“We need your ID!” I stood up to the National Guard
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“We need your ID!” I stood up to the National Guard

February 23, 2020

Hey what’s going on? Nothing just working on inspections. why do you search in the cars? we are doing inspections to prevent them from being stolen vehicles that can bring a weapon or something do you have judicial order? no the constitution empowers us in the national code of criminal proceedings yes but in the constitution there is article 16 you need a judicial order for searching the cars but there is also constitutional article 21 I advise you to read it I understand the article 21! in the article 21 you don’t have an exception for this. It’s not legal searching in the people’s cars It’s it is legal NO! The national code of criminal proceedings is based on the article 21 no that is not an exception… friend if you think that it’s not Friend article 16 look, 16 is very clear the 21 is very clear too the problem is… no read it, have a nice day Friends!! YOU need to respect the laws This is not good searching in the cars without judicial order article 16 is a hundred percent clear there is no exceptions no judicial order is criminal read the national code of criminal proceedings ok? no I already read the number 21 have a nice day Sir What is your name? We are at your service official Pedro Lopez What is that there? what? what is that? say again? Why are searching in the cars? we want vehicles not to bring weapons right? We want people to be good people ok? yes but all that the rights are for the people Exactly, everything is related to crimes! the article 16 says that you don’t search ok? the article 21 of the constitution the 21 doesn’t say that where are you from? the article 21 doesn’t say that friend the 21 says there is no exception Come over here if you want and I’ll show you to read it to you I bring it here So here we awe have this new national guard they are supposed to be protecting people’s rights and instead they are illegally searching vehicles on the side of the road and the problem is people submit to this crimes, you know and nobody stands up some people do Friend your car is your property, they have no right to search inside your car You asking him? Why are you asking him? That’s his car no? It’s not allowed yes he allowed, it it’s my right friend he’s gonna get the law for me it’s not good, do you speak English? no it’s not good that they are searching people’s cars are you ok? He says why are you recording him? he says he was just kidnapped and he says that you bother him because you are recording him I don’t understand friend are you ok? everything is fine? He says that why are you recording him he was just kidnapped He says why do you record him Recording is absolutely people’s right freind. What? ok well this is not good but look let me you see I had a dispute we are dedicated to trade and there we he says you bother him when you’re recording because he was just kidnapped and what is the problem You are the one who bothers him, I don’t bother him. no no no, now let’s record him too please! In case something happens to this man Ok this is illegal friends wait let us let us let us allow
what? let us because the man says that why are you recording him? that’s what bothers him What is your intention to be recording him? No in public recording is legal now let us let us Please don’t touch me no no is just let us let us or let us I’m actually sharing what he is saying but They don’t like that I’m making video See this is the problem these new agency are supposed to be defending people’s rights There are here all they’ve done is change the badges on their uniforms. It’s the same people out here threatening people being aggressive to them and it’s ridiculous so I don’t know The man we are searching asks what is the purpose of your recording? Ok I don’t understand so much my Spanish is not that good But you do understand enough to be recording so yes recording is this is the news you are recording him and he just had a situation that he was just kidnapped No problem, I will obscure your face no no no no they the vehicle This is the man you already have recorded his vehicle you already recorded it’s understood you come for its physical integrity yes I don’t understand You don’t understand when it suits you (accusation) my concern is your violation of Mexico’s constitution only that thing do you know the man? is he a police man? yes no I’m not a police man is he a police man? no he is not a policeman he is a citizen ahh ok My concern is why are you searching the people’s cars just in case something happens to you right now we will ask for his personal information ok good day no no no Show us your identification!!! These people are constantly harassing I don’t like seeing this down here. This isn’t good. These guys one two three thugs on the side of the road with guns violating people’s rights This is never safety. We can be gentle and reasonable and be polite when possible but this shouldn’t be tolerated by the people this, this is not good friends forgive me for my poor spanish the first thing is freedom is justice is human rights we need people more educated in in their rights prepared to speak for our neighbor I love my neighbor I love rights, I love peace but but a government that violates the constitution the laws a government without respect for the people This is not authority this is not security is not justice is not peace We need A government with accountability and respect for the constitution the human rights this is the first thing ok guys peace, have a good day

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  1. If you don't want to be filmed you don't approach the camera. I knew they were just coercing him try and make me stop. It was BS.

