Watch: Attorney General William Barr testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee
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Watch: Attorney General William Barr testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee

November 23, 2019

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  1. All this grilling of Attorney General Hon. William Barr should take place "right after" Hillary Clinton is investigated and gives her testimony regarding her private email server, bleach-bitting, massive email destruction, device destruction and cover up!!

  2. I don't know who is telling the truth. I have no idea if Barr is covering for Trump and if so, WHY!. I have no idea who to trust when it comes to CNN, Fox, NBC, or CBS. But what I do know is that one day the truth will be revealed.

  3. Why do these Republicans still talking about H. Clinton? This has nothing to do about Clinton but about the Russian interference with the 2016 election and Trump"s flagrant, in full view, obstruction of justice!! But the Republicans don't want to discuss either subject! It's disgraceful and despicable!! tRumpy is guilty on all aspects as per Mueller's report.

  4. This soap opera is just as valuable as the phony investigation. They know how the investigation started, they know the documents were phony, they are focusing on Trumps public statements and trying to make his statements illegal while they campaign with lies. This entire election interference went on for the entire eight years under Obama with nothing done and now they want to blame this on Trump. Hirono, as well as many of the idiots on this panel, are just grandstanding with hate much like a communist or socialist dictator. As far as why Barr waited for two weeks before giving to congress, who wouldn't. This is just a pack of wolves, angry that their phony investigation couldn't solve their problem. TERM LIMITS

  5. This AG, doesnot work for the American people, but has become the president's own attorney!
    That's NOT what he is paid for, it's a disgrace and he should be impeached for covering up for this crooked president and his family!!!

  6. The right would rather have the establishment fight their silly culture war against the homos, brown people and libtards atheist.

    Than have a habitable planet, explore space, have health care and inevitably live longer.

    Because GAWD said so.🤦‍♂️

  7. at 21:18 Barr said "spying doesn't have a synonym. OOPPSS. not according to my funk and wagnall. synonyms: observe furtively, keep under surveillance, watch, keep a watch on, keep an eye on, keep under observation, follow, shadow, trail; informal trail; raresurveil

    "the couple were spied on by reporters"

  8. Bar has a stellar 40-year career. Do you really think he is going to risk it for Trump? Stop the Madness!. This is ridiculous. You don't like the president? Vote him out. But the Democrats are just looking silly at this point.

  9. If the lady in white is a real investigator reporter, she'll know Trump was set up by Democrats and deep state

  10. The Democrat Party is the Party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late term abortions, hoaxes and delusions. They have the nerve to call Trump a fascist when they are the one that want to infringe on our rights to own a firearm.

  11. You lost the election now get over it! There are far more important issues going on in this country that need attention you high paid liars!

  12. The democrats and especially Ms. Hirono's diatribe had to be one of the most callous disgusting hateful testimonies I have ever heard from any political source EVER. But she is a prime example of the hatred and hurt they wish to express toward a man that has done nothing to deserve such garbage thrown at him. I was personally sickened by her.

  13. Trump & his scammers of a team give themselves away too easily: "Let's deny the report's validity! Let's drag the reveal! Let's pretend the report is not that important! Let's drag time as we continue to conspire behind closed doors! Let's fire those not supporting oppressing this report! Let's keep lying! Let's normalize deception! Let's us use religion as a cover up – remember Trump says "I am a camilian I become whom & whatever needed in order to escape my persecution".

    Let's just say newly hired workers are simply just another Micheal Cohen in the making. Trump choses weak people; it's a reflection of his mind set.

  14. The investigation of Barr ….LOL. " Why did you not give us the pre arranged collusion we wanted to hear?".
    Look at how many people Hillary controls. Trump actually was right and should have arrested her the second he won. She will keep going with this until Trump is removed or otherwise disposed of. The true power does not lay with the president.

  15. I couldn't put my finger on it but now it comes to me….William Barr is combination of John Goodman and Eeyore….

  16. I would advise to observe Ms Barr body language when he answer Republicans questions vs Democrats questions.

  17. Just wait for the real investigation to come forward. The Steele Dossier!! THis will mark the end of the Democrats! —– and throw a bunch of them down into Gitanamo.

  18. Soon….it’ll be Trump’s turn to investigate just who was behind the illegal spying of his campaign. HAHA!

    Tables are turning soon on the corrupt Democratic Party. Get your popcorn ready.

  19. / @ 3:08 Imagining Barr taking a deep pause then ask Leahy if he's drunk right now! "Excuse Me Mr. Leahy are you under the influence on the job?"

  20. Lindsey Graham fails to mention all the assets that Mueller took from the people he arrested. That adds up to a hell of a lot more than what they spent. How about that mister dick head Graham

  21. On 3:33:06, the answer is "YES!" TRUMP TOWER MOSCOW, FINANCIAL SUPPORT, and PEE-PEE TAPES ( Golden showers just to name a few). 😜

  22. Trump supporters should be very insulted! These people say things that are of no relevance to what is going on here , no do their answers!!!
    They are limited in their understanding of how to answer questions , to tell the truth, not even simple yes or no responses?
    This clearly demonstrates behavior of avoidance , playing games, making a mockery of our constitution and not of the US or it's people, only self serving.
    Thinking we the people wont see what is really going on???
    Well , most of us.
    We the people need to make phone calls and Express our concerns, our desires and our discuss at the behavior if all these people not upholding the constitution, upholding the law, and their oath to the people if the United states!

