Walter E. Williams shares warning about loss of liberty
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Walter E. Williams shares warning about loss of liberty

October 22, 2019

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  1. Re: social security & Medicare. These problems will naturally disappear when us baby boomers die off. By 2030 many of us we will be off the government rolls.

  2. Once again, either Mark Levin (and his Guest in this case) are either ignorant, or part of the great deception

    The "Constitution of the United States" and the "Constitution for the United States of America" are two different things, and are not interchangeable. One refers to the Law of the Land and the other refers to the Law of Water (which is the One World Government). As a Lawyer, Mark should know this.

  3. This farmer doesn’t want subsidies… liberal hack jobs lobbied for them and ruined the economics of farming… the government and politics of it did this for control.. I haven’t seen a honest usda report in my whole farming career… sure they subsidize the crop insurance now why? To make margins smaller and the big farmers game the system and make out like bandits… why the small farmer foots the bill

  4. Our Constitution was designed by Men to deter Men from becoming tyrants. Three branches of government and checks and balances between them prevented men from obtaining inordinate power over others. And it worked well until women were given the right to vote- the Constitution has no protection from the female manifestation of tyranny- the Tyranny of the Nurturing- this is where government takes care of its subjects until they can no longer take care of themselves and become dependent vassals of an all powerful State. Socialist Security, Medicaid/care and the Welfare State that Nurtures from cradle to grave degrades personal responsibility and the Liberty that is earned by people taking care of themselves.
    Promoting the General Welfare only works in the context of individual responsibility- maybe take away the right to vote if someone gets money from government. Socialism/Communism never ends well- usually in mass casualties.

  5. I want the same things the high school students did, right to life, and right to protect it. I say get a gun, a conceal carry, and repeal the gun free zones. Every person in the USA has a right to protect them selves. And when the police proves there cowards, you have the right to shoot back. And mentally ill video game warriros have no clue what there doing, they want you to cowar on the floor. The second you fire back, they freak, they can't handle it. There not real warriros there not military, their fools, that will crumble at just a little bit of pressure. I don't understand if your a student from parkland why you want to give up your right to protect your self, if anything, if I was a student I would have bought a gun by now. I wouldn't ever trust the police again to protect me.

  6. Great first show. Simple enough that the brainwashed Left might be able to understand. All except Representative Pelosi. She is mental and should be in an asylum where she could maintain the lawn by mowing the grass.

  7. This is the most significant segment on Fox in a long time. It's time to call a Convention of States. After nearly losing our Sovereignty to the globalists, and still fighting that push, we preserve our Liberties now or lose them forever. The Constitution has been in effect for 230 years. It's time to do some serious housecleaning. The Left has wanted to rewrite or obliterate the Constitution for decades. I say we call their bluff. Share this segment with Walter Williams all over social media.

  8. Independent Citizen Journalists are having their youtube channels shut down by the State and Google. The First Amendment is under attack by Law Makers (law breakers).

  9. Romans 13

     1  Let every G3956 soul G5590 be subject G5293 unto the higher G5242 powers G1849. For G1063 there is G2076 no G3756 power G1849 but G1508 of G575 God G2316 G1161: the powers G1849 that be G5607 are G1526 ordained G5021 of G5259 God G2316. note

     2  Whosoever therefore G5620 resisteth G498 the power G1849, resisteth G436 the ordinance G1296 of God G2316: and G1161they that resist G436 shall receive G2983 to themselves G1438 damnation G2917.

     3  For G1063 rulers G758 are G1526 not G3756 a terror G5401 to good G18 works G2041, but G235 to the evil G2556. Wilt thou G2309 then G1161 not G3361 be afraid G5399 of the power G1849? do G4160 that which is good G18, and G2532 thou shalt have G2192 praise G1868 of G1537 the same G846:

     4  For G1063 he is G2076 the minister G1249 of God G2316 to thee G4671 for G1519 good G18. But G1161 if G1437 thou do G4160 that which is evil G2556, be afraid G5399; for G1063 he beareth G5409 not G3756 the sword G3162 in vain G1500: for G1063 he is G2076 the minister G1249 of God G2316, a revenger G1558 to execute wrath G3709 upon G1519 him that doeth G4238 evil G2556.

    Despite instances of poor or tyrannical government, of which many examples are provided in the books of Judges, 1 Kings, and 2 Kings (as well as in today’s world), God assures us that on balance, respect, kindness, and submission are part of His plan (1 Thessalonians 5:12-18) and failure to follow this prescription results in our devolving into depravity and anarchy because of self-centeredness (2 Timothy 3:1-9).

  10. What is the solution.

    " I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society, but the people themselves: and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their controul with a wholsome discretion, the remedy is, not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. this is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power."

