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Virginia Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment | The Daily Show

February 2, 2020

One of the hardest things to do
in America is pass an amendment
to the Constitution. It’s harder than shooting
a porno on the Amtrak Quiet Car. Because, you see, in order
to be added to the Constitution, the amendment needs to pass
in the House, needs to pass in the Senate and be ratified by 38 states. And how can you get 38 states
to agree on anything? I mean, think about it. You can’t even get states
to agree on potato salad. Yeah. I mean, if you show up to
an Atlanta cookout with raisins, the only thing getting barbecued
is your ass. In fact, it’s so tough to get
through this crazy process that it’s been 30 years since the Constitution
has been amended. But this week,
Virginia may have gotten America one step closer
to a new amendment. REPORTER: USA Today reports
Virginia became the 38th state to pass
the Equal Rights Amendment. REPORTER 2: The Equal Rights
Amendment was first introduced to Congress in 1923. It took 49 sessions to finally get it passed
in 1972. REPORTER 3: The ERA,
as it’s known, reads… (reading): Wow! Women are now equal in America! (laughter, cheering) Also, also, wow, women are now equal
in America? ‘Cause, I mean,
that statement sounds good, but it doesn’t make you
feel good. It would be like if Popeyes
came out saying, “Great news. From now on,
our chicken sandwich is 100% real chicken!” You’d be like, “Wait,
what was I eating before?” “Bock-bock!
Don’t ask! Don’t ask!” “Shut up! Get in the box.” But don’t get too excited
just yet, because it turns out that
amendments are like avocados– they only last for so long. Is it too late for the Equal
Rights Amendment to become law? REPORTER: The Office
of Legal Counsel says it’s simply too late
for the ERA, pointing out
the deadline was in 1982. REPORTER 2: Five states that
ratified the ERA decades ago have since rescinded
those votes. We have word that there will
certainly be court challenges. Whether or not it holds it up
or not is the question. Okay, no, I’m sorry, hold on. So, they’ve been trying to pass
this Equal Rights Act for women since the 1920s, they finally get enough states, but now it may not count because they missed
some arbitrary deadline? Who-who puts a deadline
on women’s rights? Huh? Who? Like, Cinderella’s
fairy godmother? Huh? Yeah, ’cause she was an asshole
with her rules. “Be home by midnight
or you’ll die alone.” It’s like,
“What the hell, Grandma? “I’m trying to smash a prince. “And you’re gonna turn
my carriage into a pumpkin? “What if I’m doing 50
on the freeway? “You’re gonna kill me. This is some
bibbidi-bobbidi-bullshit.” ‘Cause, really, it-it makes
no sense. It makes no sense. Just because the law
is a little bit late doesn’t mean the whole thing
has to be scrapped. Like,
if you’re late for a movie, they don’t lock you out
of the theater. They let you come in,
and your punishment is that you just have to figure
out the plot for yourself. Yeah. Just be like,
“Why do they look like that? “Did a human and a cat have sex? What is this about?” But, still,
as a woman in America, this must be really depressing, to wait 100 years
to officially have equal rights and then watch it all slip away. I guess the best person to ask
would be an actual woman. So, please, give it up
for Desi Lydic, everybody! (cheering and applause) What’s going on, Desi? Trevor, this is so frustrating. After a century of teasing, they bring us to the point
of ratification and then say
it’s not the right time? I guess women finally know what
it’s like to have blue balls. Yeah, Desi, I-I can totally
understand your frustration. What I don’t understand is
why are you black and white. Well, I could ask you
the same question, Trevor, -but I won’t. I won’t.
-(gasping, laughter) -Because it’s racist.
-No, no, Desi, I mean– I mean why are you
in black and white? -Like, you-you look
like you’re in the 1920s. -Oh. Because, Trevor,
I feel like I’m in the 1920s. Women don’t have equality, Nazis are back in the news, I’ve even had
a case of the measles. And, yeah, maybe it’s ’cause I’m
on an anti-vaxxer dating site, but– what can I say–
I like the bad boys. -(chuckles)
-N-No, Desi. Desi, come on. I-I know men and women are still
not on a level playing field, but-but you don’t have
to be in the 1920s. No. It’s fine, Trevor. I’m actually over the moon
about living in the 1920s style. The glitz, the glam,
all that jazz. I’m even learning
the Charleston. (to the tune of “Macarena”):
♪ Hey! Do the Charleston! ♪ A’ight?
(chuckles) Desi, that’s-that’s not
the Charleston. -No, I think it is.
-I-I don’t think it is. A-And, yes, yes, America’s
moving slowly toward equality, but-but I don’t think that’s
any reason to give up, Desi. Look, I don’t care anymore,
Trevor. It’s too depressing. Even female amendments
get ignored after they turn 35. I don’t care
if it is Prohibition. This gal needs a drink. No, Desi,
don’t drink out of a shoe! What are you doing?! (grunts) Relax, Trevor.
It’s not my shoe. Now, if you excuse me, a man named Gatsby moved in
down the block, and something tells me
he’s legit. (chuckles) Desi Lydic, everyone.

