Water is a constitutional right in Slovenia
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Water is a constitutional right in Slovenia

August 26, 2019

hey guys Heather Travar here your slovenian citizen diplomat i just finished working out so i’ve got to hydrate now fresh clean water there is nothing like it I mean really we can’t survive without it can you imagine what it must be like for those people in Flint Michigan I mean I just don’t understand why did the federal government not immediately step in put all the people in jail who were part of contaminating the water and immediately correct the situation it’s got to be a constitutional right for us to have drinkable woah oh no we don’t have that that’s Slovenia I’m thinking about Slovenia has an amendment to their Constitution since 2016 that says water is a right of the Slovenian people shouldn’t we have something like that in our Constitution there’s got to be something somewhere let’s take a look and find out almost two years ago Slovenia made drinking water a constitutional right this was big news you may have heard about it okay it was being used to people who care about everyone having access to water so a lot of us didn’t hear about it here but it is big news now let’s just read it and see what it says everyone has the right to drinking water water resources shall be a public good managed by the state as a priority and in a sustainable manner water resources shall be used to supply the population with drinking water and water for household use and in this respect shall not be a market commodity the supply of the population with drinking water and water for household use shall be ensured by the state directly through self-governing local communities and on a not-for-profit basis Oh Nestle I don’t think you can come in there and bottle public water for $200 a year in salt for profit sorry not sorry okay look I know we have nothing like this in our constitution but there must be something that generally addresses public resources being preserved for us especially we’re talking about something we need to live ok now let me say the whole net neutrality thing the internet is utility and our governments decided that it is okay for companies like spectrum to control it and say that some websites get faster speeds than others and potentially eventually they can just shut down some sites altogether but you know really we don’t have to have the Internet to live I mean we literally don’t have to have it it’s done some great things it has helped save some lives I’m certain but we don’t actually literally have to have it you can’t go very long with that water so I’m thinking that somewhere in our constitution there is something that talks about vital public resources being protected by the guy and not being sold for profit so let’s find that because it’s got to be in here somewhere okay let’s see article one well this is about Congress and how Congress is made up and what their duties and powers are I don’t think I’m going to find it in here but let me just check section 9 this looks kind of weird the migration or importation of such persons how do you import a person don’t you just import goods things hmm I don’t know if this isn’t what we’re looking for but we’ll come back to it later because this is strange okay nothing there article 2 is about the president nothing there article 3 is about the courts um not seeing anything there let’s try article 4 yeah this is no person held to service or labor in one state under the laws thereof escaping into another this isn’t section – why would you be held a service or labor and why don’t you escape to another state when you just move there hmm that sounds pretty weird – but we’ll come back to that another time I’m not saying anything about water here okay look there’s got to be something in the Bill of Rights the first ten amendments there must be something about right to buy the public’s resources okay let’s check it out all right amendment one I know this is a good one all right um freedom of religion freedom of speech freedom of press freedom to assemble for you know to petition the government for a redress of grievances I don’t know I don’t I don’t really seem you think that’s those are all great things but I don’t see anything that’s really applicable amendment number two if you are in on the gun control debate you should know what this is and if you don’t get out of the gun control debate till you do some research amendment three it’s about soldiers being quarter during war time and in peacetime without considering the owner amendment for unreasonable search and seizure amendment five about grand juries that’s important amendment 6 speedy and public trial amendment 7 suits at common law nothing about public resources amendment 8 excessive bail shall not be required not sure we’re getting that right either but that’s another video altogether number 9 um just says that you know one write in the Constitution can’t be used to override another right amendment 10 is about states rights all right I you know I’m not a constitutional expert but I have been to law school and I don’t really see anything jumping out at me alright let’s look through the rest of the amendments maybe there’s something here so we’ve got suits against the state election of the President and vice-president abolition of slavery that’s good not what I’m looking for but very good do you process rights not to be denied on account of race very good not what I’m looking for but very good income tax election of senators Oh prohibition Wow what a stupid time that was women’s right to vote to term limit limit to president poll tax right to vote at age 18 compensation of congressional members I don’t see anything I on its face our Constitution does not say that our vital public resources are protected to be governed by our government to be used for us and not peaceable is a commodity for profit I don’t have anything else to tell you guys we failed on this one Lavinia one u.s. zero until next time I do and if you want to catch the next in the constitutional series be sure 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  1. To get a pdf of the official English translation of the Slovene Constitution, Google "English translation Slovenian Constitution National Assembly".

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