Watch: Trump Impeachment Hearings (Day 1) | NBC News
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Watch: Trump Impeachment Hearings (Day 1) | NBC News

November 14, 2019

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  1. Besides all this political crap this year has been great at work, my new truck, plenty of work, everyone getting a bigger piece of the old pie. Happy Thanksgiving to all. God Bless President Trump and all our ships at sea!!!

  2. If Trump doesn’t understand the rules then he should NOT be president of United States which is considered to be country as a leader of Free World that rule of law counts and matters.

  3. A subpoena to appear to testify is a court order. If you disobey the subpoena by failing to appear, you will be held in contempt, and the court will likely issue a bench warrant for you, and you will be arrested.

    So why isnt anybody in this administration in jail for this yet?

  4. This was the REO Speedwagon testimony…Heard it from a friend whooeweww, heard it from a friend whoooeweww, heard it from another there was a quid pro quo.

  5. Hate how Americans don't care about honesty anymore. They care more about hating other Americans that dont look exactly like them.

  6. I would get in trouble in jr high if I made a video or recorded my voice and had long stretches of dead air time where nothing happened… but it’s ok for the news broadcasters?! Sigh….

  7. No one ever cites this !! : The Dems never went after Eisenhower, Ford, Reagan, Bushes, and rest of Reps.(except of course, the corrupt Nixon) !! Why ? Because they all worked within the Constitution !! We don't want Trump out because he's a Rep., or even that he rigged his election using Russia's secret help… We want him out because he does NOT work within the Constitution !! He's literally a traitor, liar, foul mouth, bigoted, cheating, maggot , who's poisoning OUR White House !! That's why !! MDem

  8. This is a scheit show and disgraceful. An attempted coup! Watching this mix of resumes and unsupported accusations makes my stomach turn.

  9. Trump is clearly guilty of bribery and should be impeached.. He's can't be trusted not to pass intel to the Russians he must be removed from office ASAP. Clearly he and Russia are in bed together.

  10. Watching schiff is like watching a scene from Stalin and nazi trials to railroad, lie, undermine and destroy for a self purpose and power. Americans will never forget.

  11. I know who the whistle blower is. It's Waldo from where's Waldo. Hey Dem-wits. Enough of this sham and actually do some thing for the country.

  12. These two clowns sure act like they’re rehearsed and prepared for all Democrats questions but as soon as a Republican starts asking questions there’s a lot of stumbling and bumbling

  13. Blah blah blah….Trump takes 2020, Republicans take control of House. Dems throw Shifty Schiff under the bus for this clown show.

  14. 1:08:22 Check out how red Nunes's face is while Adam is speaking !!! With these testifying, highly decorated servants to the nation, how on earth are Trhump's lackeys going to prove better conduct, service and patriotism over THEM ? HOW ?? Tell me, How ?! Yet we may not get them to see the truth when the impeachment is brought to the Rep. Senate !!! And THAT will be a HUGE Tragedy !!!

  15. It's dangerous what the mainstream media is doing to this president, you're not supposed to be undermining our president while dealing with foreign leaders it's like giving your hand away in a poker game

  16. One word for Americans of African decent – non immigrant BLEXIT. If you ever vote for these Democratic clowns again, you would have disgraced your Ancestors and have doomed your Descendants to economic debt slavery In the future.

  17. If trump is impeach. Good luck America. The Democrat will open the border and more gangs more drugs tho Americas. And this world will turn nightmare. More illegal immigrants will come over and depend on all the middle class working hard to pay for then to sitting home getting free health care, free welfare, and free foodstam. Americas will be no more Americas if trump get impeach.

  18. FYI for those who really do not understand what is happening:

    Trump is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Ukraine soilders/civilans, Blackmailing an Allied head of State, and Colluding with a foreign power for personal and political gain at the expense of American intrest. Oh and btw the guy that nailed him to the cross was appointed by Bush.