  23. Trump and Clinton are both guilty of crimes as are their people, incarcerate them all. This legal system is not working. If the POTUS is incapable of answering questions he should be impeached or he could make decisions that would effect our country.

  24. Mueller didn't "charge" the president because he doesn't believe that a sitting president can be indicted. How many times does it have to be said!?

  25. Dems are mad because there was no collusion and no obstruction. They're trying every which way to twist the truth to support their lies.

  26. AG Barr is corrupt, and Lindsey Graham is a slimy weasel. The criminal and corrupt Trump administration has to be stopped. Bernie Sanders is the only hope to restore dignity, and integrity to the Office of the Presidency. Joe Biden is simply awful, and the rest of the candidates are just pretenders, expect for Tulsi Gabbard and Stacey Abrams who would make wonderful running mates with Bernie. Folks, get out your yellow vests like the French and demand the DNC does NOT corrupt the primaries again, and give Bernie a fair go. Bernie 2020

  27. During the intermission WaPo paraded ideologues that no one ever heard of to tell us what to think. Odious.

  28. Watching the Dems come up with schemes to "catch Trump" is like watching Wile E. Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner.

  29. Watch the entire testimony. Skip past the commentary whether you watch this channel or any other. You decide.

  30. CNN, MSNBC, WAPO and NYT are 100% Fake News. They have pushed this hoax/lie for over two years! DO NOT believe them!!!

  31. Lindsey Graham in private calls Donald Trump a douchebag he and other Republican Senators laugh at Donald Trump behind his backall him a tool

  32. One thing I noticed, is when the GOP Senators asked him questions, he gave direct answers, & when the Democrats asked him questions, he a song & a dance.

  33. I love that Barr stays as cool as can be. He knows they can't touch him and this is just a show.

  34. WaPo on crack? No wonder they're Trump haters. Who should I believe, my lying eyes and ears or these leftists?

  35. Watching the Democrats over the last few years has been like watching a slow-motion car wreck. They can't win fair-and-square at the ballot box, so instead, their attempts to manufacture scandal after scandal (and consistently fail) has just proven how desperate they are. They don't have a leg to stand on. No clear leader, no clear message, no clear agenda, just anti-Trump rhetoric 24/7 and they continue to act like this is an effective strategy…

  36. The only obstructing going on is the Democrats obsession with undermining the will of the American people.

  37. God Bless AG William Barr, with putting up with so much crap from these criminals in Congress and the Senate.

  38. If they are so obsessed about what Mueller said,why isn't he before them.I'll tell you why,they're afraid of what Repubs might ask him.

  39. I would just like to say that the wood work on those desks is masterful!! Whoever made them in my opinion jesus would be proud of that craftsmanship!!! Yes I'm sick of politics too I needed something to do while the demons on the left question Barr so why not check out the woodwork lol on a side Spartacus bathroom Booker is my senator and I have no idea why new Jersey always has the sword swallowers getting elected!!

  40. Hmm, so, in an investigation, the information that didn't or couldn't be investigated might possibly be relevant? Well, the information that they didn't have, that may or may not even exist, obviously proves Trump is guilty. Case closed. Good detective work, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks Diane Feinstein!

  41. Graham feels he don't have to read the rest of it to make a decision someone needs to ask him why he didn't read it all before you made a decision or an opinion

  42. This hearing is a joke.. Trump can easily have his day in court if congress starts impeachment proceedings. if they think trump committed a crime and they have evidence he did, then impeach him. They don't because there is NOOOO evidence.

    I love Cruz questions and responses lol.

  43. We need to have Age limits in Congress and the Senate. Because people like Leahy, are completely Senile.

  44. Hahaha, leftist haters are gonna hate…Muller and his made-up investigation left you people thinking something was going to happen to Trump. What are you all going to do when Trump is re-elected in 2020? 😀

  45. Nadler and Adam Schift were both behind illegal spying. They are not legally fit to be in any committee let alone a congressional seat. Then again, most all democrats in the House are crooks and criminals swimming in a 13-18% approval rating. It is amazing that no one has been sane enough to destroy these democrat immoral property walls and move into all the democrat politician homes to live FREE off of their $72/hr equivelent paychecks…..ooops! I think it reached $75/hr by now, that was 2013. These rich racist socialist liberals are just sooooooo 'for the poor'!

  46. One of the questions the DEMS asked was something like, "If someone from a foreign government contacts a candidate or his campaign team, should they tell the FBI?". Uhhhhmmmmmm, if the DEMS/FBI thought that Russia was "colluding" with the Trump campaign employees, why didn't they bring that to his attention at that time???? Because it was all.a.hoax/setup!

  47. Sooo, is Nadler going to recuse himself from these hearings now that we KNOW that his SON is working for the law firm investigating Trump records and legal documents????? Well, IS HE??!!

  48. The Dems sure like to waste time and money foaming at the mouth. Get it through your head if you don't change you game you will lose again dummies. They are so full of poop….

  49. Soap box, it’s all,personal statements. They make up statements and either don’t allow an answer or if the answer starts to prove the question BS they move on. What a joke.

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