as virgin
coconut oil. However, some of
the important ingredients are removed from
coconut oil during processing. The missing ingredients in coconut oil are
beneficial constituents known as phytochemicals. Compared to other edible oils, coconut oil
and virgin coconut oil have the highest amount of saturated fatty acids. Rapeseed oil or Canola oil has the least amount
of saturated fatty acids. Olive oil has the highest amount of monounsaturated
fatty acids. In terms of unsaturated oils, Safflower, Sunflower,
Corn and
Soybean oils have the highest quantity of unsaturated fatty acids. Are saturated fatty acids bad? Are
the saturated fatty acids in coconut oil damaging to our health? We will answer these important questions in upcoming
videos. Thank you for watching this video presentation
on Virgin Coconut Oil Composition. The maker of this video may receive compensation
for any action that you may take from watching this video.

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  1. Great Job! Its about time we got some real science on the subject of the wonderful coconut oil. Pay attention people this guys videos on this superfood are the best your gonna find on the net. Theres lots of videos of how good or how bad coconut is for you but this series of videos actually breaks it down. If your debating whether to use it or not , let this help you decide. Thanks again for this wonderful presentation of this superfood.

  2. I have a bachelors degree in biochemistry and this is compete nonsense. Saturated fats will oxidize just like unsaturated fat will, which is what you want because that is how you get energy from them – it’s called beta oxidation and it is the main source energy pathway for fats in your body. Know what else is high saturated fat? Beef fat. Saturated fat is associated strongly with heart disease, inflammation, and obesity. Studies have shown that coconut oil has the same risk factors as beef fat. Unsaturated fat is the healthy fat – omega fatty acids (UNSATURATED) have tremendous amounts of research for the anti inflammation properties.
    Coconut oil is a fab and I have no idea how people think this is healthy

  3. How can I view the other videos related to the coconut oil and fat composition? I'm studying chemistry in the kitchen and I want to show my daughter the benefits of the medium chain fatty acids.

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