Watch California Cops Steal Every Penny from an Innocent Family
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Watch California Cops Steal Every Penny from an Innocent Family

August 27, 2019

You think that you’re doing things the right way you think that you’re law abiding citizen and these civil asset forfeiture proceedings, these police can come and devastate your life too. It’s not the other guy it can be you. I’m James Slatic, a Midwest distribution CEO and we were medical marijuana company here in California and San Diego and we’re in business for several years supplying patients throughout the state. We operate the business legally in compliance with all california and local laws we pay taxes on the state, local, and national level, being as compliant as possible with the scrutiny than any medical marijuana companies under one of the key things we had our best professional advisors and CPAs at all times looking at our procedures and doing our tax returns. 7:30 in the morning, on January 28th, 2016 , the San Diego joint Narcotics Task Force broke down the front door with a sledgehammer, came in with their automatic weapons about 18 came in the front door about ten came in the back door. They pointed guns at the heads of the employees that were there, they took all of our products, all of our computers, servers laptops, business records, destroyed the place, than just threw everything all over the floor and basically destroyed the company. But I’ve never been charged, didn’t commit any crimes. So they took over 300,000 from the business, over a hundred thousand from my family, my account, my wife’s account, my kids account and my moms safe deposit box. My name’s Penny Cohen, I go to the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. I work at Starbucks, and I’m a senior in high school. I was with my mom at the grocery store and she tried to use her card to pay for the groceries and her card got declined, so we tried to use my ATM card and my card also got declined. So then we called James and figured out that all of our accounts had been frozen. My name’s Annette Slatic, I work at the VA hospital in La Jolla, I’m a X-ray tech, and I’ve been providing breast cancer screenings for women veterans since 2008. My paycheck had just been direct deposited when I found out my accounts were frozen and I was just about to make a tuition payment for my daughter at San Jose State, and I had nothing left. The accounts that were seized were my college savings account and my checking account, it was either money my mom had saved up since I was a child or money that I had earned from work. My name is Lily Cohen and I’m a sophomore at San Jose State University. I mean it’s definitely been different I’ve had to rely a lot more on my own paycheck and making sure I’m saving enough money for me. But am I gonna be able to make my housing payments on time, are we gonna have enough money to put me through college, not have to rely on myself for things like textbooks, groceries, all that. The kids have never had anything to do with it, they’re high school and college students. My eighty-six year old mom and her support has been devastated by this, my wife, a federal government employee has had her bank account seized. There’s got to be some legal system that protects people like that from having their money taken. You don’t know if you’re ever going to get this money back, but you’re certainly going to fight. I’d like to be able to, you know take care of my family and rebuild my life. We’re teaming up with the Institute for Justice to go to court, to get all my family’s money back.

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  2. I do realize that the law enforcement is government, not state! Even though they are totally obeying the law in California and doing every thing they should. Government still looks at this as illegal activity. I think it is F'd up personally! This is a perfect example of state protecting you from government. Other times, I have seen state laws come down hard on people that conflict on Government laws, and those cases I have seen the Government protect people from state! It's a cluster, that's for sure! I am glad they got everything back plus some! Marijuana needs to be dropped from the government as a dangerous drug.

  3. Cali… Chp. Santa fe spring. Sub. Station. !!!!!! Stole/ ffffffffffkkkked mr armijo!!!! Day l
    .a. Riots. Started. $$$$$2,500. $$$$$$ never got my money. Back !!!! Ffffffkkkk. Cali…. Chp !!!!! Thieves!!!! Nonono. Respect!!!!!!!

  4. these dispensaries are BS….i've literally seen people somehow scam to get a doctors prescription card to be able to purchase weed with some fake diagnosis,depression,anxiety,etc..that's probably why they went into the business knowing how easy it is to get a weed card…thats why they had tons of money..soo obviouss

  5. I am so glad that the tables turned on these corrupt cops, you’re only trying to do the right things and meeting people’s needs.and they always seem to come after the innocents. I’m glad you got every penny back plus interest.take care David.

  6. This is why I cheer whenever a cop gets shot or arrested. Fuck The Police!
    When has a cop EVER made anything better?
    Think about it… anytime a cop has ever been involved in your life, can you honestly say it was a good day?

  7. If it's legal in California you should be able to sue the hell out of the police department and you should to keep them from doing it to someone else.

