Watch President Donald Trump’s Full Address To The 2019 United Nations General Assembly | NBC News
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Watch President Donald Trump’s Full Address To The 2019 United Nations General Assembly | NBC News

October 12, 2019

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  1. We have a powerful military and hope we never have to use it!…LOL…..Draft Dodger you were to scared to even join fight! that right there is a win for the enemy! Now you want to threaten the World with something you know nothing about!

  2. Bunch of talk!…im going to, I'm going to, we are going to!…..Show proof!….talk about your last UN speech and give us an update on the Im going too!…t?????????? not one applaud by any of these foreign governments! Putin is sitting back going good boy! let them see how foolish and weak you are!…an embarrassent!~

  3. Yawn, I ask that you order all your base to come forward and give up their iPhones because they are made in China!….Come on show us how much you hate China!…and will see how much your Base respects your order!!!

  4. This is a guy who walks into a bar and says F you all!…and thinks he can just walk right on out!….Nope!…this is the real world dude!…

  5. Listless tired speech. What an embarrassment to the US! Can't wait to see him impeached, indicted, prosecuted and put in prison.

  6. Whow. What a speech.. Great leadership and acknowledging God, and standing with Israel. ….. that's what makes Donald Trump the leader he is.. It's not about "climate change" but about " heart change". Well said, Mr President! Hashem said He will bless those who bless Israel. Stay the course. Do not give in !

  7. No matter how great the deal will be there will be no planet to enjoy it! Fools wasting important time. The young people don’t care about this when climate change is an emergency our house is on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. though US is making us Chinese economically pain, i still think he is the typical western politician as it should be. great speech from Mr . Trump. Though you are hoping China like it is, the real thing is, it's always the other way out. We are afraid deep inside that our big brother xi is taking us along the more uncertain way, amid the upcoming overwhelmed celebration of the 70th anniversary. and more, elites technocrats believe that democracy of the mass of people is disastrous.May the world peace and all settled.

  9. This is the first time I seen him speak clam and we'll and for people to understand but just to believe in him that's a different story the biggest problem in USA and western Europe there's no middle class there's the rich who doesn't pay tact than the poor who gets rob by the rich

  10. *Donnie looks "sick or tired"…compared to other times…"Watch out for Bernie, Lizzie, and Joey" !!! THEY'RE CLEARLY VERY ENTHUSIASTIC !!! 💤

  11. 1. He didn't write it
    2. Most lackluster delivery ever
    3. He's an infantile imbecile

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in Idiocracy

  12. Which socialist country killed millions since the Second World War? Of course he’s the second coming & can do or say no wrong, gulp!

  13. I didn't think I would hear Trump or anyone challenge the globalists, but globalists are zionists, and zionists run D.C., they control the world's finances and currencies, they start and encourage wars around the world and they have done so for centuries. This is just more deception by the zionists to stall the sheeple until a real machine mind controlled kingdom can be rolled out without resistance. We are very close to that happening. If it fails, the zionists have nukes in every major city and will not hesitate to set them all off if they see their end is nigh. We are doomed as a species.

  14. He only sounds like this when he is forced to read. The speech was superbly written by someone else but delivered by a man with a 5th grade reading level. It is what it is.

  15. Wages are not rising and incomes are increasing you are a liar trump the only ones doing good are the same global corporations and wealthy elites you claim to be against. Hypocrisy from a traitor.

  16. Looks like he has two teleprompters, but he still got it wrong, he keeps squinting form the left to the right, and still manages to get it wrong, 31:19 "fire or tire"

  17. I love and bless and pray for my President Trump, who will go down in history as best president of the United States of America.

  18. Well now President Donald, How does it feel to speak on your fellow citizen's behalf. I hope you are right about these issues. In life, the larger turds press together with the smaller turds. And an exit is provided for all of them. Training and experience will show you; how to recover properly in your own way. However, if you must make sure of this remedy. You'll need a Shovel.
    Trust Me in this issue. They all (of the turds)still stink too. But now there is a slightly larger mess to deal with.
    Just "flush and forget", if you are not constipated.
    Being found constipated is a very dangerous state of being, for any nation's longevity. As usual…Carry on. Thank you Sir, Ronald.

