We need a social media bill of rights: Nigel Farage
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We need a social media bill of rights: Nigel Farage

September 14, 2019

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  1. Thankfully, white birthrates are indeed very low, while the birthrates of minorities are much, MUCH higher. Within our lifetimes, whites will be a minority in a significant number of formerly white countries, including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, to name just a few. To white supremacists yearning for the days when whites could rape and pillage the world with impunity, this is incredibly frightening. To people on the right side of history, however, this looks like progress. Whites are finally getting their just desserts – and it’s about time. I sincerely hope that, when the white power structure finally comes crashing down, whites will receive no mercy from the minority groups that whites have spent centuries oppressing. We certainly don’t deserve any mercy or kindness, as we have given nothing of the sort to others.

    Whites should also know that, when they do become a minority in formerly white countries, they will NOT be receiving affirmative action or any of the other benefits meant to assist the minorities that whites have historically oppressed. Why? Because whites don’t deserve those benefits. It’s as simple as that. One can look to South Africa, where whites are only about 8.4% of the population, but blacks continue to receive affirmative action because blacks in South Africa have historically been disenfranchised by whites. The same thing will happen when whites become a minority in North America, Europe, and Oceania, because whites have historically oppressed minorities in all three of those continents. Not to mention, why should whites receive any kind of benefits when the ultimate goal is to get rid of whites altogether? Finally, laws against hate speech will serve to prevent whites from complaining about this, as any white person who complains will be arrested, given a long prison sentence, and made an example of for the rest of the remaining white population. Speech that attempts to justify the white power structure and perpetuate white oppression of minorities is not freedom of speech, and it has absolutely no place in modern society.

  2. PART 3 ZIONIST RIGHT MEDIA, HOLLYWOOD TRY TO CONTROL HOW we think and its designed to cause violence. They lie about Muslims to try and cause a war.
    muslims save christians during islamic terrorist attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sccfhwhpzc
    muslims and christians prayed together for those who died for freedom in tahrir sq.- egypt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_aqs0uqjrk
    persecuted christian in pakistan sacrifices himself protecting muslim women from islamic terrorist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f1pyhqm6go
    copts and muslims for a peaceful coexistence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl9mtqfo43q
    pakistani muslims form human chain to protect christians during mass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aennhb1gn-m
    christians & muslims standing together part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfzcgrozimo

    blind muslim trust experiment – new york city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckekiwb1a3e
    muslims protect christians from al-shabaab attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubfmqloxnze
    christians protecting muslims during their prayers in tahrir square – egypt 2011 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqxfztgocoe

    the bosnian village where christians and muslims protect each other https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba1ino6tiow
    egyptians chant "muslims christians are one" as military viciously attacks protest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmuuxymoimk
    in kaduna: muslim youths protect christians during christmas service https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpmwrecunsc
    christians plea for help in efforts to save over 370,000 fleeing …
    christians plea for help in efforts to save over 370,000 fleeing muslims.

    'shoot none of us or all of us' moment muslims save christians from … https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/628696/terrorism-kenya-al-shabaab-africa-muslims

    an iraqi town where muslims, jews and christians coexist, in theory …
    kenyan muslims shield christians in mandera bus attack – bbc news
    these muslims risked everything to save their christian neighbors in …

    muslims in philippines risk lives to save christians from isis …
    muslims try to save christians when islamist terrorists storm kenyan …
    kenyan muslims risked lives to save christians during bus terror …

    egypt protests: christians join hands to protect muslims as they pray …
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    hiding christians in the basement: fear and heroism in a philippine …
    muslims, christians save church from burning down in qena – egypt …

    catholic bishop shelters 2,000 muslims from massacre in central …
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    basic beliefs of christians and muslims – islam 101

    muslims and christians to mobilize one million faith leaders to …
    pope francis on twitter: "christians and muslims are brothers and …

    muslims, christians, and jesus: gaining understanding and building …

    valued work outcomes among jews, muslims and christians in israel …

  3. PART 2
    RIGHT MEDIA IS DESENSITIZING YOU, MAKE LESS sensitive. make (someone) less likely to feel shock or distress at scenes of cruelty, violence, or suffering by overexposure.
    ZIONISM IS A CULTURAL CANCER THAT IS DESTROYING WHITE nations! by making destructive behavior socially acceptable.
    Republican Congress Congressional Job Approval https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/congressional_job_approval-903.html#polls
    Direction of country https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/direction_of_country-902.html#polls

    REPUBLICANS, CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS AND RIGHT media fuel violence with endless FAKE news, Fake stats and saying guns save lives which is a lie. US of all industrial democratic nations has the most guns and the most murders, approx 32,000 a year and 100,000 shot EVERY year. WHITE terrorist mass shootings are approx 80% of all mass shootings.