  8. Oh, if you are a Republican that makes them terrorist because that would be the reason your home was invaded and your family was attacked financially. If your not a Republican its still severely rong what happened to you and your family.

  9. KInda weird seeing right-wingers and conservatives hating on California for civil forfeiture practices, given they actually support and routinely vote for this outrage all across America. Including in San Diego, where the DA is consistently a republican. Not a communist, you walking cliches.

  10. The judge should have made them assholes pay back all their money plus interest. Then all of them Jack asses fired indefinitely. And never have the opportunity to ever be in law enforcement ever again.

  11. 2 comments
    1. San Diego gestapo If you didn't already have a reason to get out of California fast… The leader of this goon squad has to be trying to provoke a civil war – outrageous!. HE is "the clear and present danger". These cops have made themselves enemies of the state.
    2. This is a legitimate, true statement: This was PRECISE, textbook Gestapo tactics – no different – back to the WWII National Socialists all over again. These are goons from the pit of hell and I don't understand why this couple's Congressional Representative isn't all over this one. Maybe, like Diane Feinstein, when it took a Florida Representative coming into Dian's district to champion the cause of the California farmer's water problem, because Diane was too comfortable sitting on her fat ass. Is this the kind of Representative this guy has? (Diane woke up fast when she heard this and tried the "I was here for you all along" act.) Term Limits for Congress.

  12. Try driving thru the South some time and then you'll get to see just how evil our so-called law enforcement try is. They'll pull you over just because your car has an out of state plate and then they'll waste your time as they try to find anything of value in your car that they can get their greedy paws on. Lord help you if your going some place to buy something and you've brought cash to pay for it with because those scum bags with badges will steal every cent you have and they'll even try to steal your car as well. What's truly sick about all of this is they have their corrupt shitty backwoods court tell you your screwed and it's really not worth even trying to get your money back because it's going to cost you more they what they've stole from you to get it back. No, all the do gooders will tell you how good asset forfeiture is because it gets the dirty money out of criminals hands but what these clowns won't tell you is that the government looks at it as a license to steal, and they do. The vast majority of the police today are a disgrace because their robots doing what ever their told whether it's constitutional or not.

  13. Welcome to America they stole $8000.00 of disability money from me there is no such thing as an honest cop every single one is a tyrant that operate like SS of Nazi Germany 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  14. Wow..!! This is absolutely shocking, i am so glad you guys have been returned all off your Money and assets and good luck in the future.
    This San Diego District Attorney should have been disbarred and made to pay damages..!!

  15. Interesting story, and unbelievably fishy. From what i could find, it was only after a judge ruled to return the families personal money that they were brought up on charges. They are also the last case of the old Forfeiture bill… meaning that the changes to that law do not apply to them. In the end they entered a plea deal and got 2 misdemeanors. FYI this is one of the few IJ adds (because that is all these segments are) that I agree with. From what I could find, they never mention finding the unlawful chemically injected "oil" that the search warrant was for. Fishy Fishy Fishy!

  16. The good thing that came out of it is the girls were forced to take care of themselves without mommy or daddy’s help.

  17. Ah honey, this is just voting democrat in action. They and every other Californian want this. They said so with their votes.

  18. Aweee. A Blue Shit State Crying again. U vote Blue… Yet expect Fairness? Yeah Right. Ur Polititions r all corrupt.

  19. Forget "To protect and serve" the reality is "To dominate and enslave"! A wise man once observed "For evil to flourish good men need only to fail to shoot the government agents engaging in the evil!"

  20. Wall Street they leave alone, but hard working people there pay Tax they go after, welcome to USA..fucking shit Contry..

  21. people, were heading into financially troubling times. this will be the routine, as alphabet agencies will come to rely on honest people's hard- earned money

  22. How long will these organized criminal activities be allowed by police forces? Correct me if I'm wrong but taking money and property from American citizens at the literal point of a gun is the definition of theft an assault

  23. they will be giving all this money to the Illegals, How else can California give them Welfare, food stamps, section 8, wik and free schooling !

  24. if pro is the opposite of con then what is the opposite of progress ?????
    buy bitcoins then they cant take your money folks!!!!! real shit. F**k any kind of government. No men needs to been governt.


