We look at East Coast Treaty claims

February 15, 2020

Back home now. The Office of Treaty Settlements
is meeting with Gisborne iwi to try to sort out any issues to do
with their claims allocations. Some iwi are still trying to
negotiate a better deal. Dave Hawea is still fighting for
the return of Whanau a Kai land under their Treaty claim. Whanau a Kai is one of the iwi
in the Whakarau grouping, which includes Te Aitanga
a Mahaki, Ngariki Kaiputahi and two other whanau groups. We all agree. We want
this to all end. We want to look to the future
for our grandchildren. The future belongs to them. Let them not be burdened
by past events. It’s time to look forward.
That’s what I think. Ngai Tamanuhiri and
Rongowhakaata claims are separate to the
Whakarau grouping, and the Rongowhakaata
negotiator says it is about ensuring
they get the best deal to be able to grow it for
the future generations. But Te Whanau a Kai say they
are not getting enough money for the large amount of land lost. This year the crown
has sent facilitators, like Tukoroirangi Morgan, down to
talk with the Whakarau grouping to help work out their differences,
but there is still division. The Minister of Treaty
Settlements Chris Finlayson is due to come and meet
Gisborne iwi on Saturday, it will then be known weather or not
everyone is ready to settle or if he will have another
fight on his hands.

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