Watch: New Trump Lawyer Dershowitz Reveals Plan For Trump Trial Defense On Live TV | MSNBC
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Watch: New Trump Lawyer Dershowitz Reveals Plan For Trump Trial Defense On Live TV | MSNBC

January 18, 2020

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  1. "In behalf of the constitution", a likely story.
    I bet they got some dirt from Ebstein they are holding over this dirty old man .

  2. We know our history and we the people know our constitutional rights as well as separation of power. This is not a monarchy. And I wouldn’t want a Democrat president with these same overreaching powers🤦🏾‍♂️these old whites on the right are spiteful and malice as history has it🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Shane on Harvard for sponsoring this kind of abuse of the Constitution! Of course he won't be on the team, as he sees himself the weakness and icomplete nonsense he's arguing. This is your worst chicanery, cloaked as a legal argument.

  4. This weasels defense / "special advice" on what is or is not an impeachable act will serve to further divide the Nation.

  5. This man is making beautiful logical pretzels, almost like an acrobat. Half of the stuff he says accepts Trump's abuse of power, only that it does not perfectly align with what he believes the framers maybe could've meant with high crimes and misdemeanours. The ultimate defence he's making of course, is that this shouldn't be so political and the consequences for the future. Impeachment and removal is inherently political, so that argument can ALWAYS be used, it is the most basic of all, a non-defence. Look at the past. That is great but one should ask what are the consequences of NOT prosecuting and challenging the admitted abuse of power. The consequence of not responding to such egregious conduct. More specifically, the abuse of power and obstruction of congress concerning the high-jacking of a future general election with use of congressionally approved public funds to a foreign nation. Should we all accept that? and what does that mean for the future, Mr. Dershowitz? Is that not serious enough according to the framers? The world is watching, and the American experiment is on the line.

  6. Dershowitz for all his acclaim hasn’t been doing all that well in recent years … well except with his “boxers” on while being massaged by whom?

  7. Dershowitz is a paedophile. Why should we trust What he says. He is trying to change the US Constitution for his buddy, Donald Trump.

  8. This professor is twisting and bending the English language and turning a clear and concise reality into a mucky swamp where nothing seems to be what it really is , but let’s not be persuaded to believe what we know the sky is still blue and and the oceans are wet .

  9. A president breaking the law and abusing his power is not an impeachable offense for a president? That argument is laughable.

  10. A.D. Said, "It is NOT bribery. If someone says… If you do something for me I will give you "Something"… Isn't that bribery? Ari is a lawyer. Why didn't he say anything about that? If you investigate Biden I will give you the money that
    was withheld. HUH? It looks like BRIBERY to me.

  11. I'm not even going to listen to this. That the defendant's lawyer would go on TV and announce the defense is just plain laughable.

  12. اذا منع الرئيس الادلة لاثبات الجريمة ومنع الشهود وضيق الخناق كيف تستكيع اثبات اي شيء لذلك سوء استخدام السلطة يعني اخفاء ما ذهب اليه المشرع وهي اعم وادق وتحتوي الجريمة الكاملة وتخفي الكل والجزء اخطء في تفسير المنظمومة الدستورية سوء استخدام السلطة قد يقود لهدم الدولة واركان الدستور ومنع الوصول الى المعلومات والشهود يعني اخفاء الجريمة وما هناك

  13. Here we go straight up you hear the president saying what he want's!. Why is everyone around him pointing him in the right direction?

  14. A political quid pro quo IS bribery. I'll give you this, but first you have to do something for me, or you get nothing. That's extorting a bribe.
    Pro gamer move leaving it out of the articles of impeachment, nancy.