  26. Another issue that needs fixing. I hope when Bernie Sanders becomes President that he adopts the rule: No conviction, no seizure of any assets. Let's keep the justice system honest. I also like to see that any traffic violations go to a non-profit of your choice. That way it's not required income.

  27. I doubt that even half of those fat cops could pass a physical fitness test. Had they met any resistance I think they would all tuck their tail and run.

  28. Police seem to operate with impunity, but I'm glad to see a judge required their funds be returned, with interest. Sorry, but it's weird seeing this happen to white families; typically minority and the poor who undergo such harassment and frustration. I'd like to see punishment for law enforcement leadership because a bit of research could have prevented this from occurring in the first place.

  29. FALSE CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE needs to be punished by 100 times what was stolen (as a minimum)…not that I approve of POT

  30. From Denmark ill recomand this: this famely must have at least 10 times more than they took… so giv this famely at least 3 million dollars, end of story, is amerika becoming adolf hitlers gestapo USA? Shame on you district att!!!

  31. People: NEVER keep more money than you can afford to lose in a U.S. bank or other financial institution. It is NEVER secure or safe when it is in any American financial institution; this includes your retirement accounts (keep that in mind). The fact is, once your money is in their possession they believe it is THEIR money, that is, until you take it back out of their possession. The nation is far too corrupted now to give your assets to anyone else for "safe-keeping."

  32. Cohens, a law abiding people…? Im sorry to break it all to you who are watching… But the "Cohens" are not the most honest families out there. KOHANIM, who justify their crimes against humanity, the very social relationships between human interactions WITH MONEY, are the most notorious criminals, that humanity ever had to deal with. NOT ONLY, they HIRED christian heads of THE CHURCHES, to preach, how money corrupts human soul, so good christians should let these "COHENS", to handle the money INSTEAD.

    The second I heard that surname, I knew, something is not right and I already suspect, that they, THEMSELVES, called to police, about their LEGAL BUSINESS, having some shady things involving, thus, getting the cops all over their business, to take it down, SO THE COHENS COULD DEMAND HUGE REPARATIONS, FROM THE CHRISTIANS, AGAIN.

    Why? It is just their nature and M.O. of their business behave. Neo jews, of today, are getting slimmer every day and their claims to victim status, has been DENIED, WITH THE FACTS. So, the neo jews need a whole new business, after few of them already looted whole Europe, Scandinavia with their WW2 reparation racket and murdering property owners, to hijack the property, right after the World War 2.

    These criminals, actually managed to slow human evolution almost, in TO REVERSE, WITH THEIR GREED AND DISGUSTING, SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRISY, completely IGNORING the crimes, of their forefathers, who just kept on murdering innocent civilians, FOR THEIR PROPERTY, UP TO TWO YEARS, AFTER WW2 ended.

    Whole holocaust bullshit, may have been true, FROM THE DAY, THE WORK CAMPS, WAS "LIBERATED" from the Germans. Namely, people dont seem to understand, THAT THE FUCKING SOVIET MONSTERS, WHO ALREADY MURDERED 60 MILLION CHRISTIANS, TO GET THEIR WAR INDUSTRY, did actually take over the camps and STARTED TO SLAUGHTER, THE SO CALLED "LESSER JEWS", who were used after, as an "evidence", of GERMAN CRUELTY.

    JUST LIKE THESE DISGUSTING NEO JEW MONSTERS, MURDERED TENS OF THOUSANDS, IN KATYNS FOREST, THE BEST PEOPLE OF POLAND, teachers, politicians, scientists, leaders, government workers, journalists and naturally, the intellectuals, who warned people about neo jew crime mafia and told how ruthless murderers, disgusting criminals against humanity, they are STILL TODAY. THEY ALL WERE MURDERED, ONLY… so the neo jews could once again, BLAME THEIR VICTIMS, and specially, from Katyns Forest massacre, of Polish people, the neo jew crime mafia, THREW THE BLAME ON THE GERMANS, like pretty much about every time, the neo jew criminals need something to be stolen to them.

