Wax On, Wax Off: Testing Composition – Flash Challenge | Ink Master: Return of the Masters
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Wax On, Wax Off: Testing Composition – Flash Challenge | Ink Master: Return of the Masters

October 15, 2019

– Welcome. The pressure
of this competition is higher than ever. Make it to the end, and you will earn $100,000, a feature in “Inked” magazine,
and the title of Ink Master. And for this flash challenge, your success is dependent
on each other. Coaches, you must once again
work side-by-side with your teams. – [bleep] yeah. – This week, we’re
testing composition. – Composition is
creating balance.It’s creating flow,
and a focal point,
to draw your eye
throughout the picture. – Today, you must create
an amazing design out of an unruly medium… Melted wax. – That’s crazy talk. – First, using tape,
you will stencil a design onto a 4′ by 7′ canvas. Then, you will strategically
spread colored, granulated wax
on your canvas. Using butane torches
and heat guns, you will melt the wax to create
flowing fields of color. When the tape is removed,
an impressive work of art will be revealed in
the negative space.– Negative space means
that’s the space
you’re not even touching,
but it has to be part of the art piece,
which means it has to flow,it has to balance,
it has to show depth.
It’s just as important
as the pieces you touch. – Win this challenge, and
your team will have the power to assign all
of the human canvases in the elimination tattoo. You have six hours, and your time starts… now. – Let’s go. – Melting wax, finding
composition and a knowhow of how to work with the wax
is gonna be tricky. – What I have in mind
is birch trees, and I’d like to
incorporate three black wolves. – When I think of candle wax,
too, I always, you can always
carve into it. You can carve
the trunk bark into it. – I like the idea. That’s
gonna sound like a lot, but we can do it, because we’re
all working together. – Being a difficult medium, if everybody’s not on the same
page, we could see a disaster. – When you’re thinking about
a tattoo, and you’re thinking about it being on a body. But with this, think of it
more as fine art. DJ and Josh are
amazing tattooers, but composition is taught in
fine art schools, which I’ve been to. – Like, what are you thinking,
more fine art? – So, maybe like
a woman’s face, like, spitting out
butterflies or something. – Let’s do that. – We’ve shot ourselves
in the foot for going too crazy. This is the one time I’m
trying to tone us down. – I can draw a girl’s
face well. – If you can draw it, I will
be a laborer on this one. – All right, let’s do it. – I’m quarterbacking this game. – You want this straight up?
– Yeah. – We’ll turn it vertical, and
she wants to draw on it. – This is finally a challengewhere my teammates can
actually rely on me.
– What do you want to do? – I think do a nice,
iconic, bold image. The flag would be
perfect, dude. White stripes,
the white stars. Silhouette the skyline, with
a space of negative around it. – But I mean, do you want
to go that simple? – It’s safe, and we can make
it look clean as [bleep]. – The [bleep] is safe, bro? Can we beat the other
teams, man? We’re going for
the [bleep] win. – I know.
– It’s down to two, so if we lose the skull pick,
it’s a [bleep] done deal. – Steve, dude, take your own
advice. Rein yourself in.You’ve been telling me to go
simple this whole competition.
Now, I’m finally doing it, and
you’re going crazy with ideas.
Simple is smart on this one. – Whatever the [bleep]
you guys want to do. – I think it’ll be cool,
you know what I mean? – Whatever, but… – Then let’s go. Let’s do it.[tense music]♪ ♪– [bleep] pain in the ass,
huh? Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Do you know where
the line of the tree is? – Really. – So with having an extra
player on our team,we decide to go with
a more complicated design.
But this medium is a
pain in the ass to work with.
Blending all those colors
and everything is tricky.
– Sorry, J, I got
some blue in here. – Oh, no.And controlling how
much heat gets to it
and how far it spreads
is an insane nightmare. – No way that’s coming off. [bleep] dude,
we should’ve done it when it was
a little bit warmer. – You have three hours to go.♪ ♪– The two [inaudible]
have to be even. – It looks pretty damn close. – Dude, that [bleep]
texture is so sick. – The thing that I’ve
been learning is that DJ’s a coach
for a reason. – What?
– I know.– To show great composition,you need more
than one element.So we’re gonna
scatter these butterflies
throughout the piece
to evenly compose it.
I want to get, like, an “oh
[bleep]” from the judges. We’re a man down
from last week, but it’s not
holding us up. Josh is pretty
much good at everything.Deanna’s got some weak points,but she’s worked her way
out of them.
I might have two
advantages in this finale.♪ ♪– Sorry I was [bleep]
so ambitious, guys.♪ ♪– Why is it [bleep] 3,000
black buildings? Hold on, stop. Kind of thought we’d
just blacken the top and let the rest drip down. – There’s only seven
people left,and only three make it
to the finale.
It’s crucial to
get these advantages. – Yeah, once we drip it,
it’ll be way cooler.– I’m not gonna just back down
or lay down.
And if you want me off,
it’s gonna be a fight. – That’s pretty
[bleep] dope, dude. I really had my doubts
in the beginning. – You were laughing
at our piece. – Well, I’ve got to be honest
with you. I wasn’t feeling it. – Down, down, down, down,
down, down, down, down, down. – We’ve got hurry. We’ve
got to hang this up. – Hey, torch. Hurry, hurry.– We did three wolves in the
beginning and let the wax dry.
But now we’re peeling
off the tape, chunks are just flying off.I mean, it’s ruining
our whole design.
– How much time?
– Like, none. – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it. Time is up. – Hey, ours looks by far
the [bleep] raddest. And theirs is
just so boring. – The shading in the flag
kind of looks like clouds. – I think it’s cool, man. – All right. Time to
critique your work. Team DJ, you’re up. Your use of the
butterflies in the foreground was really a smart play, because you have so much depth
in the background that your negative space
is a really neat effect. – It would’ve been
a lot stronger if you left the butterflies
completely stark. – Man, we debated that. – The color blends and
the fades that you get herebetween the red and the brown,and having the different color
fields all playing
into each other really do
cater to a painterly style.
You guys do something that’s
definitely artistic. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you. – Yo, I thought Team DJ
had this in the bag until they added
these butterfliesand these weird boogers
all over the face.
– Next up is Team Steve. – It’s a very
simplistic take,but yet has a nice
balance to it.
Looking for
composition in this piece,
you have the silhouette of
the cityscape at the bottom,
and then the flag
in the background
with a lot
of negative space.
And you do get
a lot of tones.
You do get it to look
like a runny painting.
It is a very bold, strong move. – You feel an immediate
response, a knee-jerk. It does spark emotion, and does
register a feeling with me. all: Thank you. – I am super proud of my team,
and especially Jeremy.I mean, me and Roly
were kind of lost,
and Jeremy pulled us through.I think we’ve got a winner. – Team Anthony.I mean,
it’s a really realistic look.
As far as composition goes,
it’s pretty plain. Just a ton of trees,
equidistant almost all the wayacross the background.– There’s so many vertical
lines up and down, I can’t help but just
read a bar code.– Are they looking at the same
[bleep] I’m looking at?
I mean, you have foreground,
middle ground, background. You can see it all.
And made out of wax? I mean, come on.
Give us a break.