    Until the people become educated they will continue to elect bad politicians. Taking back education is one of the most important things that we need to do to save the country.

  11. Western Europe? Are you serious? Walter Williams doesn't know anything about Europe. In countries like Netherlands and Belgium people are arrested for tweeting something negative of minorities. In France, the government has a full legal right to break into your house any time they want, and look into your data any time they want without even asking you. In Germany, there is barely any free speech. I don't know about Scandinavia, but some form of personal liberty can be found in south and east Europe, not west Europe. He is thinking of the Cold War which ended 30 years ago, he doesn't have any real understanding of Europe other than the same regurgitated talking points and narrative that is far detached from reality.

  12. Walter Williams has a very revisionist view of history. He seem to be thinking empires like Portugal and Spain had any civil liberties? He is also ignorant of the US constitution and history. The FF were largely in favor of England-style centralized government, it took several revisions of the constitution before it was settled many years later to what it is today. Nobody favors principles above personal gain. If you think for a second American people have ever voted for someone on the basis on philosophical views rather than perceived self benefit you are delusional. Also, the US cannot become totalitarian state because of the decentralized form of governance. The President is not in charge of the congress, it is the people who elect the congress. The social changes you are seeing are a result of generational evolution which occurs naturally. If Walter Williams or someone else wants less government, he better learn how to make the case from a pragmatic and practical point of you, and how to explain that to people. If he can't do that, if he only relies on revisionist view of his philosophy, he will never succeed.

  13. I've been saying we could be heading for a totalitarian state but people think I'm a freak for saying that. WEW says it here 8:42 so at least someone smarter than me thinks it's possible too.

  14. Excellent interview. He puts the issues right where they should go. Less government, more realization of what it will take to move on to a productive and free country- away from totalitarianism. How sad we have so many dishonest people running our country and the people who back them are just as dishonest. We have lost our direction and integrity. Thank you for having Prof. Williams on, very refreshing and enlightening.

  15. Walter Williams is exactly right about politicians not willing to do what needs to be done because they'll be voted out of office which tells you one thing.. There should be term limits and then maybe they'll do the right thing.

  16. Throughout Mankind's history, one has rarely had the ABILITY to live, communicate without INTERFERENCE from OTHERS. This is LIBERTY!!

  17. Thanks for educational show that causes people to
    think ! Unfortunately , not many are taught how to think beyond infanitile wants.

  18. Mark's MD diagnosed him with pneumonia a couple of days before he did this show and hit it out of the ball park! Listen to his radio show the night after this broadcast; Truly one of his best shows ever and if you have a way of archiving either one of these in your own personal library they will be very valuable. Take note of the father of one of the victims of the high school slaughter saying We are talking about the huge entrenched battle over gun control while the real issue of the need for immediate school safety is taking a back seat.

  19. Great show, Levin and Williams no nonsense, all business, this is the opposite of what the education industrial complex teaches.

  20. I believe in free speech…as long as I get to OK what you;re going to say! After all…my opinion is the gold standard….right?

  21. This is going to be an amazing show Mark! Put the government in a box and get rid of everyone like Waters, Schumer, McCain and the FBI agent in Las Vegas and the Vegas Sheriff and the Broward co Sheriff. All of these idiots have to be flushed.

  22. The "lamestream" media, Academia, and political correctness are eliminating our freedom of speech!   We must turn it around.  We must stop living at the expense of someone else!   We must stop always looking to government to "solve" all problems in this fallen world.   Buck up and deal honestly with reality!   Guard your freedoms, and never give them up for a little bit of "security."  Never allow the government to TAKE something from someone in order to GIVE a handout to others!  NEVER

  23. Dr. Williams is a National Hero Warrior…Truthful, Intelligent, Courageous along with The Great One Levin this interview for a Conservative is almost akin to being at the gates of Nirvana!

  24. One thing "young americans" should do, is to question their own parents. And ask them,, why did you grant yourself benefits, on your children and grandchildren expense.

  25. Where in the Constitution does it prescribe for America to be a Military Imperialist with 1000 bases across the world and our big green boot of oppression on the neck of every other country on the planet ? According to it's own Spending Pie Chart for 2018, the federal government will spend 21% on Defense but only 8% on Welfare. But according to so called "constitutionalists" like Levin & Williams it's not the spending of the Military Industrial Complex that besets us, but rather what we spend on Welfare & Social Security.


  27. The founding fathers knew that pure democracy would mean the end of democracy.. Now that even the dumbest can vote, it's finished

  28. taxation is theft Levin…i know you think its patriotism and you think that by saying that it will make you sound like a libertarian but tell the truth.

    quit spewing conservative nonsense it makes you sound possessed

  29. Great show.Enjoy no nonsense Levin on radio too.Fox made a great move.Looking forward to Levine's show tonight rather then nausating Oscars.