  15. Wondering if Dershowitz thinks Trumps connections and assistance from foreign nations is not treasonous? I know it's not one of the charges, but if we're going to discuss what the framers intended surely Trumps actions fall foul…

  16. According to Federalist paper 69, the President does meet the requirement for impeachment and conviction if after convicted he's criminally liable for the crimes for which he was impeached:

    "The President of the United States would be liable to be impeached, tried, and, upon conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors, removed from office; and would afterwards be liable to prosecution and punishment in the ordinary course of law. "

    As I understand it, Trump is awaiting many charges from the Southern district of New York's prosecution office. And thus Dershowitz's arguments are defeated by Alexander Hamilton.

  17. If Dershowitz was truly acting in a non-partisan way to interpret the constitution, he would not be on trumps legal team, regardless of the narrow role he is to play.

  18. He's basically arguing that impeachment shouldn't exist than. That their should no mechanism to remove a president who has abused their power. I'll just remind everyone that the GOP impeached Bill Clinton for far less, and citing the reason for impeaching him as being he committed abuses of power. We are suppose to be a society where nobody is above the law not even the president. The Republicans are spitting the the faces of our founders by acquitting someone who has so clearly abused his power and broken our laws. We have a crime family running the country and nobody is really doing anything about it. Certain issues go above party and politics, this is one of them. I think every American has to ask themselves this question, do I want to live in a democracy? Because if the answer is yes. We need to stop ignoring this problem. Stop playing these partisan games and fight for the survival of our way of life. Yes, this moment in our history is just that dire, it's time for us all to take this far more seriously.

  19. Dershowitz!!! Epstein’s friend ! Why would he still show his face.
    Bring back how to catch a predator 👮🏽‍♂️

  20. So this guy being on Trump's team, and who is only going to be there for one day, basically saying "I am going here to waste everyone's time of why Trump shouldn't have been impeached."

  21. Let this lawyer keep talking cause he's gonna talk trump right out of office lmao. Abuse if power isn't an impeachable offense lmfao. Bribery and treason. Ring a bell? Just let him talk. He thinks he's helping his case when he's helping get trump removed in reality.

  22. The repulsive Dershowitz reappears like an unsightly herpes lesion periodically. It's to be expected in times like these.

  23. I guarantee he would be speaking differently had President Obama abused his power! Trump had the complexion for the protection and that’s what needs to be said

  24. He is arguing because now he is in his pocket.He will now change the interpretation of the constitution as it relates to impeachment ,I don't know why he insists on making these long drawn out answers to what his role is.We all know exactly what his role is as it pertains to defending a person like trump.Checks on the mail Derchiwitz my questions for him are the same ones Toobin is asking of him . Why would you say your insulted when asked to represent trump then and now your in your glory to representing trump ????

  25. MSNBC you need to figure out how to remove your opinions from your reporting, nobody cares about your opinions or beliefs or whether you're funny or not. If anyone from this organization thinks that the house did their circus fairly or based on a fact have no business in news and especially political news because are as biased as it gets.i believe that so are your followers

  26. A.D. got insulted by a question as to if he had taken any money. Well, if you hire a lawyer the first thing you have to do is give them money.
    It is actually a form of ritual. You can hand a lawyer $1 and say, "I want to hire you as my lawyer" If they take it they are your lawyer.
    That makes it an agreement. So, the question: Have you taken any money is a fair question? When I assisted a photographer when
    I was in my 20s. I would say: Ok, I will work for you this weekend, for $xxx. Give me $20 now. They would ask why and I would say,
    "Because, if you pay me something now I am agreeing to work for you. If you don't pay me the $20 I am not working for you until the weekend. It always worked very well and so did I. I still do that today. "If you pay me a small fee we have a legal relationship with stated
    rules or agreements. If you don't pay me we have no legal agreement and no specific rules. The first thing I do after I am given a fee/retainer is to send them the basic rules of doing business with me/my Co., as to confidentiality, meetings, payments, Etc.

