Watch Attorney General William Barr’s Opening Statement Before Senate Judiciary Committee | MSNBC
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Watch Attorney General William Barr’s Opening Statement Before Senate Judiciary Committee | MSNBC

November 23, 2019

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  1. Democrats are shooting blanks, as usual. Love to see a professional like Barr handle these dim wits.

  2. Next up are the three Democrats running for President. Expect incoherent grand standing and attempt to sound relevant.

  3. Billy Barr needs to be dis-barred & then pilloried & tarred & feathered! That would be justice served like Mussolini got!

  4. Watched the whole hearing so far. What a POS this AG is. Should be disbarred and impeached. He is way up #45 axx, WHY???🤮

  5. 0:09 Miss Lindsey apologizes for having the temerity to make Barr swear to tell the truth. My heavens!

  6. Why bother, he already disgraced himself, he is a liar who should be made unwelcome in public, a traitor to the constitution he swore to uphold!

  7. Lying under oath and circular reasoning plus disinformation. Barr must leave and be prosecuted.

  8. The first word ("yes") and already a perjury. Him going to tell the truth and nothing but the truth? A lie, of course.

  9. As Trump would say, "A disgrace." A Lying, corrupt hack w a history of being a lying corrupt hack. He has lied to all of us already. He serves Trump, not America, not Justice.

  10. You can see him choosing his words so carefully so that he can lie and misrepresent and spin as much as possible. What a disgrace to this nation. Barr is supposed to be the attorney for the American people. Not the president's personal defense counsel

  11. Mueller chose not to decide on obstruction because it is for Congress to decide because he can't indict. Barr lies and obfuscates.

  12. Why even bother reporting about how bad Trump is, nothing has been done or will be done. He will be in office until he decides to leave. His family will never be held accountable for anything they have been done. America will be ruined, have no credibility, the world will view America as a joke, just the fact that Trump has been practicing treason and will not be impeached, their have been presidents impeached for less. America is stuck with him. He is totally benefiting from being in office. And the American public loves to be lied to, and the fact that they know that he is lying is to funny.

  13. The GOP is a bunch of traitors. Evil, Malicious, Feces Spewing Traitors. Every Last GOP Politician and appointee deserves to be thrown into a volcano or dropped in the middle of a trash pile in the middle of the ocean. Traitor Barr's opinion on anything is fecund nonsense.

  14. Mr Mueller asked you to release the summaries (4) that would explain the findings of his reports. You totally ignored that,,,,so did Rosenstein, and very obviously he was in
    Cahoots with trump! Who gave you the time limit? Mueller’s summaries should have been put out as he asked. You did what you did to save trump or else he would not have come out and said he was totally cleared from collusion! You knew he would be able to that! Shame on you Mr Barr…you have just added to the level of distrust the people of our nation feel for our legal system! That excludes Mr Mueller….you screwed with his work. A man that worked so hard for two years and indicted so many associate
    Criminals that trump used, deserves much more support from his colleagues than you were capable of! And You Know It because you said you were friends with this man. You therefore should have known that he was a truthful soldier for justice!

  15. Lying republicans will do and say anything to protect their soulless 1% lord and master's, filth and greed. These 1% pigs have sold a line of B.S. these past 50 years to gain control of our nation. Using paid lobbyists they have bought their politicians; installed a 1% pig sympathetic court, that allowed them to create 'citizens united' a mockery of our Constitution. As another "religious" user, romney likes to say, 'corporation are people to!' Sad, false, the term corporation was created as a business term and as such had no personhood rights; well until their controlled SCJ said they did and that money was also Free Speech!

    These traitorous republicans goal is to dismantle our democracy and had it over to the soulless 1% pigs of man. There is no democrat or republican, there is only us, the peasants; 'We The People,' and them the 1%. Now that the filth of man are empowered by the soulless traitors that have taken control, don't think they going to give a "F" about you, your children or the future of the planet. Soulless corporate 1% PIGS need more money.

    So why are you still fighting, this is their time and it will be fulfilled. So we can finally be done with this perverse soulless system of man. The only question now is, who's mark are you going to take? You have chosen your destructor, drumpf, now watch his biggest distraction is still to come.

  16. He swear to tell the truth ain't nothing but lies come out his mouth, must be locked up immediately any one of us would have been jailed for that

  17. From 1989 to the present, William Barr is a terribly disreputable person. I will wait for Mueller before I believe anything Barr says, unless, of course, Barr does the honorable thing and resigns.

  18. The Trump administration with the help of AG. Barr is still currently running a disinformation campaign against the American people. Barr clearly misled the country and is clearly working to cover up Trump's corruption. How many Trump appointees are in prison now?

  19. Eh. Wait a sec. Barr says a summary would be under inclusive but he himself was fine with giving a bottom line verdict. Can’t really have it both ways. Either it’s too complex an issue to summarise in which case you’re verdict analogy is completely wrong or it can be summarised in which case you are suppressing mueller summary. Need to hear from Mueller himself and I wish congress heard him first. Very tired of hearing Barr’s version of mueller findings. Let mueller give his own findings and that be an end to it.

  20. This sack of crap is a lying SOB and not since Nixon II has this Nation had to tolerate such ludicrous partisan suborning of Justice ON LIVE TV for the benefit of a lying, cheating, corrupt TRAITOR!! Impeach and flush the whole stinking mess!!

  21. Barr is the best AG we have had in a long time. He doesn't take the abuse and fall victim to the anti Trump train by the media and Democrats.
    He puts these clowns in their place. He shuts them up real quick.

  22. But tax payers paid for that report. So why are you hidding this? Democrat or Republican. The United States lies to it's citizens. People get lost on all the running around. Excuses contradictions editing and witholding information. So 50 years from now. Under the freedom of information act. Donald Trump lied. We have a liar in the White House. End of story. One term President. Not voting for Trump. It's really cruel and annoying how long this drama has been going on. Only way to move on is to not reelect Donald Trump.

  23. Why not just release the special council's report that they provided? No brainer….unless of course…

  24. I pity the fool that has to be in the presence of hillary right now. Obama is checking the list of countries that doesn't extradite criminals back to the United states. Spygate is a go and the coup da ta team is looking for the best spider hole to hide in.

  25. Nice try Lindsey…..good thing somebody reminded you to put him under oath! The only thing you're sorry about is that you didn't get away with it….lol

  26. barr should be fire, charged on perjury and obstruction, and trump should be impeached. its that simple. if that doesn t happen, the whole system is a farce

  27. 14 15 but meuller wrote, barrs letter 'did not capture context, nature and substance of muellers report'…that is not, the medias interpretation was wrong, yet it barrs letter that was innaccurate, or misleading. so here barr is lying again. he is a subtle liar…he is trying to maintain that barr himself wrote nothing wrong or innaccurate in the letter. but he did. and. he is stating that mueller didn t think anything was wrong w the interpretation of facts in the letter, but mueller wrote differently as stated above. barr is lying again, and he is good at….this is perjury and in totality, obstruction.

  28. Let Mueller speak for himself. Barr has already proved that he with twist the truth and obfuscate. One cannot believe a word out of his mouth, his narrative is designed purely to protect a corrupt president.

  29. Bye bye, Barr. You gambled and you lost. Now you're headed to the trash heap of history. Another casualty of the evil Trump administration.

  30. The fake AG cant tell the truth, I'm sick of all these lies, get Mueller in front of Congress fast and we must IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP ASAP!!

  31. Having heard this statement, I now understand the “rabbit in the headlights “ look of Rod Rosenstein at the Barr press conference. He has my sympathy ((or should that be thoughts and prayers). History will not be kind to him.

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