Watch Live: Brett Kavanaugh’s second confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee
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Watch Live: Brett Kavanaugh’s second confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee

December 14, 2019

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  1. Arresting human beings unhappy with your dishonest not non partisan chairmanship but a very biased dishonest rush to appoint a partisan judge on the supreme court. That is not protecting anyone's rights to free speech it is a display of your political bias, your partisanship with a president not fit to hold office, and Paul and Mitch pitching Roy Moore as a good senator, or as someone fit who preaches his personal religion in government, and all those radical Taliban like Tee party monsters, are also those who should be fired by the people, for their ignorance, and partisan dishonesty, and acts against the poorer human beings. Acts against contraception and women in need. Acts for the acceptance of genocide by their friends, and the illegal bombing of many of their neighbors and the hatred towards the gays in their own democracy . If you call; these human beings religious your also as bigoted as ignorant and as not sane as they are serving the Koch Brothers, and our own rocket man president, Donald Trump .

  2. The end of peoples unions. The control of protesters. The contracting of mainstream media, and the end of women's health rights and pro citizens United, are the birth of tyranny, not democracy.

  3. I love when these senators say things like "this isn't political, judges judge based on law and facts, not ideology. Makes me wonder why political leanings are the most important factor even to be considered by either sides selection. Why not just put 20 qualified names in a hat and do a random drawing.

  4. What if precedent was wrong or for the civil war or the war with the British ? the way the ignorant military tribunals went back to try Chelsea Manning ? In other words how far back do you go until there is no foundational precedent for the precedent your using or trying to continue? When do you call into question, or doubt original precedents that may be wrong applied today in a modern society in a zero tolerance way ?

  5. Roe v Wade will not be overturned. IMO Why these dimwits are acting like this is classic over-reacting. The
    Democrats are acting in a way that makes me embarrassed to say I am a Democrat. The Judge was handed
    over 5 times more papers than any other nominatee yet that is not good enough because Trump nominated
    him. Plain and simple. These Senator's who acted in such a unprofessional manner should be penalized!
    Get these hearings under control, this has got to stop. When did such conduct become normal? Are we civilized nation or barbarians?

  6. I wonder if Mrs Einstein has any concern for the genocide in Yemen, or Palestine or the school bus our nations bombs blew up full of innocent children in Yemen? Or the war in Syria, or two million Iraqi's we killed on the lies of president George Bush junior? Our nation was not invited by the legal sovereign government of Syria or Yemen to bomb their military or their citizens or use the fight against ISIS to carry out false flag gas attacks on the Syrian people.or Libyan people? If children and innocents had the same value to all of you the same way they do to our brave whistle blowers, we would all go back to diplomacy? Not give the pentagon and CIA/NSA a trillion more dollars of borrowed tax money to brutally keep destroying third world nations on politicians, and corporations lies, and the lies of the wealthy that make us a destructive brutal nation bombing innocents and blocking the Peace process all over the world.

  7. Someone want to explain HOW Dianne Feinstein can be grilling Kaanaugh when That BTCH had a SPY FROM CHINA IN HER EMPLOYMENT FOR 23 FREEKING YEARS and go 20+ CIA AGENTS KILLED … how does she even have a DAM JOB and not be in prison ..

  8. Mr. DERP'n was the funniest one so far! How many seasons is this show??? 🍿🍿🍿 I'll just wait and trustdaplan 🤔😎

  9. Democrats are apparently scared to death to let Kavanaugh be heard… they don't want anyone to know that he would actually make a very VERY good SC Justice.
    The lefts hatred has exploded into a complete breakdown of civility, respect and lawfulness. I feel sorry for them.

  10. This is all straight up BS if Kavanaugh if a true justice he would not allow this DIRTY process that is intended to seat him

  11. I see a power play!!! To my true Americans that study.. This is a power play.. to enforce laws that's already on the book and ones to come.. to all my Afro Americans we cannot forget about the United States versus Dred Scott.. Every treaty signed by the United States.. Has never been honored just ask the Native Americans.. so the 13th and the 14th Amendment it's no more than a treated.. And according to the United Nations 2003 Afro Americans I want to get in the property of the United States.. But we must remember all peoples are fraudulent, fake, According to the Constitution you're off your 10 squares

  12. Dems should be ashamed of themselves. Never in all my years have I seen a group of people throw such a fit for not getting their way in 2016.

  13. They (liberal politicians) discuss abortion as if women magically get pregnant, and the only way not to bring a child into this world is through abortion. Are they aware that there are others ways not to bring a child into the world besides abortion?

    Edit: Anecdotal evidence is not a valid argument. Pregnancies caused by the horrific crime of rape make up about 1 percent of abortions, so let us not use the smallest segment of abortions to speak on the entirety of this subject.

  14. If you live in a state that has one or two Republican Senators and don't want Kavanaugh to further pollute the Supreme Court then you need to IMMEDIATELY call, email or wire these Senators that you will NO LONGER VOTE FOR them should they support Kavanaugh's confirmation. The Supreme Court is already too overloaded with judicial morons previously appointed by Trumpie as well as Daddy and Junior Bush. So unless you want more Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson or Citizen United type decisions from what is becoming a kangaroo court then you need to ACT NOW.

  15. After getting booted out they collect their Soros cash outside. We have seen the proof of that. The left are digusting.

  16. Next step to a totalitarian Trump dictatorship.
    I wonder when his youngest ( we know about ) son Barron is able to read and write, so daddy Don can appoint him as director of the FBI, CIA and the militairy

  17. I agree democrats are scared because they don't want to be accountable for all the evil and wickedness they support or allow by their negligence to practice common law sense.

  18. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has become a political football because they aren't accountable to ANYBODY. The so-called "check and balances" in our government was
    woefully deficient when it came to holding the Supreme Court in some way accountable for their decisions. If you think the Supreme Court is not up to their judicial collars in politics, there's some oceanfront property in Wyoming I would like to sell you.

  19. I would have loved to been there. But I coudnt stand hearing disrespectful civilians putting there 2 cents in every 10 seconds. Truly a showing of what liberal feel like they have the right to do. Disgusting

  20. Democrats have a better chance of stopping a blizzard in Antarctica in mid winter than they
    have of stopping Kavanaugh's confirmation.
    Liberals will further embarrass themselves and further self destruct when SCJ Ginsburg retires
    as she is no spring chicken.Guess who will appointing his 3rd Conservative to the SC?

  21. Yale needs to be torn down and turned into a dog park. Yale graduates are responsible for so much that is wrong with this country . Just the Dulles brothers and Bush family are reason enough. The entire Supreme Court overly represents these lilly-white pro-corporate authoritarian ivy leaguers. NO MORE WHITEYS to decide who gets in .

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