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  1. people always say that these sort of challenges are pointless and have nothing to do with tattooing but i completely disagree. i am always impressed with just regular tattoo artists pulling off such amazing works of art. that says something. they are more than just tattoo artists.

  2. Team DJ's portrait was sick. Sometimes in flash challenges, you say "oh, well that's amazing for the material they were working with." Their piece would still be amazing even if it was an oil painting.

  3. Has anyone else noticed steves shirt design is also the same design as one he used in a different episode where they had to copy the judges design?

  4. Team steve did and american flag and the twin towers, the judges know if they are going to say one mean thing about it most americans are gonna get mad

  5. Lets be real no one is going yo say anything bad about the American Flag and Twin towers one, but honestly i would buy that piece.

  6. Deana Smith always has to mention she's been in a fine art school and it has to get on everyone nerves… unless its just me…

  7. Anthony’s coaching abilities are top notch 👌🏽 he constantly shows great consideration and respect towards his team and that’s amazing

  8. Always wanted to be a tattoo artist but I can’t draw for shit lol. Only trace shit unless they want a stick figure, then it’s my time to shine 😂😂

  9. I barely noticed that Dave Navarro has a shitty satanist edgy boy tattoo right on his neck. And it’s kinda asymmetrical

  10. I can't help but dislike majority of the competitors in this season. After DJ's season this is very weak. I did not like the entire team Steve and even the other two had some very weak people.
    The competition however still has the dope art challenges and it teaches you a lot which I love.

  11. one of the rare times where they dont swear much, they compliment, still fight but not as much. btw dj's a good leader he is nice and calm unlike the other

  12. See, I thought these guys were tattoo artists. I'll never become a tattoo artists if I have to be able to do all this random stuff.

  13. They should make a gigantic art gallery with super tall walls and then the names on the top of the walls then all the art works of this person!

  14. "Composition is creating balance its creating flow and a focal point to draw your eye throughout the picture."

    Well, sort of. She described "good composition", actually composition is placement or arrangement of visual elements or 'ingredients.

  15. I like how they always define the key word to us even though its a simple word that most everyone can understand. Composition, adapatbility, consistancy, etc. Like ya anyone who made it through junior high knows what those words mean.

  16. The flag is cool as well as the wolf and trees but that women’s face I want hanging above my fire place or any where I’d hang it on the front of my home!!! NO JOKE!!!! This is amazing!!!

  17. Gorgeous works of art what is done with them after they're done with the competition do they sell them does anybody know do they donate them to charities would love to purchase one of these

  18. Not to be rude or anything,but Daniel is one of those people who are so attractive, but the moment they open their mouths and start speaking, you’re just like nope, bye Felicia

  19. How did that basic ass American flag win. You cant just force a win for them because they went for the easiest idea of 9/11 to pander to emotions

  20. It's Ink Master there are no breaks😅 also hand DOWN team DJ with the womans face killleeddd it!!!👌👌👌👌

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