  19. May I speak as a fellow citizen of these united states. The observations I have made. Show Me that: these united states; are very, very constipated. – The inalienable right I am endowed with. Allows Me to forgive debts. This right shall not ever diminish from being solely mine also…I'm just saying, Sir.

  20. an uneducated old man ……never amounted to much in life …..and thus craves the spotlight at any cost ……what a disappointment you must be to your deceased Father ………lol ……..

  21. Please excuses Me. I will test this hope of the Nations. … Yip. Been there done that. Works for Me too. Humm… I feel better now too. Much obliged Jah, Thanks, Ronald. Amen.

  22. This is a hard head area. Anyone found in this area without a hard head; will be promptly offended. –> Socialism communism, capitalism is to have a just balance upon earth to work. They shall agree together of by and for the peoples of the world. These areas vital to one another as is the spirit, water, and blood. None of this experiment has any hope of longevity; without the combined effort to succeed without the other two. ie…S+W+B or W+B+S, or B+S+W. History has all of this understanding recorded. Anyone ever tried to wash their left elbow; with their left hand? Answer the simple question for yourself. Thank you.


  24. Great speech. Trump touched on a very important point. The American schools are teaching fake history. They are poisonous for the nations future

  25. MSNPC must wonder over like dislike ratio. This speech whether you dirty propagandists like it or not is the best one ever in the UN. Maybe your bolshevik bubble says otherwise, but we all know (at least in my country) know, that bolsheviks are not really a good people.

  26. Wow speaking sense wisdom Mr. President D Trump although you are injustice you always support Israel and Saudi Arabia. Why show to every countries. One love🇺🇸🇿🇲.

  27. i am an African, but i like President D. trump. i feel like he knows what his people need and he advocate for it. learn something from him before you hate him coz of the things you hear!

  28. Anyone who calls themselves a "socialist" or a "left-winger" should explain once and for all, why on earth they would embrace globalism! The left in poor country rally against globalization. It destroys jobs and fills our nations with illegal migrants. Insane!

    ~China's Position In The End Time Prophecies~ Part 1
    Go To:
    Search: Doc Pilgrim

  30. So trump talk about protecting the homeland not being a globelist but still funding a huge military to become even bigger, on a global scale, with more than 800 militaty bases. So really, who runs the USA? And democracy? In the USA? You have no idea what you talk about. You can in the USA choose between 2 parties. 2.

  31. Looks this speech did what it was meant to do: firm up Trump’s protectionist base.

    Anyone who thinks this speech will help one iota in getting China or Iran to do what we want is blind.

    How about I call you Trump supporters a bunch of nationalist hillbillies that should understand who’s actually paying Trump’s billions in tariffs before weighing in on international trade.

    Does that criticism put you in a headspace to take that feedback to heart and go learn about tariffs and the upward pressure they put on consumer prices, then inflation, then the cost of a mortgage, then the value of their homes?

    Didn’t think so.

  32. If you hurt DJT, I promise you you will hurt. Do not do it. I am number one at everything. Give up and send a few to prison and we will stop. DJT will do the right thing. A Texan speaks. I am not alone.

  33. Priceless: The man, the speech……. the expressions on the faces of the listeners. Getting taken to school…. oh, yeah. Love my President.

  34. Attention trump supporters, tariffs on China make America lose millions a minute. And why is he threatening Iran? IRAN WILL WIN

  35. This globalist cabal conspiracy nonsense makes me sick. Before WWII, we had every country just looking out for itself and look what that got us. It's the establishment of cooperation between countries with the U.N. and NATO that has prevented another WW since. Trump is too stupid to read any history.

  36. If you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty. If you want peace, love your Nation.

  37. May Almighty God's sends divine blessings and good Heavenly, Guardian Angels – Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael and many other Saints to pray for him, defend him, protect him and keep him safe always and forevermore, in Jesus name I pray, Amen. 🙏😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏😇❤😇❤😇❤😇❤😇❤😇❤😇❤😇❤😇❤😇❤😇❤➕❤🙏

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