  27. Dershowitz, what he has to say, is most worrying. He presents, unfortunately, information that does support a disgusting human being who somehow became president of the US. We are a nation of laws. We must adhere to our laws or have chaos. Should we be putting all our effort on removing Trump by vote? Do we need to make changes to our constitution? Trump has committed and is committing horrors and crimes for which he somehow is not brought to task. He must be charged with specific crimes and tried?

  28. Who is paying for the legal defense of this President???????
    Words! Round and Round here we Go……………….nobody knows where we Go

  29. What's this? Dershowitz getting it wrong about the so called "Prime Ministership of England" [sic]! Evidently the US's Legal Eagle of first & last resort has forgotten that the occupant of No. 10 Downing Street is also Prime Minister of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Er..that's the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland' to give it its correct citation. England is but a part of the UK of GB. I am concerned that Dershowitz might not know that North America includes his neighbor to the north, Canada…Someone ought to tell him…

  30. That's the problem with democrats they let sht like Dirtshitwitz and Bernie Sanders in the party. It's all about money with these Jews!

  31. He is a friend of Epstein— and you welcome him on your program as if he is welcome in polite society. Sad 😞 Outer darkness awaits you Mr. D

  32. His argument is then that you need to prove the President guilty of a crime, but the President can block Congress from getting documents and witnesses with no checks or balances?

    I’m also curious what the ”and misdemeanors” is intended to mean in his interpretation…

  33. This is only a partisan exercise because republicans are being intellectually dishonest. If they weren't all lying rats, and in some cases co-conspirators, this would be the proverbial slam dunk.

  34. Is Dershowitz compromised? Is he now in the Trump ring of complicity? Has he been added to the extra piquancy that Trump keeps adding to his swamp? What’s the mud sticking to Derschowitz?

  35. My advice to everyone. NEVER show that you are insulted by anything another person says to you. And NEVER define or
    explain yourself to them. Especially in front of others and MORE ESPECIALLY, NEVER on TV. First of all it lessens your options
    and second, it makes you look/sound petty and defensive. When someone TRYS to insult me I usually say, if I don't have a better answer, "Thanks for the compliment." To be or act insulted shows that you have no good answer and it makes the insulter look like they win. RELAX.

  36. Notice there will seemingly be hours and hours of discussion about the constitution and impeachment/removal … not factual evidence illuminating the innocence of tRump. He has broken the law, abused his power and conspired/colluded to undermine a presidential election.

  37. So based on his arguments Nixon had no chance of being impeached and removed from office? Hmmm interesting… I don’t think so!

  38. Can a president actually both abuse Power and obstruct justice or can he just choose one of these options each time?

  39. There is no argument, that the Constitutional remedy to remove a president is unconstitutional. He just wants to get on the Senate floor & rant for an hour🤦🏽‍♀️

  40. No confidence in this system…no confidence of accountability for the plethora of wrong done…White men in places of power, with lots of money, seem to do whatever they want to with no accountability..its.playing out here on our national stage. The jerks dont care that history is watching. Malignant..

  41. The abuse of power includes: using the office's authority in ways that do not benefit America's interest , or their allies. It also includes using the office's authority to restrict information, access, and assistance, for personal interest, against the interest of the United States.

  42. Psah they are so predictable. Defense … he is the president he cant do anything wrong. So that is what they learn in law university?

  43. If Alan Dershowitz is a Liberal Democrat than I have a bridge to sell you for a nickel he's the Orange Clown's friend and he is a repugnant Republican just like the rest of those sellouts.

  44. So according to what this bozo is saying,in short summary,he says he will explain the constitution to the judge whose job is to understand in full what the constitution is and what it entails? that's ridiculous and belittlement toward the courts officials and judge..

  45. All I want to know from this anchor Ari-Will he take Responsibility for pushing this fools gold Impeachment when Trump gets all the Repub. Votes and 3-5 Democrats also. Since he pushed it like a Lunatic. Him and Steyer, the 2 I watched push this without thinking of the facts. The facts-Trump is Guilty of everything but the Senate Republicans know that

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