    Turn on subs for translation. I recorded this video a couple weeks ago but wanted to take the time to add captions (Thanks Jason) and obscure the mans face as promised. Watch them try and pull the irrelevant kidnapping argument. as a distraction to keep the sheep confused. It's working for some of you. We have to stand together for our rights. no matter where we are! Otherwise we are slaves.

  2. While many people here encourages what you're doing, you and the viewers don't realize that you're walking on the edge in Mexico. You have a family and they depend on your well being, if something happens to you they'll be the most affected. Believe me, your fight, your passion is commendable and I sincerely get what you are trying to do. Educating people about their legal rights is fine and noble, but trust me, you're going about in the wrong way, you can lose your life in one of those random encounters with the police, they can simply make you disappear like a magician's trick, in an instant! Except there'll be no expectators and no one will ever know what happened to you. Take my advice for what is worth. I would hate to know that something happened to you. Know that there are other ways you can educate people, don't confront the lion by wrestling it, you'll lose the fight everytime, instead educate the preys on how to keep the lion at bay, there are many ways you can spread your message, internet is one of them. Incidentally, You remind me of the story of Timothy Treadwell, also known as the Grislyman, a good spirited, well intentioned man who lived every summer among bears, he wanted to change people's perception of bears, and how bears and human could coexist in the same natural environment, he would get close to them to prove his point, he even had names for every bear he encountered and for few years the gig worked without incident. However, one day when he least expected a bear ate him and his girlfriend alive. The Grislyman was no more the messenger of the innocent peaceful animals he loved and his good intentions were soon forgotten, all people remembers him by is for the irresponsible behavio. David Letterman said to Treadwell "I hope we don't hear that a bear ate you" The moral of the story here is when you're dealing with a wild beast anything can happen, I don't care what country one lives in, the police everywhere in the world are unpredictable wild beasts and in the least expected moment they will attack. Good luck and be careful.

  3. You're going to get your refugee status revoked before the ink is dry…you can't change everything, everywhere…why don't you work on education of the people?

  4. I'm not seeing my last comment that I posted on here. My guess is it was deleted because it was misunderstood

    Anyways I just want to reiterate that Mexican judges are quickly becoming public enemy #1 to the Mexican people. This due to their apparent selling out to organized crime because anytime a criminal is caught in the act more than likely he will be released ASAP on some absurd technicality. Even The Mexican president has made mention of this recently.

  5. The cop said that the man in the white truck did not want to be recorded due to the fact that he is a merchant business owner who was recently kidnaped and felt you might be putting his life in jeopardy and if something were to happen to him in the future it would possibly be your falt for recording him and his truck. The cop also said you understand but now it does not suit you. You have big balls, my friend

  6. Your spanish was ok at the end, you just need a bit more practice though what you say is understandable just work on the pronunciation. Good work gavin, a day oner right here dude, from Australia.

  7. The difference between US cops and Mexican cops is that US cops will kill you right away without thinking about it and Mexican cops will only kill you if you represent a real threat. That’s my opinion, I’ve lived in both countries.

  8. Gavin this how they make a living its normal there to get bribes or make a simple donation and pretty much accepted. These guys get paid dirt. In usa u would have bee thrown to the ground already , a knee in ur back, arms twisted, cuffed and kidknapped.

  9. Soon you'll be looking for another country for refugee status. If you do this every country you move to, pretty soon nowhere will take you and your family in.

  10. The dude doesn't learn. What is the next country you plan to run of to? Because you looking to be sent running to another country. You looking for someone to kill you and your family. You don't fucking learn. Rights are not Rights if someone can take them away or even give them. Lesson: in Latin America their is a thing call don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong or something real bad will definitely happen to you.

