Watch: Robert Mueller’s Full Opening Statement At House Judiciary Hearing | NBC News
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Watch: Robert Mueller’s Full Opening Statement At House Judiciary Hearing | NBC News

November 21, 2019

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  1. Bet ya, that Mueller doesn't pull a ''Rosenstein.''
    He may not give you what you want…
    but, he will not betray us all
    thank you for your service Mueller.

  2. Russia & China have launched a cyber war against us.
    This is WW3.
    All those friend request from people you already friends with .. Dont accept them its Russia & they wanna know about your personal life .

  3. By the preponderance of the evidence presented in the Mueller Report (Vol 2), President Trump does appear to be guilty of the "high crime" of obstruction of justice. What is next is for an independent prosecutor to present this to Congress to convince them to conclude that, in fact, DJT is proven guilty (i.e. no longer presumed innocent). Therefore, let the impeachment trial begin.

  4. Mueller stayed in line with the republicans that whole thing as I knew already was a waste of time. I told my liberal friends to just deal we are stuck with this clown for another four years cause he has made the white people angry and fearful and it’s working and since all the stupid libs keep giving purity tests joe is not going to win so we are just stuck with this freak show

  5. One of the most amazing things is that Trump has told America a bold-faced lie that he was exonerated by Mueller's report and his cult-followers have accepted it as the utter truth. Even after seeing Mueller repeatedly state Trump has not been exonerated, they have shamelessly held onto this lie. Not only does 35-40 of the country not care their President is a compulsive liar, they continually emulate his behavior.

  6. The United States is not showing much intelligence by losing sight of the importance of the fact that Russia successfully influenced our Presidential election and will continue to do so. Whether Trump is personally culpable or not, virtually nothing has been done to prevent Russia from becoming even more brazen now. And Trump is loving every minute of it. It may very well help him stay in office.

  7. if the highest ranking crime intelligence officer can't answer these questions then who can ??!! the law that states this has to be over turned, just nonsense Muller can't investigate a sitting president

  8. Not a single Russian prosecuted. Spied on and prosecuted Trump without due process. Bad news. Bad dude.

  9. one question….how come Mueller stammered and stumbled thru his testimony? man oh man, it seemed like at some points he didnt even write the report. seems like it was written by 12 angry democrats. sucks to be a demotard today. great day for america. MAGA

  10. "Can u charge the President after he leaves the office?" Mueller responds 'yes I can" Duh, of course he can cause thats the law, anyone can charge any president whos not sitting in office anymore lol. What Mueller didnt say is that he would, should or will lol

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