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We Develop a Bike Frame / E10 // Welding

October 15, 2019

Hey here we are again with a new episode. It´s pretty loud here as some one is welding in the background. I´m in Karlsruhe with our Frame Builder and he is just welding at the moment. Ingo: Hallo Hey Ingo, what do you do? Ingo: I´m welding chainstays for 77designz. Ingo: For your new Enduro Bike Than we will watch you! All welded? Ingo: Yes Alright let´s show the welds Looks awesome! This is the chainstay for the frame. And next scene! Here you can see th main frame it´s fixed on the Frame Fixture Now this one will be spot welded too. All tubes are fitted and in position. The seattube support tube is missing and will be added later. This is the shock mount This is the pivot for the rocker. And this is the main pivot. And soon Ingo will start with spot welding let him prepare. Put it on the table and let´s get started. The spot welding will happen in the Frame Fixture Small weld points to hold everything in place. After this step the complete welds will be made without the Frame Fixture. As you couldn´t reach everywhere otherwise. Now he will take the farme out of the fixture. And the final welds can be added free hand. tada there she is.. All fixed. That´s how the frame looks now Super clean Now the second part of the shock mount will be added. With the exact right gap. Than soon the final welds can be added Some additinal spot welds will be added from oposite side. And than the final welds come Yes I´m ready Ingo: Now the frame is finished and I can hand it over to Giacomo. Thankk you, thats the final frame But it still has to go to heat treatment before I can start the assembly. Bearings, Rocker etc. will be added and that we will start testing. Soo exited!! Hey Ingo, cheers for the good work and the beatiful welds. See you soon and don´t forget to subscribe if you like to see more. Bye. Ingo: Ciau

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  1. Hey 77designz!

    Welche Legierung verwendet ihr f├╝r die Fr├Ąsteile und f├╝r die Rohre? Wo lasst ihr das W├Ąrmebehandeln?

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