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  1. Trevor is funny doing stand up, but his show is starting to be lame. These jokes sucks. Whomever his writers are need to be fired. He needs a revamp quick.

  2. Men have fought inequality for decades. Men getting equal rights during divorce. Like custody of children. Massive alimony payments to exwive. Just because the woman was accustom to a way of life. When men get custody, they most likely will not get child support. Where is the equality.

  3. My mom pointed out the possibility of a gender-neutral draft. Well, I didn't like that idea much as a teenager, but now I have a son and a daughter, and I say if he can get drafted, she should face that, too. I mean, I'm mostly against war in general, but if we are getting our butts invaded by China, we need every able-bodied person on deck, their gender be damned. Also, fair's fair. The average 18 y.o. girl is just as able to serve as her male peers.

  4. When Trump be throwing people under the bus left and right…no wonder everyone has a secret recording of him for insurance

  5. Black Women won’t benefit from this period but they’ll be on the front line being the face of the movement. Remember, you’re still Black.

  6. I love Trevor and the Daily show, but DAMNNNNN does it attract a gang of inbreeding Trump trolls and dumbasses.

  7. No clue why people want to keep us in the past other than to keep us dumbed down. I would challenge woman should be superior because all men start as woman thus we were here first. So make up equal or give us all the power. Muha muha muhahaha. Oh sorry, my world domination female complex came out. Clearly that's what men has been scared of.

  8. The U.S. doesn't need an ERA, we have the 14th Amendment.
    The problem is systemic oppression, like offering lower wages to women and hiring more men than women.

  9. I hope the ERA (as it is) does not ever pass. It's not about equality for all; it's about equality for some. Until we realize this and decided to have an amendment that addresses the rights of every single person who is born or nationalized into this country; we should not bother with half measures.

  10. Women wanted equal rights so did black people we got civil. Well I don't think they'll have a problem with fixing it. But it's not like the 20s. There's no Jim crow laws. And be happy for that

  11. Funny why they going after guns ..lmfao because equalities are not in everyone's agenda ya dig..ya underdigg trev..real MASONS 👀 ALL..can u……answer THAT question plz

  12. Gatsby huh? Too bad he's already fell in love with someone else wife's. Also he'll be shot. Oh and also Spider-Man was working as bond broker.

  13. Raisins in a potato salad ? WHO DOES THAT ? You're ass belongs on the barbecue if you put raisins into a potato salad. The only place where raisins belong is in the trash.

  14. You've gotta be shitting me? So it took until 2020 to gain equal rights for women only to have it over turned? WTF?

  15. Wow Virginia. You guys are pieces of shit. Passing an amanedment you know is expired. That’s like handing out expired candy on Halloween filled with maggots

  16. I think this ERA Amendment is not only for women, but to accommodate transgender woman.
    We as biological women are now probably worse off.
    Damn shame!!