  11. The Mexican National Guard police, they're very cool, but be careful with the local police officers because sometimes they are assholes. Gavin the police officer told you that the driver give him permission to search the vehicle. We trust more the National Guard police than the local police.

  12. God. It's like the 70's or something. Back when cops felt the need to at least try to justify their actions, and engaging with people like Gavin. Went up and shook his hand and everything.

    I've talked with US cops who say they are trained to treat every single situation as potentially life threatening. If they had to deal with this, they'd have arrested Gavin.

  13. Gavin,Why don't you just lead a quit life with your young family in Mexico, your going to have bad ending to your life if you carry on this shit .some bad dude's down there where you now live.

  14. Bro I feel like if you keep intervening in these types of scenarios you will get your refugee cards taken away. There are so many reasons for which people should searched in Mexico specially because of all the things that are going on right now . So take it easy and learn how to tolerate this kind of things after all you're in foreign land you're not a native .

  15. What happens is these gangs pretend to be official and over time they are accepted as such and integrate in to the system… sorta like a virus or parasite.

  16. What part of Mexico are you in? You think corrupt cops in Mexico is just propaganda just wait til you hit the right city where you test their authority. You’ll be picked up and be found somewhere in the desert face down execution style.

  17. Those guys are policia federal, they are the ones that didn't want to be guardia nacional, those are the most crooked law enforcement officers in Mexico. They are part of the cartels, but the only difference now they have different uniform. What we need to do is report them, report all the criminal acts that they are doing with innocent civilians.

  18. Gavin ..please take someone who speaks the language for interpretation… cause I don't understand shit you saying in Spanish!!

  19. There hasn't a an agency called "Policia Federal" since October of 2019 and the cars still car those markings . Very Mexican

  20. What happened to him showing u 21 so we as citizens will know wat to do and know the law wen it pertains to us I still didn't see wat it said in the log he had

  21. in Mexico there is organ trafficking … child trafficking … it is necessary that there are checkpoints … the military that are the least corrupt … always ask permission to check your vehicle … if you have problems with having your vehicle checked vehicle is because the safest you choose something … Mexico is burning in crime..

  22. ​ @Drew Grows Yeah you don't have a clue about the social dynamic down there. In Sinaloa a cartel member bitch slapped a police commander…in public. Why? Because he and his men were shaking down tourists for bribes. The police in Mexico are not going to kill a U.S. citizen, no matter what. Cartel family members work in hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. Rule # 1 is do not bother tourists…especially Americans. They have a term: " La tablada" and what that means is if they catch you burglarizing or pick pocketing a tourist they will beat the living shit out of you with a 2×4…if they don't just kill you. Does that mean crime doesn't happen? Of course not. There are hustlers who come up from the Southern border of Mexico like Oaxaca and spend one day in Mexico City, then move on to Puebla or wherever and do their crimes and quickly move on before the local syndicate can find out they are there and kill them. It's completely different to what you think.

  23. What Country are you going to seek asylum in after Mexico police reach the level of what USA police did and Courts are after you there?

  24. Some say government is a necessary evil.

    I say necessary evil is like necessary cancer, because neither exists.

    Mexican enforcers aren't as bad as American enforcers.

    Much like esophageal cancer isn't as bad as leukemia.

  25. Isaiah 53:5

    “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”

    King James Version (KJV)

  26. I don't always agree with everything you do Gavin,however what the hell do you think your doing in Mexico. I mean think about your wife and children. Your putting life on the line.

  27. Hi gavin many of these National Guard they don't understand the principles of the Constitution they try to manipulate the law violating the Constitution

  28. That man in truck was a either a coyote or a cartel member and they work hard together. He had that man's phone when you walked up to him…these are the same men handing over kidnapped women and men to these people and giving them information on everyone that comes through.

  29. Gavin, it is obvious these officers respected you as a fellow human. I rarely see officers in the U. S. treat citizens with common courtesy anymore.