    THE 21ST CENTURY CASE FOR CHRISTIAN ZIONISM | FOX NEWS www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/05/06/21st-century-case-for-christian-zionism.html

    How the Zionist Fox News Rigs Americans & Slanders Muslims …

    the zionist attack on western civilization | racism | ethnicity, race …

    can “we the people” save america from destruction by world zionists …

    Murder and Genocide according to Jewish Religious Law

    the zionist plot to rob you to pay for more middle east bloodshed

    Zionist law says kill all non-jews –
    youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CpQKgpQEig

    Zionist attacks non-jews say's she loves killing muslims (non-jews …

    trump and other republicans do the gun lobby's bidding … www.nytimes.com/…/trump-and-other-republicans-do-the-gun-lobbys-bidd...
    93% of senators who rejected gun control paid by nra … www.care2.com/…/93-of-senators-who-rejected-gun-control-paid-by-nra...
    gun deaths of children in the us, 2017: sickening new record achieved

    HOMICIDES BY FIRE ARMS IN ADVANCED COUNTRIES PER MILLION http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2015/10/2/9439435/americas-gun-violence-statistics
    AUSTRALIA 1.4 —–NEW ZEALAND 1.6 ——GERMANY 1.9 —–AUSTRIA 2.2 —–DENMARK 2.7 ——–NETHERLANDS 3.3 ——–SWEDEN 4.1 ——- FINLAND 4.5 —— ICE LAND 4.8 ——–CANADA 5.1 ——-LUXEMBERG 6.2 ——-6.8 ———BELGIUM 7.7 ———SWITZERLAND 7.7 ——-UNITED STATES 29.7

    Alt-America: the time for talking about white terrorism is now | World …

    usa has about 850 hate groups splc hate map – splcenter.org ‎ https://www.splcenter.org/hate-map?gclid=CLXAs9i4us4CFQ-EaQodooIPtg
    white americans are the biggest terror threat in the united states www.mintpressnews.com/white-americans-are-the…terror…united-states/211608/

    right-wing extremists are a bigger threat to america than isis www.newsweek.com/…/right-wing-extremists-militants-bigger-threat-america-isis-jiha...

    right-wing extremism – salon.com www.salon.com/topic/right_wing_extremism
    the rise of violent right-wing extremism, explained | mother jones www.motherjones.com/…/right-wing-extremism-explainer-charleston-mass-shooting-t...

    non-muslims carried out more than 90% of all terrorist attacks in
    muslims are the victims of “between 82 and 97% of terrorism …

    fact sheet american deaths in terrorist attacks – national … https://www.start.umd.edu/…/START_AmericanTerrorismDeaths_FactSheet_Oct2015.pd...
    right-wing extremism kills more americans than islamic terrorism … https://psmag.com/right-wing-extremism-kills-more-americans-than-islamic-terrorism-...

    christian terrorism – huffington post www.huffingtonpost.com/chris-weigant/christian-terrorism_b_8685138.html
    white supremacists threaten war against black americans if donald … https://www.linkedin.com/…/white-supremacists-threaten-attack-black-americans-dona...

    are christians more violent than muslims? | abagond https://abagond.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/are-christians-more-violent-than-muslims/
    Murder rate: White America, like most Christian countries in the Americas, Africa and Eastern Europe, is markedly more violent than most of the Middle East (murders per 100,000 population):
    • 0.6 Bahrain
    • 0.7 Oman
    • 0.8 United Arab Emirates
    • 0.9 Qatar
    • 1.0 Saudi Arabia
    • 1.2 Egypt
    • 1.7 Cyprus
    • 1.8 Jordan
    • 2.0 Iraq
    • 2.1 Israel
    • 2.2 Kuwait
    • 2.2 Lebanon
    • 2.3 Syria
    • 3.0 Iran
    • 3.3 Turkey
    • 4.1 Palestine
    • 4.2 Yemen
    Terrorist attacks: According to the FBI, only 6% of the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1980 and 2005 were carried out by Muslim extremists. Even Jewish extremists carried out more (7%).
    War: Wars with at least a million dead:
    Christian wars:
    • years: name: conservative body count in millions
    • 535-554: Gothic Wars: 5.0m
    • 790-1300: Reconquista: 7.0m
    • 1096-1272: Crusades: 2.0m
    • 1337-1453: Hundred Years’ War: 3.0m
    • 1562-1598: French Wars of Religion: 3.0m
    • 1568-1648: Dutch Revolt: 1.0m
    • 1618-1648: Thirty Years’ War: 3.0m
    • 1655-1660: Second Northern War: 3.0m
    • 1763-1864: Russian-Circassian War: 2.0m
    • 1792-1802: French Revolutionary Wars: 2.0m
    • 1803-1815: Napoleonic Wars: 3.5m
    • 1830-1903: War in Venezuela: 1.0m
    • 1882-1898: Conquests of Menelik II of Ethiopia: 5.0m
    • 1910-1920: Mexican Revolution: 1.0m
    • 1914-1918: First World War: 20.0m
    • 1917-1922: Russian Civil War: 5.0m
    • 1939-1945: Second World War: 41.5m (European deaths only)
    • 1946-1954: First Indochina War: 1.0m
    • 1950-1953: Korean War: 1.2m
    • 1955-1975: Vietnam War: 1.1m
    • 1998-2003: Second Congo War: 2.5m
    Muslim wars:
    • 1370-1405: Conquests of Tamerlane: 7.0m
    • 1681-1707: Conquests of Aurangzeb: 5.0m
    • 1967-1970: Nigerian Civil War: 1.0m
    • 1980-1988: Iran-Iraq War: 1.0m
    • 1983-2005: Second Sudanese Civil War: 1.0m
    • 1989-2001: Afghan Civil War: 1.4m
    Seven times more people have died in Christian wars: 113.8 million compared to the 16.4 million who died in Muslim wars.