  30. It is so refreshing for once, to hear two people have a discussion on important issues in a objective manner. It brings clarity to the fore.

  31. Those who would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

  32. I love Walter Williams and it speaks VOLUMES about the LEFT and their fear of the independent thinking black person by their shunning of him,Thomas Sowell,Larry Elders and Dr Ben Carson!!! Because if they TRULY DID WANT BLACK PEOPLE TO SUCCEED😒 THEY'D EMBRACE THESE GENTLEMEN WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!!
    Its CrAzY to listen to a person attempt to trash these men and take them seriously! God bless them ALLL and I pray some teachers somewhere break the hold the LEFT has on academics and have their students READ THEIR BOOKS!!! Could yall imagine if young people💜 were taught about these men and their views? They'd be unstoppable and America would BE United in way it hasn't been in YEARS!!!🇺🇸💜😘💪💚👏

  33. Just want to say one thing about all this. Honestly our country is so far gone down the drain Morally, Economically, Politically, Financially, Educationally, and Spiritually that all of these Radio Talk Shows, TV Shows, Authors, Internet Shows and Websites will not make a dime's worth a difference when our country finally collapses and goes under. Having all of these Different Professors, Writers, Columnists, Authors, TV and Radio Hosts coming on and talking about our country's problems will not stop Washington D.C from pursuing their Anti – American Globalist Agenda and shoving it down our throats. Its only a matter of time not if when we collapse and Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Laura Ingraham, Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, Hillsdale College, The Heritage Foundation, CPAC, Americans For Prosperity, The Tea Party, and other Conservative Action Groups will not stop it.

  34. Dr. Williams!! You never mentioned Glass-Steagall as a way to reregulate our speculative, bankrupt financial system. You never mentioned China's Belt and Road Initiative to develop the entire world into a productive economy by building infrastructure, high speed rails, water projects, and agricultural output!! 104 nations have now allied themselves with China to this commitment of abolishing poverty, which we've been told by the West for eons that we could never do, and now we're doing it!!! Go peddle your pessimistic view of Mankind somewhere else!! We're on a roll and we're going where we should have gone after JFK was assassinated!!

  35. That's why SSN is a socialist Ponzi scheme that gets the American people to become the opposite of self-sufficient. Get rid of SSN!

  36. convention of states will never happen. the powers that be would eliminate us before they would give up power. unfortunately there has never been a peaceful transition of power. dr williams said it best when he said people like pelosi would co-opt the movement.

  37. The reason why Levin is the great one is not only because of his support of all things Americana and general intelligence, but because he brings in a wide array of people who speak to and support American ideals. And best of all, he simply lets his guests talk.

  38. Ron Paul said in an interview that Walter Williams would have been in his VP pick had he won the nomination in 2012. Could you imagine these two debating Obama and Biden on national television? What a shame that we lost such an opportunity to save and educate our country. 6 years later and here we are learning the lessons of Rome the hard way…

  39. Can someone please help me? There are nine portraits in the background of the Life, Liberty, and Levin Set. I know 8 of the but I don’t know who one of the portraits is.
    Top row: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine.
    Middle row: ???, John Locke, James Madison.
    Bottom row: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington.
    I can’t figure out the middle row portrait on the left. Help!

  40. What is a constitution? its derived from the word constitutor, what is a consitutor? someone who is going to pay the debt of another, search the definition on google….

    What is a democracy? majority rule…. mob ruling…. if the majority is the society, then democracy is called socialism, if the majority is the community, then democracy is called communism. Democracy is nothing more than the socialism and communism people fear, democracy is just a new name for the same thing!

  41. Love Dr Williams. Brilliant man, speaks the truth. For those who don't know him, buy some of his books. "More Liberty Means Less Government" is a good starting point – A collection of his articles and gives a good overview of his thoughts.

  42. dad is a classic liberal Id say, He told me when I was little I was 3 or 4 and asked him something about Nixon and nixon was republican yes I loved him and dad told me that he was a liberal ,,, I didnt like that there is something about liberalism I find them to rude we give them to much space we always have but I guess thats the name of the game. It really Sucks because they have always CHEATED

  43. He’s describing the tech companies. They achieved what they did because of capitalism and free speech. Now they are destroying this system.

  44. Dr. Walter E.(Excellence) Williams, a National Treasure. He has more sense than all of the Leftist Marxist lying, hate filled, Socialist, Communist Democrat party and their sycophants known as the Fake news media combined. Thank God for him Thomas Sowell.

  45. Just watched SUFFER NO FOOLS his life story.
    Moral, truthful, and afraid of no politician, or anyone really. Truth teller. RARE THESE DAYS.

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