    KNOWING, the neo jew history, THE TRUE HISTORY. . . . I sorry, but I dont believe these "Cohens", just out of the facts, what kind of crimes, their forefathers did, against the very HUMANITY, to get access, IN TO CHRISTIAN WEST. Dont blame me, for not believing ANY, of the neo jew sob stories… BLAME ON THE CRIMINALS, WHO MADE IT AS NEO JEW BUSINESS, TO FAKE VICTIM STATUS, TO ALL OF YOU… Cause that is how you tell to the world, IF even one christian benefits, from the death of a neo jew, ALL CHRISTIANS ARE TO BLAME. SO, equality is a fine and most awesome thing, the humans ever accepted, as a human value. THAT, directly condemns ALL the neo jew criminals, still running their crimes, in christian WEST!

    Ps… Last, something you all to think. First, the real victims of terror, torture, murder of loved ones… suffer in silence and dont want to talk about it. So much from holocaust industry. SECOND, the world actually start to call Germany, as "a sick man of Europe."… DIRECTLY, CALLING THE NEO JEW CRIMINALS A DISEASE, A COUNTRY ROTTING DISEASE… But, the neo jew crime mafia, never contested that FACT. I would at least expect some opposition, and slander accusations, for naming Germany like that… but no. I guess it was common knowledge, that also led, to the THIRD POINT, 109 countries BANNING THE NEO JEW CRIMINALS, and naturally, to break those BANS, the neo jew crime mafia, started the WORLD WAR ONE AND TWO. Thus, the neo jews, started to call WW2, as a good war… Yes, they actually do that, even today… SO FUCKING SICK! Time to heal humanity, from disgusting and human degenerating CRIME, so no more wars for ISRAEL EITHER… OK? good. thx.

  33. Hit by the most organized criminal organization in the world. They will investigate and find no wrong doing and your fucked. They got batches and a blue uniform that justified everything they do. So you're fucked again. CHANGE THESE FUCKIN LAWS , ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY FOR ALL

  34. Daughter says it's all the money my mum put in saving up ,isn't that admission of guilt to laundering money ,why would her mum use her account to save up ?

  35. I guess that war on drugs money is finally drying up…so we got this shyt now and "DUI" check points…things are changing

  36. So there are illegal drug dealers of heavy narcotics making no doubt billions per year all over CA and your legal establishment is raided and you are treated like a criminal? This makes no sense!

  37. They knew they wouldn't get in trouble cause of your race. White people across the country are under attack. We no longer get any justice. Only persecution.

  38. Thieving. Thugges are at it
    Again need to be dissected
    Fired and have there shit taken I hate trash can
    Gang bangers that's what I call the cops now days
    No more good decent cops around any more like in the good old days they are more crooked then any body else on the planet it makes me sick to see how far down our nation has gone our police force might as well be
    The police force of some 3 world country they are all
    Crooked thieves !!!!!!!!!!!

  39. you are in California which is a filthy liberal trash state ran by filthy liberal democrats and that is why this happened because all liberal democrats do is steal from everyone to get richer

  40. Government, banks, police, they're vultures. Praying on weak and powerless.
    Majority of cops are just brainless trigger-happy morons.

  41. I'm usually pro police. This looked like a masked, highly coordinated, armed robbery by an organized crime syndicate. This makes me really disturbed. Donations to police stop today. Thanks for upload, I had no idea things like this happened.

  42. They don't do it to poor people because they don't have anything they only do this to people with money. Greed!

  43. I've been battling for two years on behalf of a woman who was denied insurance coverage for injuries in an auto accident. She was deemed "at fault" based on a police report with 27 FALSE items (the only thing correct was the date.) 18 attorneys won't take the case, the DA won't investigate, the Atty. Gen. of PA says they don't oversee the police and the Governor told her to get an attorney! I appealed to the Institute for justice and I got – silence.

  44. Any jail time for the cops who did this despicable shit? Oh wait …I already know the answer. Rigged system … Double Standards.

  45. yeah…fuck California cops. they are crooked as fuck. took me 30 years to escape and realize the cops aren't supposed to be like that. what they do is literally criminal. they've been doing it for decades with medical and now with recreational. they won't stop until people stand up for their rights. it was no different when they hid behind the illegitimacy of cannabis prohibition. they have been destroying families and stealing from taxpayers for decades. in the name of profit, in the name of "the war on drugs" entire portions of the population have been unfairly and unjustly persecuted by those who would abuse the law to suit their own agenda. when a law is unjust you have no other choice but to become an outlaw.

  46. I hope all involved get what is coming to them!!!!Can’t say what I really want to say I’m sure you can guess.

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