    So yea, it's gg boys

  19. Bunch of mind readers testifying against President Trump….I hope never to be in a hearing before democrats because they will use mind readers to testify under oath against me….this is unfair proceedings….3rd hand knowledge and mind readers will be the new qualified witness against anyone….democrats are unhinged and radical…TRUMP 2020 KAQ

  20. They are reading from a script until the Republican Party does the questioning. What a bunch of lies by the Dems. Hope they all get exposed for what they are.

  21. The only thing important that was found out today is that these idiots in Washington, D. C. are giving away over 35 billion dollars annually to foreign countries when the average disabled person in the USA is expected to live on less than $800 per month! Can anyone in this country count? There are approx 25 million severely disabled people in the US. If the 35 billion was instead given to help these severely disabled people, that comes out to $140 extra each month or a 20 percent increase. That would an entirely better use of those funds! Put the American people first!

  22. The only thing important that was found out today is that these idiots in Washington, D. C. are giving away over 35 billion dollars annually to foreign countries when the average disabled person in the USA is expected to live on less than $800 per month! Can anyone in this country count? There are approx 25 million severely disabled people in the US. If the 35 billion was instead given to help these severely disabled people, that comes out to $140 extra each month or a 20 percent increase. That would an entirely better use of those funds! Put the American people first!

  23. If all of this perceived quid pro quo is the reason Democrats want to impeach a duly elected president, then why have they been touting impeachment years before any of it took place?

  24. Jim Jordan is a shameful republican rep. and a Trumpist stooge and he has his facts all mixed up and tries to confuse the American people but most Americans know that and can tell his motives from his attitude and behavior in his style of questioning with repeats in his statements , he should address the sexual abuse fact that was done by his boss the wrestling coach in Ohio but look like he chose to cover it up for his boss because he doesn’t care about facts at all therefore not very qualified to be asking questions on behalf of American people .

  25. In this public hearing it was obvious Republicans Do Not have anything to defend Trump and their questions were off the subject and tried to confuse the people but it did Not work , Democrats were much stronger and their questions were to the point of impeachment and reasons for impeaching Trump so in this first public hearing The Democrats scored much better and Democrats win the first round of public hearing of impeachment of Trump.

  26. The Republicans attorney that was asking questions from Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kent was very terrible and Did Not know what he was talking about !! where did Republicans find this Attorney from ? ? From Trumps relatives ?? Did The Republicans Not have a better Attorney to bring to the Public Impeachment hearing ?? the Republicans were shameful and Not truthful.

  27. 4:40:35 Adam Schiff the ranking democratic congressmen and the chairman for this hearing implies that the president of Ukraine lied to everyone multiple times when speaking about the corruption of Trump. The guy was literally elected to fight corruption. Take what you will from that.

  28. Democrats… We are gonna take American citizens guns in order to institute more communism.
    Also democrats… We have to give Ukraine billions of your money for guns in order to fight against more communism….

  29. the Republicans failed to even ask a question in most of their rants, all they did is yell conspiracy theories at the witnesses and make themselves look like the idiots they are.

  30. Schiff has a way of loosing the point of his questions when he's talking so that nobody knows where he's going until he actually has to say the answer he was wanting the witness to give. Nobody is making any hard statements about anything except Schiff who is basically drawing conclusions for himself and making speeches. He wants all the camera time.

  31. Nunes took the opening approach I knew he would. Attack Democrats and play the never trumper card. What a waste of space he is.

  32. I am very independent and am not swayed by any party. I would be a lot closer to a guilty verdict if the Democrats were not holding this in such a sketchy way. Why not allow the Republicans to call witnesses and confront Trumps accuser?

  33. Has anyone caught on to how almost everything the republicans are saying during the first hour(and possibly more, but I am not there yet) is for the purpose of letting the public know what has up to that point been closed doors? I am not a republican at all, but I generally appreciate this.

  34. We can expect competent diplomats defending America to be in conflict with our adolescent president and the thugs in the GOP.