  30. Tu español es perfekto! Don't worry, u are the best! Muxas gracias x todo lo k has luxado, luxas y luxaràs x defender los Derexos d [email protected]! Kada dia somos + (y menos ovejas) gracias a valientes komo tú! El Pueblo unido jamàs serà vencido! Un fuertísimo abrazo va para ti y toda tu familia, kon muxo kariño y amor! ✨ ✨ 💫 💕 ❤️ ❤️ 💕

  31. I love your videos keep making more of them and I'm happy for you guysGavin you're a good guy I wish more people could see that much love and light

  32. Their version of "community caretaking" as a function. Find out if those vehicles they're driving are "emergency vehicles" purposed for "bona fide emergencies" where they need authorization from the vehicle owner displayed in thier vehicles to use the oscillating lights in a non emergency.

    "Community Caretaking" is a function implemented for "the beat." While they patrol community on foot to provide for a "feeling" of safety by presence in crime prevention activity where suspicious characters are "disturbing the peace." $20 says they have no authority to use the vehicles to perform duties under Article 21.

  33. I think you should cool it down till you learn the system down there, I heard those guys are buddies with the cartels. And you have family with you.

  34. Wow Gavin yes this is how it is in Mexico people just let authority step all over them thinking that if they just concede everything will be alright, that's a problem in the US and more so in Mexico. I admire your effort to communicate in Spanish your getting better with practice. I'm more afraid for you in Mexico than in the USA but it's still dangerous on both sides of the border. Take care and be vigalent. God bless.

  35. I extremely respect what you do, I feel that you may be setting yourself up for another escape. I get it, “Stand for something or fall for everything” and it’s noble. It just makes me afraid for your safety man, Mexico is pretty corrupt, pushing the wrong buttons there is imo dangerous af.

  36. In the words of Dr. Mireles (the current leader of the Mexican "Autodefensas" movement): The most dangerous weapon in our hands is out camera phones!

  37. Way to go my guy been watching your videos since you was back in USA and all that ish they tried to tie you up in…hope you keep it up also keep working on the Spanish so that way your message gets out

  38. Gavin your spanish is getting better everyday bro. Grabando no es contra la ley si estas en publico. Estoy grabando porque tu no respectas la constitucion.

  39. U r not assimilating into mexico, spanish is not that hard. Ur lack of understanding what they tell u will make u do dumb things.

  40. you need to get some kind of protection from the government and you definitely have to go to the mañaneras to speak about your activities , 99.9 of the Mexican police is working for the criminals or they are doing criminal activities .

  41. You neen an Interpreter amigo. Let me know if I can help you. 🙂 😉 One of these days You re gonna get in trouble my friend SERIOUSLY and Honestly.

  42. Accorsing to what the cops were saying is that the guy was just kidnapped moments ago and he didn't wanted to be recording. They were just getting his information.

  43. Wow they're being so respectful to you even though you are questioning them. The default level of respect amongst these cops is higher than you'll find on any American cop.

  44. Brother, I love what you're trying to do but one day you're going to run into the wrong cop or find yourself recording the wrong people and you're life and this channel will end abruptly. I beg you to reconsider what you are doing out there.

  45. You really need to learn Spanish, your videos would be great! You would be putting all the federales and police on check real quick lol not to mention more views!

  46. He said if something happen to you, we are going to get his identification. So in othet words. They threatened you. You are walking a thin line

  47. Hello Gavin, I have duo citizenship (U.S. and Mexico) and I understand why most law enforcement in Mexico does it. I know this might not be the law, but remember that Mexico is fighting the war on drugs. They aren’t there to arrest you or to find any probable cause. They are just doing their job and ensuring you that there are people watching out for bad people.

    Edit: They were looking for people that were involved in the kidnapping. All I have to say is to be VERY careful. I have gotten stopped by the cartel multiple times and it’s scary af. If you mind our own business, you won’t be bothered by anyone. Be careful and be safe.

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