  17. My takeaway: Bippity Boppity Bullshit!
    that just about sums up this matter, and lots of other stuff going on, these days.

  18. Hiring, and housing, its illegal to discriminate based on sex. I dont see women being denied drivers licenses or professional licenses due to their sex? All men are created equal. mankind?

  19. 1:13 "Women are now equal in America." Sigh… they already are you lunatics. What constitutional rights do you think men have that women don't?

  20. I hate to say this, but initially there were a lot of women who were against the equal rights amendment as well because it was pointed out that as soon as it is ratified, women may have to be drafted for war, (or else it will be difficult to argue against it, anyway). Regardless of how you feel about that, it is part of the reason we have dragged our feet on it.

  21. That's great, but when are men going to be equal to women? Equal alimony rights, equal chances of being drafted? Equal reproductive rights? Ah, when Muslims take over, got it…

  22. As an italian, I think we should export democracy in the USA.
    Here, I'll start by throwing in a freebie.
    The first articles of the italian constitution are called "basic principles" and are eternally unchangeable. Article 3 of italian constitution:
    "All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal in front of the law, regardless of gender, race, language, religion, political views, individual social and economic conditions."
    This is 1948 Italy.
    So sit down, pay attention and take notes, cause we did, and it was more than half a century ago (yup).
    Back then we had just hanged Mussolini, our teacher's name was France, and it had a very simple, very powerful message to teach us ignorant peasants, made of 3 words:


    If you guys wanna be considered an advanced nation, please learn that very same lesson from them.

    Stop the institutional abuse, stop the discrimination.
    The whole world, not just the american people, will be thankful if you finally do.

  23. It took for U.S so called country of freedom accept the law in 100 years thing about it it started in 1920 and ended in 2020 😅😅 for example Turkey eccepted the law in 1923 and Russia accepted it in 1920s

  24. Last night, I dreamt I met Desi Lydic in the office of a marketing agency I interviewed for in Tupelo, Mississippi. I told her I love her work, especially her podcast appearance on Hollywood Handbook a couple months ago. I wanted to compliment her on recent work, so I also said I loved her piece on women's suffrage, referring to this clip.

    I was very nervous, but I tried to keep it cool and human. I wanted to ask a question back. While thinking what to ask, I woke up.


  26. How is this news?

    Women are still considered a minority category.

    And guess which minority group has benefitted from affirmative action the most?

  27. The USA:
    Last western nation to ban slavery
    Last western nation to allow women to vote
    Last western nation to criminalize child labor

  28. Like I told a friend, America is the Chameleon of countries. They make you think everything’s peachy and awesome until you take a closer look.

  29. Women have equal rights in this country tell me one thing a women is not allowed to do and if this would pass goodbye to all the special things women get that men don't, stop making stupid jokes and think

  30. wow so technically I’m worth less than a man. That is so depressing. So if I’m gonna get a job, even if I’m more qualified, I could get passed over for a man and it would be legal? I’m honestly so freaking depressed.

  31. And people like Noah here don't approve of women working for trump so he belittles them. Guess by his logic women can only have rights if they hate trump

  32. If I'm not considered equal, then nothing I do can be charged at equal rates to men. So in the spirit of that, half off all male murder!

  33. Can’t wait until it’s illegal to treat men and women differently under the law. There’s gonna be some rude wake up calls

  34. Men and Women have different interest, preferences, and biological needs. So, yes. That means that Men and Women will always be at odds with each other. There is no way to make the out come of this issue 100% equal.

  35. Both Men and Women will always seek to promote their own self serving bias hypocritical laws that will benefit their personal preference.

  36. As funny as the video and comments are, this is messed up. I don't want my kids to live in a country that is crawling to the finish line only to run to the start and take a nap.

    And I know some of y'all will say "I don't even want kids" or "I'm die soon, doesn't affected me" or "I got a dick, suck to be a chick"

    But honestly, we need to do something for the future generations if not for us.

  37. Why now of all times?
    Seems to me like this is the best time to not be on board for equal rights, given the state of things.

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