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We Develop a Bike Frame / E11 // Bike Frame Assembly

August 23, 2019

So beer first! We have finally received the
first prototype frame!! Cheers to the birth of our frame. Here is a area where we have to optimize. Due to the design using gussets there are many welds close to each other and we consider to move to a full CNC part to avoid welds. We could ream the bearing seats but also the orientation must be quite precise. Also there is so much manual work that it´s almost more expensive than a CNC part. But that´s what you build prototypes
for. I wanted to remind you to order the SS version. It is SS. Yes you did it all good 😉 Aha got it. See I can work independently. So is it in? You can show it to the cam. We secured the Horst Link bearings using retaining rings to avoid movement. It´s a common problem. So let´s mount it. It´s all prepared. The washer is gone but the floor is almost clean. Almost 😉 a bit of Wuppertal dust get´s mounted now. Let´s see where we are. There we go sweet. Alright. Dont be surprised that we don´t use a torque wrench we just pre assemble here. Let´s add the washer. Where are they? Donno I went to get pizza. Nene, it all has been here. Man man man in this workshop nothing disappears. Here you got
to pay attention. There is a narrow and a wide washer to give room for the retaining ring. It should make any noise while riding so it´s okay if it´s precise. So now this is mounted and now tadaaa two parts one for you and one for me. Where are the screws. Ja here you can see it. Thats the area we have talked
about previously. Here we will have tension. Tension is what you don´t want at all. But
we will fix it for the upcoming frames. So fit´s and actually works smooth. We havequiet a bit of tension but basically it seems to be straight and the rear triangle drops by its own weight. So it´s okay for the first sample. On purpose we welded only one in order
to spot problems and solve them before we build more. So we will do some adjustments for the next prototypes. Let´s mount a rear wheel and than we are almost done for today. And than I will assemble the whole bike tomorrow. The most important part we should mount the idler pulley. I guesswe have to press in the bearings first. Do you have the 5mm bit. Did you stay organized? Rear wheel looks true, I can live with it. I agree. At the rocker you can see that it´s
not straight enough though. For now it´s most important that the trueness of the rear
wheel is given. Here you mounted the spacer. Idiot I should have looked up the assembly document. Now you can see unfortunately that the shock would be mounted under tension. Which is terrible. But to demo the concept and do first test runs we will have to live
with that. One task of a first prototype is to figure out production and design issues and react on them. Also we can quickly do some testing to figure out if we did any major mistakes with the geometry or kinematics. B**ch. Doesn´t wanna get in there. Now we have some additional work. Wasn´t it mounted before? Yes but the preload was opposite as we mounted it the other way round. That means we can assemble it but it will have pre loads. We will try to disassemble the frame and see what we can adjust. No we cant ride it like that. No than I make 3 runs and the shock explodes. Now we will have to optimize. I would say we stop the video now and you saw that it´s not as easy at it seems. And there are always challenges that have to be solved. Alright. So I´ll try to get it solved and
show you the next video as soon as possible. Like this you can mount it for the trade show but you should not ride it much. Okay this is how we do it. Bye bye.

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  1. Sehr, sehr cooles Projekt und super interessant zu schauen. Vielen Dank dafür! Bin gespannt auf die ersten Fahreindrücke. Sieht vielversprechend aus

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