  35. This thing is blowing up as one big disastrous mess for the Democrats. The president can fire whoever he wished, order investigations on whoever he wishes and broke no laws. Now it turns out the 'whistleblower' is a CIA agent working for Obama and the Democrat party. Total waste of time, the Dems could have spent those three lost years rebuilding roads and bridges, improving schools, and bettering healthcare. What a waste.

  36. If all the evidence against you is hearsay, it is all inadmissible. Therefore, no evidence would be admitted. You can't be convicted if the prosecution submits no evidence of your guilt. …

  37. Summary of hearing :

    Heard it from a friend who
    Heard it from a friend who
    Heard it from another you been messin' around
    They say you got a boy friend
    You're up late every weekend
    They're talkin' about you and it's bringin' me down
    But I know the neighborhood
    And talk is cheap when the story is good
    And the tales grow taller on down the line….

    If Epstein had a gun, he wouldn't have killed himself.

  38. Jim Jordan's smile is evil…looks like the Joker!

    The actions wanted by Traitor Dotard Chump may not have happened but that's only because the Traitor N'Thief was forcefully told that his request is an impeachable act. He admitted what he wanted on live TV, that it didn't happen is besides the point, it was requested and that is a crime.

  39. Is Trump that smart to have thought about this plot?
    Every movie to be interesting needs an obstacle that the main character resolves at the end.
    Maybe these supporting actors (whitenesses) are placed by Trump and been told, "Listen! go and make some nonsense stories about me on a National level so I come in stronger after that, Triumph and Win the election again" Because I cannot understand how Ambassador Taylor and the rest been working for 40 years in the field came in without no real evidence and sadly stumble in every question. This is gonna me a great MOVIE. Let me Guess Trump won Again……

  40. The GOP looks ridiculous and sound like recalcitrant childtren.
    Jim Jordan has no room to defend anyone else's corruption… he has plenty of his own to answer for… bye bye Jim
    BaZinGa!!! … Congressman Welch… Bravo!

  41. 3:27:50 Ratcliff- "What are the rules for questioning?", schiff- I'll allow your question. Ratcliff- What are the rules?, Schiff- I dont know, I said i'll allow it!. Nunes- What are the rules?, Schiff- I AM THE RULES! I MAKE THEM UP AS THEY SUIT ME!

  42. The USA has been operating this way for almost a century. And when countries don't do what they want, they misteriously come up with weapons of mass destruction.

  43. Republicans: "Yes we have a body, yes we have a murder weapon, yes we have a confessed murderer that was also caught in the act, yes we have CCTV video of the murder but… do we know who made the anonymous 911 call ? If we don't then it is all hearsay< I yield back".

  44. This is more than a witch hunt. These are demonic rats sons of satan working for him to bring America down to the hands of the lawless one. I don't care what Potus says or does, his mind is not evil as the dems have proven to be. I believe that all the President wanted to do was to expose another demonic rat who was former vp and now running for president. They should all be impeached and Obama and Hillary should still be locked up. Let our President do His JOB!!!! Our Most High God is watching and He will have the Last Word. AMERICA NEEDS TO REPENT! AMERICA HAS BEEN MADE A VERY WICKED COUNTRY BY THE DEMOCRATS. AMERICA WILL SOON RECEIVE ITS JUDGEMENT FOR WE HAVE A RIGHTEOUS SOVEREIGN GOD.

  45. democrats are aliens from another planet, their ability to comprehend and have the ability to understand is not in their DNA. Here is a scenario with facts: With the dress being Gold or Blue is an illusion because the dress is in a shadow and HUMANS ability to comprehend the visual is nature. The Democrats/ Aliens from another planet can't comprehend Human behavior in describing facts from hearsay, Proof of a Alien doing just that:

  46. I find it surprising even tho trump is once again proven innocent people still want to impeach him and the left won't even defend how stupid they look doing it guys it's over just stop do something better with your life get a hobby just something.

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