  4. It’s TRISH AGAIN ! Now you are trying to copy laws that have been in place in the EU for years because the EU cares about their citizens unlike the US who couldn’t care less . It’s unacceptable to copy laws from the EU or copy ideas but then again you are so dumb and so useless that’s something way to demanding for you so nothing will get done of course

  5. An interesting idea. Remember the actual Bill of Rights only applies to the USA.

    If there was an Internet Bill of Rights, I would NOT accept a government or political authority to validate it. Rather, platforms would have to opt-in to be IBoR-certified, proving it by exposing their processes and algorithms to regular public scrutiny. Then in true supply-and-demand fashion, people would start to migrate to certified platforms, putting pressure on the hold-outs. It will start with browser developers, who will have a special color or icon when you are on a certified site. Man, it would be beautiful.

  6. Cyber Law has been proven for guidelines and regulations but it doesn't really help in crimes, bullying, and Fake News. Any real Lawyers can attest to that. An internet Bill of Rights will overrule the people freedom of speech and Net Neutrality will only increase Organizations/Company's capital earnings because thats what it's intended purpose in its creation is designed for.

  7. It's called the free market. The #1 thing conservatives hate. #2 is free and open elections. And yet again… you have no rights in a virtual space. YOU DON'T PAY FOR! You don't have the "right" to facebook or google or youtube or any other site. You are just leeching off someone else's ideas. Youtube is not required and should not be required to give you free access. This is their hardware, their software and they pay the bills to keep the lights on. I know it's hard for a squirrel brain to comprehend. I don't know what you think this bill of rights looks like? But in the real world, the 1st amendment only applies to the government. Not corporations and not the appstore! I think you fools need the government to make you a safe space lol Snowflake.gov And I bet it will be regulated right down to kid friendly videos and content. Good luck lol. Conservatives cry for more government!!! cry me a river……

  8. We don’t need a special bill of rights for the internet, if it is public then it should be subject to freedom of speech rights

  9. No no these corporations are here in this country doing business and profiting from our money then they need to abide by our laws and respect ALL of our RIGHTS or they can go take their totalitarianism shit to China or any other communist, dictatorial shit holes. If they want to claim the we are a private business then no more interacting with the public. The private is forfeited when you put your shit on public display. And FOX NEWS this country is a REPUBLIC as guaranteed in the Constitution which the word democracy is NO WHERE in any of our founding documents. We are a REPUBLIC(rule by law) NOT a dumb democracy(mob rule). And that law applies to everyone equally and evenly. No one is above it except for the true SOVEREIGNS which is We the People. And if you don't agree than you can get the fuck out as well along with Google, Facebook, and the twits that all have had some sort of ties in project DARPA so how private are they really.

  10. It is imperitive that adults honor their core sensibilities, and respect the same in others. The integrity of the discourse, comes unraveled when any subject matter approached, triggers "sensitivities" in one, who insists that their personal feelings/emotions are vastly more important than than any facts or data being offered.

  11. Mr Farage,one of your cities has decided to prosecute social media posts as hate crimes,instead of the usual visit from Mr Plod the fucking thought Police.Sir,I think you should be talking about it.If it becomes national law in England,all Commonwealth countries risk being subject to the same laws.I love taking the piss out of the French and telling the EU to get fucked.The Makers Of The Rules must not suffocate The Takers Of The Piss.

  12. Social Media is extremely biased. I reported something asking for Personal Information on the Covington Catholic kids. and it replied saying it doesn't violate their rules. It's disgusting how biased they are against conservatives. Putting biased political views before bullying

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